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23 October 2017

Drawing and illustration application.


Intaglio is a traditional drawing and illustration application exclusively for OS X. Patterned after the original Mac drawing applications, Intaglio is intuitive to beginners and familiar to traditional Mac users. Intaglio builds on the 2D graphics, text, color, and scripting capabilities of Mac OS X to provide unprecedented power and flexibility in an inexpensive drawing program. Intaglio isn't just compatible with with Mac OS X, it was designed from the ground up to fully exploit the capabilities that make this platform ideal for graphics work. Naturally Intaglio is great for casual users, but it is also an ideal tool for experienced graphics experts who need special features or want a simpler experience than what is provided by the usual multi-platform graphic franchises. You can download and try Intaglio in demo mode before you purchase it.

Intaglio works with yesterday's software as well as today's. Intaglio will convert old drawings from ClarisDraw and MacDraw II to Quartz graphics so you can continue to use your old work. You can also convert PICT images saved by any classic QuickDraw application. Of course Intaglio also supports the popular image formats today including PDF, EPS, SVG, and many bitmap file formats such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. You can drag graphics out of Intaglio and drop them directly into most modern applications such as Apple's iWork suite. Because Intaglio also converts modern formats such as PDF and SVG, you can frequently drag another application's graphics into Intaglio for editing and drag the modified graphics back to the original application.

What's new in Intaglio

Version 3.9.5:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  • Add support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

