1.3.5 08 Nov 2005

Multimedia scrapbook with search and sort.


Developer website: Tim Kokesh

ScrapX is a multi-media scrapbook built for Mac OS X. It stores, displays, organizes, and dispenses content that is in text, image, movie and sound formats. Supported types include: animated GIF, BMP, EPS, GIF, HTML, JPEG, PDF, PICT, PNG, RTF, RTFD, TIFF, URL, plain text, movie, sound, and (classic) sound resource. Place content in ScrapX via the Clipboard using copy and paste or drag-and-drop, or drop clippings or files in supported formats onto a scrapbook. When content is dragged from Safari, the URL of the content (if there is one) and the URL and title of the Web page are captured, and the URLs can be easily opened from ScrapX. Display, re-order, search and sort scrapbook items. To dispense content, copy and paste or drag-and-drop to a document, export to a file, or create a clipping. ScrapX will open Classic and ScrapIt scrapbooks.

ScrapX 1.3 is localized in English and French. Individual, Family, Multiple, and Educational Licenses available.

Possible Uses:

  • Import the content you have compiled in classic scrapbooks and continue to use it in Mac OS X.
  • Organize content that you use frequently: paragraphs for form letters, signatures, images, and graphics (headers and signatures) for faxes.
  • Create Internet scrapbooks with visual Web page bookmarks. When an image is dropped from Safari the title and URL of the Web page and the link URL (if any) are captured.
  • Store content related to particular projects: emails, Web URLs, news stories, cartoons, music, digital photos, etc.
  • Store and display statements and confirmations in PDF format that you receive from your bank or brokerage. When running under Panther even PDF content can be searched.
  • Gather and organize project materials. Use the new slideshow feature to test alternative orders of presenting materials, then copy and paste or drag-and-drop content to word processing, image editing, and other applications to publish it.

What's New

Version 1.3.5 inserts "promised files" when images are dragged from Safari or other Web browsers, and it automatically strips duplicate and redundant types from new items. As a result, the sizes of new items created by dragging from a Web browser are reduced significantly.

Other enhancements include:

  • The ability to export an item by holding down the "option" key as you drag it to the Finder.
  • "Quick Memo Find", which allows "on-the-fly" searches of the Memo field.
  • A progress indicator for insertion of files.
  • The ability to drag one or more images from iPhoto to a scrapbook.
  • Automatic creation of the Memo from content of text items.
  • Speed improvements resulting from elimination of memory leaks.
  • Also, fixed a bug with searching PDF content and a bug with auto-saving when a PDF was the current item.


Mac OS X 10.2 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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08 Nov 2005
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