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GUI for SET@home command line.   Free
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SETI Menu is a GUI for the SETI@home command line client for Mac OS X.
What's New
Version 6.3:
  • Italian localization
  • Fixed the bug preventing to open the user statistics webpage
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later, SETI@home.

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SETI Menu User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 6.x:
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dborod commented on 03 Feb 2004
There seems to be some kind of bug in 6.0 that refuses to launch the second copy of the client on my dual 1 GHz MDD.

I tried trashing the SETI Menu preferences, but no dice.
[Version 6.0]

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Anonymous commented on 04 Feb 2004
It appears SETI Menu 6.0 has a bug in it regarding setting up a second SETI process. On my dual 2GHz G5, I can point SETI Menu 6.0 to my second setiathome folder, but the setting doesn't "take".

Actually, looking in the plist file shows it does take, but the menu item itself and the preferences seem to reset, making the "second client" results and preferences identical to the first.

Seems like a buggy point 0 release.
Blackice_101 had trouble on 25 Dec 2003
I've used this for weeks on my dual 800 g4 and it works fine. It's an excellent piece of software and pretty handy if you care about the seti program and your own contributions to it.

However, I installed it last night on an older dual 450 mhz G4 running panther and I've never seen anything like the problems it caused. It started out just fine and I left the computer on all night. When I got up this morning, I restarted the computer. It came up in unix with messages about the etc/master.passwd file and etc/profile not existing. It will no longer boot into os x. I'm left with a disabled unix system running sh, mach_init, init, and kernal_tas. I can't do anything because half of the commands I try to run give me messages like "who: var/run/utmp: Not a directory", "etc/master.paswd: Not a directory" or "uid 0 does not exist in the passwd file!" The private/etc files are all there and there's an "etc" file in / containing "private/etc" but for some reason the system won't recognize any of it.

So I booted into os 9 with a norton systemworks disc and my hard disk only had a couple of kilobytes on it. Turned out I had gigabytes of console log files. I deleted these... Also, even though setiathome had been running from it's own folder my user directory was populated with all the stardard setiathome files. I have no idea what the hell is going on but this is bordering on virus territory. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me out. my e-mail is

and if you've got an older dual DON"T USE THIS SOFTWARE!!!

Dual 450Mhz G4
OS 10.3.2
about 768MB RAM
setiathome command line client version 3.03 (powerpc-apple-darwin1.2)
[Version 5.1]

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Version Downloads:1,717
Type:Education : Science
Date:15 May 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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SETI Menu is a GUI for the SETI@home command line client for Mac OS X.

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