InCDius GH

2.5b2 05 Sep 2008

Download disk track and title data from the net.


Developer website: Glenn Ronald Howes

InCDius GH is a Java based utility whose purpose is to download disk track and title data from the Internet cddb database ( If you want to be able to see the track names in Audio Strip GH or other Mac CD Player, then this program should speed the process of adding the names. InCDius is free.

What's New

Verison 2.5b2:
  • Minimum is now Mac OS X 10.5 (recommend you use at least 10.5.4)
  • InCDius 2.5 is now a 64-bit universal application, compiled for PowerPC, Intel-32 and Intel-64 architechures. (Note I do not actually have a 64-bit Intel Mac to test this on.)
  • The underlying database engine has been switched from Berkely DB to the Apple included SQLite 3
  • The ability to read the ancient CD Remote Prefs file has been removed as it relied on deprecated Resource Manager calls.
  • QuickTime playback of audio tracks has been removed as being deprecated.
  • Removed use of Internet Config API to retrieve user's email address as being extremely deprecated.
  • All deprecated API calls have been removed: Carbon, Resource Manager, the C API to QuickTime, various messages to standard Cocoa objects, etc.
  • Objective C 2.0 fast enumeration is used throughout where appropriate.
  • A threaded progress dialog has been added to XML export and import, and CD Removal.
  • Moved to NSInteger/NSUInteger throughout as part of 64-bit upgrade.
  • No longer lazy-load data. The entire database is read into memory at launch time. This trades startup time cost for simplicity, and high performance afterwards.
  • Icon colors changed from greenish to a deep blue, now use 512x512 icon.
  • Proper standard search text field with the little magnifying glass icon.
  • Removed custom striped tables for standard Cocoa striping of tables throughout.
  • Moved to modern .xib bundles from .nib bundles.
  • CD Record database key is now a SHA1 hash of the TOC data. (Minimizing chances of a collision, but not eliminating them)
  • The database is now tested against the 15,000 disk collection of one of my users, rather than my own paltry 250 disk collection.
  • Resized the row height of the user info tracks field in the edit window to avoid system warning about being too tall.
  • Moved place where database is stored into (user account)/Libray/Application Support/Generally Helpful Software/InCDius 2.5


Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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