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The Application Enhancer system allows you to enhance or redefine certain behaviors for applications running on your system.It provides a way for third-party enhancer modules to modify how your applications work.Application Enhancers cannot affect the core system - they operate on an application level, therefore, they cannot cause a whole Mac OS X system to crash.

The technology behind Application Enhancer system has been in research and development for more than 4 years now, and many of our haxies (includingWindowShade X, more...

What's New

Version 2.6.1:
  • You may have to restart after installing.
  • SDK Specific: Adjusts how kAPEMatchFlavorKey is interpreted. If an application is 64-bit (Adobe CS5), kAPEMatchFlavorCocoa will be used. If an application has LSRequiresCarbon or LSPrefersCarbon set (iTunes 10), it will be treated as if kAPEMatchFlavorCarbon is more...


Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

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Lvdoc Member IconComment+535



It says version 2.0.1 or earlier, suggesting that the current version should be Lion compatible. Still, Windowshade and MenuMaster both require Rosetta, which is not supported under Lion. Wonder if/when/how Unsanity will handle this.

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Version 2.6.1
Easer Member IconComment+400

You wanna windowshade without APE? Go here:


It's not as full-featured as Unsanity, and it's pricier, but it works. And it's not dependent on Rosetta.

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Version 2.6.1

I've installed it under Lion and it won't Window Shade. I've emailed the vendor for support and hope it will be Lion compatible (if this is not operator error. :-)

Katuzero Member IconComment+11

I can't Login or Access Account Info on Mac App Store, Anybody else having this issue and is there any way to fix it?

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Version 2.6.1
Jeff-H. Member IconComment+188

Copy/Paste AFCGBBOB er, ah, gameboybob!!!

Can be dangerous to your system too!

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Version 2.6.1
Libertyforall1776 Member IconComment+1130

When is this thing going to get updated to 64-bit?

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Version 2.6.1
Vito Member IconComment+127

This is a commentary, not a review. I'm going to tell why I won't ever use Application Enhancer again, even though I loved WindowShade and I already miss it very much.

I used APE and WindowShade for years. I couldn't believe it when I discovered that OS X unceremoniously did away with the window shade feature of all System 9 windows, so I was delighted to find WindowShade.

The first signs of trouble showed up when WindowShade wouldn't work with certain apps. OK, fine...I just added those apps to the exclude list. Not ideal, but nothing's perfect. The list of excluded apps grew under Tiger (10.4.11), but I still stuck with WindowShade and APE as long as I could.

The real problem happened when I tried to upgrade a G5 DP 2.5 to Leopard. I installed the new system on a volume that already had APE installed. The system installed, but on the reboot after install, I got a black screen, and the system wouldn't start up. The fans on the G5 spun up to full speed and stayed there. I let it run for maybe 20 seconds, but if you've ever heard a G5's fans running full-bore...well, it's a frightening sound. I forced the machine to shut down.

Alas, the G5 has never been the same since. It doesn't boot from any system--Tiger or Leopard--or even from an Apple system install disk. The only way I can get it to boot is by going through Open Firmware...and even then it only boots sometimes. It appears to be a hardware problem caused by the heat generated during the failed reboot.

I never suspected APE as the cause of the problem until I finally found, after hours of searching, some older posts that reported exactly the same problems with numerous cases of system upgrades from Tiger to Leopard. Apparently, the culprit was the older version of APE I was running under Tiger.

I've been seeing warnings about system haxies for years. I ignored them for the simple reason that I never had a problem I could verifiably link to APE. But the destruction of the G5 has convinced me. As much as I miss WindowShade, I'm through with APE and all system haxies. It's not worth it.

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Version 2.6.1
Albabe Member IconComment+779

Thanx to UnSanity for this update that sorta kinda fixing it so that WindowShade sorta kinda works for iTunes.

It's pretty ugly looking, but it works.

Thanx guys!

So what the difference between Application Enhancer SDK 2.6.1 and Application Enhancer 2.6.1?

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Version 2.6.1
Tingo Member IconComment+5

I have made good use of several of Unsanity's products, in a professional environment. As far as I'm concerned, flawlessly under Tiger, so no complaint here. Yet, I have to agree with most comments that those people, to put it mildly, have a talent to positively defecate on their customers & users.

One thing is that they ask for ideas. I did provide some suggestions to them, but never even got the slightest acknowledgment. Fair enough, maybe what I'd sent them didn't make sense in their eyes. Maybe they're too busy, I said to myself (but how come, when I was running my own online store, we ALWAYS found the time to reply to requests, even the silliest ones?)

