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Vidi is an application that lets you watch and record TV on your Mac using the Formac Studio DV/TV/TVR and other video converters. It features perfect audio-to-video sync, full frame rate video while recording, and a streamlined user interface.
What's New
Version 0.4.7:
  • OS X 10.7 compatibility release
  • First source code release
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later
  • A FireWire-equipped Mac and a FireWire DV device
  • Formac Studio DV/TV/TVR video converter required for certain features

MacUpdate - Vidi

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Vidi User Discussion (Write a Review)
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Moog Modular reviewed on 19 Dec 2013
Just tried this old program after updating my Imac to OSX 10.6.8.
Worked great! No probs.
[Version 0.4.7]


Schmiegel commented on 22 Aug 2010
I use the Formac TVR (first series, old firmware) on my Intel iMac and 10.6.4 with vidi. DV.Converter and internal tuner work fine.
[Version 0.4.7]

3 Replies

Edgardito replied on 22 Aug 2010
How can I recognize an Old Firmware Version?
Is there some sort of case change?. I want to get a Used one ( and watch tv on my Mac Mini.
I would appreciate any tips on differencing the old firmware vs the new firmware.

Schmiegel replied on 23 Aug 2010
I think you have to buy the device to get the firmware version but as I said watching/recording tv and listening to radio is possible with older ones; converting videos too. Mine is: "Formac Studio DV/TV (1.0.5)Tuner: Philips FM1216 B/G FM-Radio". You need the new firmware for some special functions and update is only possible by the Formac people (if they do it anymore).
gab_riel replied on 31 Jan 2011
hello all, downloaded vidi to record old vhs family tape to my intel mac mini with (snow loepard) using the formac TVR. it worked and recorded briefly on both vidi and imovies. but, after a few minutes vidi "can't see the source" and imovies says "communication error"

can anyone help with possible solution


Schmiegel reviewed on 13 May 2010
I just wanted to say that this little piece of software is still working with a Formac Studio TV with old firmware on an Intel iMac with 10.6. Formacs software sh*t isn't ready for 10.6 and denies to start without an expensive firmware update. Shame on you, Formac.
[Version 0.4.7]

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Edgardito replied on 22 Aug 2010
I wonder if Vidi truly works with Formac TVR on 10.6. I want to get a used formac TVR from eBay, but I use Snow Leopard and Formac says it is not compatible. Please someone let me know if it works.

Anonymous reviewed on 09 Jul 2005
Vidi works with Director's Cut 2 vhs to digital converter,with very high quality!Excellent and free application!!!
[Version 0.4.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Feb 2005
I wish this worked for the Plextor PVR (the TV tuner used by Elgato EyeTV system)too. Is this possible?
[Version 0.4.4d9]

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Thresher-The-Shark commented on 01 Jul 2006
Although I am not the developer of this application and do not claim to be an expert on the matter, I do not believe Vidi could work with the Elgato Systems devices without a significant amount of redevelopment.

Vidi was designed for DV video streams, the format most digital camcorders use.

However the devices from Elgato and others utilize MPEG2 which is the format many digital Cable/Satellite TV boxes and DVDs use.

These two formats are very different, and I would imagine it would take a lot of work to add MPEG support to Vidi.

Anonymous reviewed on 05 Dec 2004
I can only support the previous reviewer. The Formac TVR in itself is a good device; the software Formac delivers as part of the product is totally crap. It is only through Mitz Pettel's Vidi that I can use the device to the full extent, including listening to and recording FM radio. A brilliant piece of software....
[Version 0.4.4d9]



Azrichg reviewed on 04 Dec 2004
IF you have a Formac TVR and you are NOT using Vidi, then you are missing out on how good the TVR is.

You can schedule recurring recordings for stuff like the Simpsons and The Daily Show.

It doesn't HOG your system in any way, and it just plain works.

The only improvement I could see is to make the volume in playback louder, but that may be a quicktime problem and not Vidi's fault.

Thanx again Mitz for updating this for us! If you want to challenge yourself some more, maybe you could make it work with the ATI remote and have a sleep timer, heck, just make it into a 'virtual TV' with all the features you find on your standard TV, sleep, wake up timers, :)

[Version 0.4.4d9]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Jul 2004
Since Formac TVR's software is pure s**t, I was about to take it back after three hours. It just sucks. Resetting picture source when adjusting controls, Timer doesn't work (it either doesn't start or stop) and overall sluggishness and unpredictability plagues it.

Then, a quick look around the net and I came across THIS lovely piece of software - even though it is almost impossible to quit completely. But hey, that's about the only glitch when compared to Formac's real piece of bug-loaded crap.

Shortly: This rocks. Keep up the good work!
[Version 0.4.4d7]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jul 2004
Great little app, with one bug-bear, after quitting it leaves a process running in the background called Vidi Server, (which I presume is for recording schedules), trouble is it's there whether you like it or not. You have to kill the process via the activity monitor.

Would love an option to kill this process when I quit the app. My pet hate is unwanted processes eating up CPU cycles and RAM.

Otherwise, a fantastic app, at a very, very reasonable price ;)
[Version 0.4.4d7]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Mar 2004
I'm able to use this app with my Canopus fire wire DV box. Translation with a little trick work I can program my VHS and the Vidi app to record shows.

Pretty cool.
[Version 0.4.4d5]

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Version Downloads:7,854
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:27 Oct 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Vidi is an application that lets you watch and record TV on your Mac using the Formac Studio DV/TV/TVR and other video converters. It features perfect audio-to-video sync, full frame rate video while recording, and a streamlined user interface.

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