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23 September 2019

Customizable menu bar clock, calendar, alarms, timezones and chimes.


iClock replaces the old Apple's default menu bar clock with more features, customization and increases your productivity.

  • Have your Apple or Google calendar instantly available from the menubar
  • 2 types of calendars (tiny or big calendars) accessible from the menubar to help you see and easily edit your schedule and events
  • From the menubar tap the Time to see the local time and important info for any cities in the world in a handy customizable menu
  • 'Take 5' is a break or pomadoro timer to remind office workers to take a few minutes to get up and more around or exercise for health
  • Have the day, date, and time in different fonts and colors in the menu bar
  • Global Scheduler: helps you arrange the timing of international meetings to fit everyone's schedule
  • Set alarms instantly from the menubar for cooking eggs, making meetings, errands or anniversaries
  • Countdown timer, stopwatch, and floating clocks on your desktop
  • Floating clocks can be analog or digital. Analog has dozens of clockfaces
  • In all these mini-apps customize the time/date in all the ways the Apple clock cannot
  • Add an Application menu to the menubar (like in OS 9) to allow seeing all running apps and switching to them
  • Customize BigCal colors, size, etc. to your liking add your favorite photo and print 1 to 12 month calendar for your wall or friends
  • Automate Apple's Light/Dark mode with sunset/sunrise or custom schedule
  • All options above can be turned on or off and customized in hundreds of ways to meet your needs
  • Many other features. Give it a try.

iClock is about productivity but not just about business! Enjoy moon phases, chimes with sound effects like Big Ben or a cuckoo clock, and an application menu to see all running applications and switch to them.

What's new in iClock

Version 5.5:
  • Compiled with xcode 11
  • Improves subscription
  • Ui improvements

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21 November 2010

Most helpful

This piece of sh*t software ha been bad since day one. Every time they release an update, I sigh and decide to give it another try because I really really would love to have a stable, bug-free utility that does what iClock wants to do. But alas. The time checkbox refuses to remain checked. When you click "Send feedback" you even see a special note "if you are having a problem where the time menu does not appear, then try hitting the button below. Then hit the bug report button above and let us know if the alt menu worked." Did that. Now I've got TWO time menus! There are other issues I have also but this is the most annoying. I would like them to add moon phases to the calendar. I would also like more flexibility in the alarms. In fact the whole alarm are is confusing. It needs a complete redesign and new UI. If this utility were to work properly, I would recommend it. I withhold recommendation now, as an catalyst for them to fix it,.
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Version 1.1.0
09 August 2019
Really one of the best "little" apps I've found on a mac. Does what appears to be a simple thing (making date and time really accessible) very easy. iClock also has an excellent balance between being ridiculously over customizable vs having to just take what you get - it has a lot of little knobs and switches you can tweak to make it suit your setup perfectly without being overcomplicated. I don't use every single one of the features normally - but the joy is that I don't have to; it lets me pick what is useful to me without forcing stuff I don't need to the front. Great support as well - if you should report a bug (and to be fair, I only found 1 in the 5+ years I've been using it), you'll get an actual response and probably a fix pretty quickly. Overall, this is how software should be. :)
Version 5.2.3
25 July 2019
If you deal with people or events in multiple locations around the world, without question, this is the best app out there, period. I've been using it for 17 years(!!) and have seen many useful improvements get built in over the years. (These days I find the Global Schedular is especially useful.)

Sure you can do a web search to check times make a schedule and so on, but once iClock is setup, everything you need is at your fingertips. The attention to detail that has gone into the writing of iClock is amazing, just take a look at all the possible customizations in the preferences. I should add that the author is very responsive and helpful!

If you need more functionality than Apple's default menubar clock, once you've set iClock up and used it for a while you will wonder how you ever did without it!
Version 5.1.2
05 July 2019
Tried after great experiences with CopyPaste and yKey from this publisher. iClock is also a great utility and adds a lot of features to the clock and calendar
Version 5.1.2
02 July 2019
Easy to use. I love the ability to add different cities. Plus the staff is responsive to bug reports, I get an answer within 12 hours of filing one. They give excellent customer support
Version 5.1.2
14 June 2019
Nice app. Lots of customisations and developer responded to problems with Apple calendar sync.
Version 5.0.9
21 May 2019
Excellent, has everything I could want for in a clock, even moon phases!
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Version 5.0.3
1 answer(s)
Big Johnson
Big Johnson
02 June 2019

I feel so dejected when I miss a waning gibbous Moon. :-(

And how could I ever live with myself were I to miss the Black Moon next month or Super New Moon in August?
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16 May 2019
Great little clock and includes a countdown timer and alarm and chimes on the hour, quarter, half, and three quarters if desired as well as spoken time too.
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Version 5.0.3
05 May 2019
dark mode and cool app.
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Version 5.0.2
16 April 2019
This is plumb amazing... So flexible with stop watch and links to Apple or google calendar, multiple time zones and ways to display the time. Much better than apple's offering. These guys have done a great job just as they did with copypaste which I have used for about 30 years.
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Version 4.7.5
17 March 2019
I have used iClock for years and think it is wonderful = gives me just the right information and how and when I want it = can set alarms that are specialized.
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Version 4.7.1