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30 January 2010

IIOP compliant CORBA implementation for Obj-C.


ADORB framework provides a light-weight IIOP compliant CORBA implementation for Objective-C. ADORB interprets the CORBA IDL definitions at run-time and dynamically creates the Objective-C method invocations for the remote operations - there are no stub or skeleton files to be generated and compiled with the CORBA application. ADORB implements a native IDL to Objective C mapping - IDL types are mapped to the specified Objective-C classes.

ADORB includes IDLBrowser - a CORBA client application that allows browsing IDL definitions, connecting to a CORBA server and executing the remote operations. IDLBrowser helps also to generate the Objective C header files for the IDL interfaces.

What's new in ADORB

Version 1.6:
  • ORB: added static library for iOS and iPhone Simulator
  • ORB: Simple type octet is treated now as unsigned char and uses NSNumber as object wrapper (was mapped as NSData)
  • Argument type and return value should be 'unsigned char'.
  • The types octet[] and sequence continue to be mapped to NSData
  • For backwards compatibily the type octet can be mapped to NSData by calling method [ORB setMapsOctetToNSData:YES]
  • idl2h: Fixed generating header for types octet, octet[] and sequence
  • ORB: Skips protocol specifiers (in, out, const ..) for an invocation argument when set or get value.
  • Specifying in, out, inout, const, ... for an argument in a method on server resulted in the exception BAD_PARAM passed back to client.
  • ORB: BOOL type was missing (_C_BOOL, server side). Added.
  • ORB: allow to set default CodeSets context that is sent to the server in the case no CODE_SETS component is set in IOR.
  • ORB now does not set CODE_SETS tagged component for the remote IOR created for naming service and those created from CORBA URLs. By default, a default CodeSets context is not sent to the server.
  • ORB: Added preprocessor command #pragma selector idl-method objc-selector. For example, #pragma selector bind_name bindWithName:inContext:
  • ORB: fixed incorrect string encoding in encapsulations.
  • ORB: removed alternate selectors.
  • ORB: removed any Cocoa calls from ORB
  • ORB: memory leak in IPMonitor method (CORBAObject). This method monitors if the IP address has changed after computer is awaken from sleep.
  • idl2h: fixed generating class names for struct and unions. Before NSDictionary* was always used, now a class name defined by #pragma class is used, if set.
  • Examples: Added example for iOS

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