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Surround SCM2015.1

21 September 2015

Manage/centralize files for workgroup projects.


Surround SCM is a full-featured version manager that controls who changes your files and remembers what they changed and when. Advanced branching and private branches faciliate concurrent development of products and versions. It provides a central repository to manage changes to your source files and facilitate team collaboration.

What's new in Surround SCM

Version 2015.1:
New Features
  • Run Code Review reports to view historical information about a code review and files in it. Use these reports to review unaddressed comments, review your code review process, or save process information for audits.
  • Create and run Code Review Coverage reports to view information about file versions in code reviews and if the files are approved or still in review. Use these reports to measure coverage of your code review process.
  • Show or hide files with different contents instead of only different timestamps in the Working Directory Differences dialog box. (Native)
  • Set minimum comment lengths for different actions in server options.
  • Set bookmarks to navigate to the repository or files in the branch selected in the Source Tree window instead of a specific branch. (Native)
  • Perform unindexed searches on indexed branches when searching for text in files in the Find In Files window. (Native)
  • The selected tab and filters in the File Details pane are now saved when the Source Tree window is closed or the File Details pane is hidden. (Native)
  • Options in the Unshelve Files window are now saved between sessions. (Native)
  • View the number of files in each shelf in the Shelves window. (Native)
  • Starting a code review with unaddressed comments now prompts users to confirm starting the review. (Native)
  • Marking a file as complete in a code review now closes the tab for the file. (Native)
  • View user photos on the File History page. Photos are imported from the Seapine License Server. (Web)
  • Checked Out Date is now available as a source file list column, list report column, and filter restriction.
  • The Locked By column was renamed to Checked Out By.
  • The modified date is now retained on the destination branch when promoting or rebasing files that do not require manual merging.
  • Edit files in pending changelists from the Changelists dialog box. (Native)
  • Improved handling of shadow folders for inactive branches. (Native)
  • Set the temporary directory the Surround SCM Server uses when transferring files from clients in case disk space is low in the application directory location.
  • Get files based on the time the get started using the -s option with no specified time. Useful for build processes to make sure files checked in during long get operations are not retrieved for the build. (CLI)
  • Help text for the sscm -h command is now organized by category for readability. (CLI)
  • Context-sensitive help is now available in the Surround SCM Registry Utility.
  • Improved reporting when errors occur when checking out files to a changelist.
  • Improved performance after converting a database or reindexing using the analyze utility based on a statistics update.
  • Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 when communicating with email servers.
  • Upgraded to Guiffy 11.2.
  • The Surround SCM installer now detects if Visual Studio 2015 is installed and provides the option to install the Surround SCM Visual Studio Integration Provider (VSIP) integration components.
  • Support for 64-bit Microsoft Office 2010.
Bug Fixes
  • The source file list could be empty after refreshing a different Source Tree window. (Native)
  • The source file list could display duplicate instances of files. (Native)
  • Surround SCM could crash when applying the Files That Are Not Current filter recursively. (Native)
  • Expanded repositories in the Source Tree window collapsed between some operations. (Native)
  • Surround SCM could crash when logging in using single sign-on. (Native)
  • Small amounts of memory could leak during various operations. (Native)
  • Code review content differences were not synced correctly when pressing Page Up or Page Down. (Native)
  • The Add to Code Review button was not enabled when one action was selected in a pending changelist in the Changelists dialog box. (Native)
  • Deleting a code review referenced by a pending changelist prevented committing the changelist.
  • Missing end-of-line characters at the end of files were not highlighted when viewing file differences in code reviews.
  • Surround SCM could crash when selecting a large file in the Results area in the Find in Files window if the Preview area was also displayed. (Native)
  • The Go To File button was not enabled in Find in Files window when a matching line was selected in the Results area. (Native)
  • Searching for text in files did not find phrases that ended with punctuation if the search term ended with an asterisk.