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19 February 2011

Most helpful

This is a fine program and is able to accomplish a lot. In my humble opinion it falls down in one key area. Ease of use, and that mainly because the documentation is not geared to a wider range of user. The developer goes to great length to point out some of the programs it is replacing "MacDraw - ClarisDraw - Apple Works" There is no doubt INTAGLIO exceeds some of the their capabilities. Therefore the seasoned User will have greater success using this program. However the less seasoned user will encounter the limitations of less than adequate documentation, thereby ease of use. Which the aforementioned programs did have. I did buy this package and shall endeavour to work with it over time. In that way I shall overcome its present shortcomings. Finally, I have read in a review of this program. ( it was not worth its current price but only about 50% of that. In its present form, I would tend to agree. Unless like me one is willing to work at overcoming its short comings. Respectfully submitted. htoelle
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Version 3.1.3
11 July 2015
Now with iDraw and Affinity Designer, this app is deprecated. Its price is almost twice higher for a clunky GUI that has never evolved, plus the effects use to change vector objects into bitmaps pictures. The layout size management is boring to set up and the fills with textures for example, is not very handy. Was a great app but it hardly needs to be updated nowadays.
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Version 3.7
09 October 2014
Great drawing app. But can't change the font on the dimensions tool. Every time I change it, revert back to helvetica. Same with the rulers, cant create, change units or activate more than one ruler in the prefs, keep reverting back to default. Prefs wont stick. Any ideas?
Version 3.5.3
12 August 2014
I love it, by far the most efficient drawing program I have used, and has all the features I need.
Version 3.5
22 July 2014
REQUIREMENTS: "Intaglio requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 (i.e., Panther) or later. Some features require 10.4." - Purgatory Design (developers of Intaglio). IOW: NOT OS X 10.8. This page is wrong. I personally have it working perfectly on 10.7.5.
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Version 3.5b13
20 June 2013
To all developers to vector application, it's time to make all your means to give us a true alternative to Illustrator, regardless of your price, it will still be much less than the Adobe racket!
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Version 3.4.2
1 answer(s)
19 May 2014
Great news to see Intaglio to wake up. But it is a pity that now it requires OS X 10.8, I can not try this new version ...
24 October 2012
'The page size is 19,72 x 27,62 inches (see "Page Setup") Inches!!!! Bah...
Version 3.4.1
19 September 2012
Very impressed! Rapid feedback, instant drawing, intuitive, does what I expect it to do. Works on PPC - awesome - I only have PPC! I haven't used it more than just a few minutes, to realize that now I probably won't have to draw my technical drawings in Pages anymore. You can enter the coordinates of the points manually (if you want to fine-tune the coordinates). The Align to grid feature is quite cool. One things I'm missing (it might be able to do it already), is to set the ruler origin at the middle/center of the page.
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Version 3.4.1
08 September 2012
I've been using Intaglio to do so many things for so long that I was surprised to read some of the negative comments by those who admit they haven’t used it much at all. First, forget about comparisons with other applications. Intaglio is one of a kind, and must be taken on its own merits. I especially wouldn't compare it to Adobe applications, which have determinedly become more Windows-like and less intuitive over the past decade. Anyhow, Intaglio is a powerful drawing app with many features that aren't immediately obvious...and therein lies its biggest weakness — its documentation. You have to know where to look, and what to look for, and even then the explanation is not always clear or complete. I often end up playing with the features to figure out how they work. Intaglio does have some annoying quirks: • The pattern editor desperately needs grid snap, and much better documentation. The pattern editor is hopelessly small, and creating patterns that tile seamlessly can be tricky. • Default font settings, style, and color should be in a Preferences dialog. Why assume that I want Geneva 12 point as my default, and then force me to change it for every new document? The ability to create user-defined text styles would be very useful. • The text ruler is non-intuitive, especially when used with tabs and bullet-point or numbered list text. I usually end up creating the bullet points or list numbers as separate text fields, and then line them up with their associated paragraphs as graphic elements. • The gradients editor is good, but it needs additional gradient styles (for example, the circular and shape burst gradients in AppleWorks 6). There are many, many more plusses than minuses…too many to list. I love the arrow editor, for example, and the masking functions are great. Intaglio integrates well with Freeway Pro for web design, and I use it for the vast majority of my video graphics. A few years ago I needed to make some engineering drawings and went looking for a decent CAD application, only to discover that all of the CAD tools I needed were already available in Intaglio. For all its quirks, Intaglio is still my favorite drawing app. It looks deceptively simple on the surface, but it has a great deal of power under the hood. You won’t discover its virtues with a cursory or superficial glance. I’ve invested the time to learn how to use it, and that investment has paid big dividends.
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Version 3.4.1
20 June 2012
I agree with Cowicide—the impossibility of globally turning off the grid is really annoying. There isn't even a command-key shortcut for doing it. (I know, use System Preferences.) There are several other rough edges about this program that seem to get fixed very slowly if at all. And at $89, this should not be the case.
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Version 3.3.1
20 June 2012
Not ready for primetime, but it's fast. I haven't used it very long, but long enough to make some solid observations. 1) There's no way to hide the grid universally. You have to hide the grid every time you open a document. Time consuming and annoying. 2) I used the pen tool to draw an object but it didn't connect the shape together when I closed the path by clicking on the first point of the path until I used the option key. Not what I expect from a drawing program's bezier tool. 3) Text is sketchy. It kind of "blinks" while I type. I'm on a fast machine (i7 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM) so it's not my computer. Also, I tried pasting text from TextEdit and it didn't respect the boundaries of the Intaglio text box. The worst part is when I hit the "return" key, the cursor appears stuck right underneath the text until I start typing. Also, wish they'd allow for right-clicking on words and pulling up the Apple spellchecker that will replace it with the proper spelling like you see in most Mac apps including Safari, TextEdit, etc. 4) Interface issues. It would be nice if a move tool could be enacted by hitting the spacebar at any time (like Adobe). Instead it's hidden within the zoom tool which must be enabled first to active the hand/move tool. 5) Keyboard shortcut. Wish I could change them to better match up to Adobe's. It's confusing switching between the two otherwise. All that said, this thing launches very fast and I love the fact I can drag and drop images into documents and easily resize them. Because of the image resizing, it would almost make a great replacement for TextEdit if it would just handle text more smoothly. If Intaglio handled text more smoothly and preferably allowed me to export to rtf, I'd buy this as a replacement for TextEdit. It would be great if they'd offer a "lite" version that just allows for text and images (you can resize). It also would need to support tables.
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Version 3.3.1
1 answer(s)
15 August 2012
This Terminal command will disable the grid in new documents defaults write com.PurgatoryDesign.Intaglio ShowGrid -boolean False It works in version 3.4. I'm not sure about earlier versions
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