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22 March 2014

Lightweight IRC chat client.


Colloquy is an advanced IRC & SILC client which aims to fill a void left by unglamorous clients. By adhering to OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application.


  • AppleScript: A powerful dictionary for easy scripting.
  • Fast & Solid IRC Core: Powered by the Irssi engine.
  • Fast & Solid SILC Core: Powered by the SILC Toolkit.
  • Plug-In Love: Unlimited extensability through Plug-Ins.
  • Tight Ship: IRC over SSL for the paranoia.
  • Styled For You: Pick the look for your conversations, powered by WebKit.
  • Colors of the World: Fully compatible with mIRC colors.
  • Unintrusive Interface: Sleek multi- or single-window modes with tabs or a drawer.
  • File Transfer Medly: Full DCC transfer support with resume and passive DCC.
  • They're Your Buddies: A buddy list for your IRC friends.
  • Multiplicity: The freedom to chat on multiple servers.
  • Open Minded: Open source, like it should be.
  • Much, Much More! Just a better experience all-around.

What's new in Colloquy

Version 2.4.3:


  • Growl mistakenly being used instead of Notification Center on OS X 10.9
  • A crash when wrapping text onto new lines
  • A crash when closing a conversation that had been reordered
  • Changes to Spell Check settings not being remembered across launches
  • SSL connections sometimes taking a long time to connect
  • /itunes not always working with some versions of iTunes

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12 September 2010

Most helpful

I've long been using the IRC prog in the SeaMonkey browser package to access my favourite trivia quiz - irc-//dalnet/#trivia But no more since I discovered Colloquy. For the non-nerd user such as I this is just perfect, I love it. Its ease of use has opened up the world of IRC for me. Thanks very much!
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Version 2.3
10 August 2018
macOS 10.13.6… It’s the beginning of the end. The IRC parts seem to work, but I can’t customize the channel styles anymore. If you click on a color, the color picker never appears. If you try to change the background image, the dialog box never appears. I suppose I could try finding a .plist somewhere and editing the values manually, but that’s a chore.
Version 2.4.3
09 June 2015
Linkinus seems to have gone away and Colloquy would be a good replacement but it downloads epub and mobi formats as garbage. Unless I am missing something.
Version 2.4.3
22 March 2014
"iTunes got an error: Can't get class of file track id XXXXX of user playlist id XXXXX of source id XXXXX." Their bug tracker is dead, Trac considered very 00's, time to upgrade. Get that shit up at Github or something, seriously.
Version 2.4.3
25 December 2013
I've been a big fan of Colloquy for some time, it's always been a far more polished product than its competitors. Sadly, since switching to Mavericks it's been highly unstable and the developers behind Colloquy aren't known for their updates. Time to find an alternative :-(
Version 2.4.2
16 November 2013
I really love this application but you would think that after all of these years of non-functioning search and find features that they would either fix them or remove them from the interface. I thought there was something wrong with my computer until I saw all of the complaints and tickets on the developer's site. Kind of disappointing as search/find are kind of important for an IRC client that can store thousands of lines of text. Everything else is great, it's easy on the eyes, works well, and is stable.
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Version 2.4.2
27 September 2013
Good stuff, recommended, happy camper. Why not distribute through Apple App Store? :)
Version 2.4.2
14 March 2013
I have SNAK but this is a very nice and reliable Irc application. It seems smooth and is supported by SMUG.It is a rather simple IRC client and is easy for beginners to use.
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Version 2.4.1
24 February 2013
The developer has just released 2.4.1 version. This is the changelog: - New - Notification Center support Mask-based ignore rules Support for ZNC partyline - Changed - Display unhandled mode changes Searching the web uses the default browser instead of assuming Safari Various performance enhancements with displaying large amounts of chat - Fixed - Permanent ignores are permanent again Issues that could cause the bouncer plugin to not work Issues that would cause toolbar icons to not show up on Retina screens Remove a sleep that slows down initial launches (Thanks to Danial Jalkut for the patch!) Remove unused buttons (Thanks to Danial Jalkut for the patch!) CTCP TIME shows up in user-local time instead of GMT Potential issues with styles that append elements together visually
Version 2.4
1 answer(s)
25 February 2013
FYI, updates can also be submitted here: (the Add/Update Listing link at the bottom of every page).
03 April 2012
Please note that the 2.4 update is Lion only. You can still download 2.3 on the developers homepage if you still have refused to downgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion.
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Version 2.4
15 March 2012
Long-standing bugs remain unfixed, leaving Growl broken since 2009 and closing windows extremely buggy and unreliable. Developers are rude to users contacting them. Project is essentially abandoned. I would look for an alternative.
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Version 2.3