  • Opening the File Differences dialog box from the Working Directory Differences dialog box for a file checked out to a different computer or location opened the file in that location instead of the current working directory.
  • Modifying a working directory prompted to remove or ignore conflicts but did not remove conflicts if the existing working directory path was not changed.
  • An error was not returned if a get failed after selecting 'Get files to working directory' in the Set Working Directory dialog box.
  • Some tabs and other controls were incorrectly disabled on the repository Properties dialog box for users with limited security permissions. (Native)
  • An invalid branch error was returned when clicking Add to Label on the Changelists window after opening it from the repository History dialog box. (Native)
  • The Add Files dialog box opened slowly if multiple user custom fields were configured and thousands of users were stored on the server.
  • Re-adding files or repositories that were removed failed when using changelists.
  • Recursively adding repositories with case-sensitive names to a mainline branch with case-sensitive filenames enabled skipped repositories with case differences in the names.
  • Surround SCM stopped responding when adding a symbolic link to a non-seekable device, such as stdin.
  • Adding a symbolic link failed if the symlink target was invalid or a very large file.
  • Switching between the General and Indexing tabs in the Branch Maintenance dialog box did not use the 'Ignore branch security' option.
  • Branch attributes could sometimes be changed even if users did not have access to the branch. (Native)
  • Opening an item using an sscm hyperlink did not use the RSA key configured for the hostname in the hyperlink when automatically logging in the user.
  • Saving or printing the list of changes in the Push to Repository dialog box only included the first item. (Native)
  • A data validation error was returned when setting a list custom field value to not set.
  • Promotes and rebases could be slow with large numbers of new files in large branches.
  • Promoting a branch failed if a renamed and moved repository needed to be moved before the rename to avoid a naming conflict.
  • An error could be returned and files were not rebased when rebasing a child branch with a repository that was renamed in the parent branch it was created from using a branch template.
  • The Add State and Edit State dialog boxes both opened when pressing Enter in the Workflow dialog box when a state was selected. (Native)
  • A 'not found' error was returned when editing comments for a label if Surround SCM was hosted in Oracle.
  • Server option overrides for a renamed mainline branch were not enforced until restarting the Surround SCM Server.
  • Some controls could overlap when viewing file differences. (Web)
  • The database creation scripts for Oracle created the bookmarks table with the wrong size to support the maximum size for Unicode names.
  • Errors in client connections to the Surround SCM Server could result in dead threads that used system resources.
  • Duplicate key SQL errors were returned when converting a database that contained mainline branches with in progress code reviews.
  • SQL errors were written to the server log if advanced find criteria included an empty list of actions and 'is not in' was selected.
  • Background data purges could return SQL errors based on the order tables were processed.
  • Background data purges did not run on the Surround SCM Server database if all mainline branches stored in the database were marked as destroyed.
  • Background purges started during an import to a mainline branch from another mainline could incorrectly purge imported data.
  • The listRootRepo and listSubrepos API calls could crash when used on a branch based on a template.
  • When adding files, the Attach To TestTrack dialog box did not use the TestTrack project set for the repository files were added to.
  • A severe-level 'exception encountered' message was written to the server log when an email notification was triggered and no recipients were configured.
  • A database error was returned when adding a bookmark to a mainline branch upgraded from a Surround SCM 2008 or earlier database.
  • The Seapine License Server Web Admin Utility was incorrectly installed on Mac OS X and did not work.
  • Undoing a check out skipped files that were not in changelists after confirming the prompt to skip files in changelists. (VSIP integration)
  • The Pending Changes window did not automatically refresh when it opened the first time when using. (VSIP integration)
  • WebStorm and IntelliJ IDEA projects associated with Surround SCM did not load on Linux.
Additional Notes
  • The Break All Shares action is no longer. This command was deprecated in Surround SCM 2015.0 and is now removed.

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05 November 2010
Version: 2011

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This appears to be a demo, not a free, fully functional program.
05 November 2010
Version: 2011
This appears to be a demo, not a free, fully functional program.