Quite different, though, the total lack of response I experienced after they finally upgraded some of their haxies so they could run under Snow Leopard. I purchased several of them, and was even granted a voucher for the purchase of other products - within a month. I wrote to Unsanity asking for a proper invoice, as the "receipt" they issue online and my mail is not considered as valid by my tax authorities. I also asked them to put me on a mailing list for when the new version of FruitMenu would be available (Soon! - their site said). And: would they kindly extend the validity of their voucher to use it when purchasing FruitMenu, as it was the only one of their utilities I still needed? Finally, I reported that their update of WindowShade compatible with Snow Leopard was causing havoc when used on multiple screens: once your windows are minimized on a secondary screen, you can't get hold of them anymore! We're talking here of straightforward Apple monitors.
To this day, and in spite of four or five reminders, I have received no reply whatsoever from Unsanity. When the update of FruitMenu was released (no warning!), the voucher had expired two days earlier. Needless to say, its validity didn't appear to have been extended when I tried to purchase online. Moreover, after reading that the upgrade was free for registered users, I tried to use my current FruitMenu key (still working fine as of a recently reinstalled Tiger). To no avail (of course?)
I once again wrote to Unsanity, by now not with the friendliest of tones. Silly me, I should have known: response = zilch. So now I'm left with my money thrown out of the WindowShade that won't work properly (not even the latest update a few days ago), and, on the bright side, finding an alternative piece of freeware, XMenu, that does in Snow Leopard some of the things FruitMenu is supposed to do, but won't be doing "on my watch."
Curiously, passwords to Unsanity's haxies are not listed in Serial Box. Makes you wonder...
Last curiosity: a note with the recent update of WindowShade stated something like "this depression is so painful". Is this the explanation? "Depression" could be one of several things, of course...

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Version 2.6.1
Afcgbbob Member IconComment+167

Warning Warning Will Robinson Haxies are dangerous to your system. They are not stand alone applications. When the install they install in one place they have no business fooling with: THE SYSTEM. I did an install of APE. After having problems with my Mac I did an archival install. Once done I had to go through every major system to make sure they match what was in my previous system folder. Before doing that I did an uninstall of APE and a one or two or Haxies made by Unsanity. It seems for some reason they are about the only company that write Haxies. Anyhow as I scanned my System Folder I still found pieces of Ape and other Haxies that were made by Unsanity. Nobody who writes utilities has no business writing SW that places unauthorized material in the System. To me, the System is hands off to any third party developer unless they work for Apple or are an Apple developers. You have no Idea the damage that can be caused when unauthorized components are placed in the System. What if a System Upgrade comes up and those part are incompatible with the upgrade? It can begin to make your Mac to act strange, freezes, Kernel Panics and more. It has happened on my Mac when I was first green to Haxies. Unsanity should be boycotted for placing unauthorized components in the System. They do not belong there and I for one will never use an Unsanity product until they can get it through their brains to stop putting components in the System because somewhere down the road you will get bit. The only company that should do ANY MODIFICATION to the System is APPLE. End of line...

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Version 2.6.1

Dead on! Everyone needs to break the "haxie" habit. Not to mention the developers take FOREVER to update their software.


In addition, first, I am not an Apple Genius but, I have been a professional writer on the Mac for over 25 years and have written articles about Utilities, How-To's, Entertainments, and how to care fore your Mac. When I write any article, I carefully research it as I write it. If you wish to see samples, you can got to atpm.com, click on archives and then look for What's Under the Hood. I even wrote about Haxies in one of my articles. There you will see the quality of my work. I was contributing Educational Editor at Inside MacGames that sadly ended when the man in charged refused to pay my staff and then they would not submit their reviews and an excellent column died. But I diverge. I am not trying to be brazen about what I said, what I wrote was based on carful research and talking to Apple Techs not associated with Apple who go back over 20 years in experience with the Mac. Haxies are just plain dangerous. You say you know how to remove a Haxie, so what folders do you check because if it does not include the System then you have not done a complete uninstall. That is why Haxies are dangerous, they put components of the program in the System and I want to know what gives them the right to tamper with the system when no other third party developer does. I will repeat AGAIN if Apple makes any changes that involve the System, the Haxie may screw up your system if it is not compatible with the changes. I am not preaching but just telling the fact as a writer who has written about them. Go a head and use them but some day in the future they will come back and bite you in the butt. So if you want to use programs that alter your System, fine go a head use them but, I for one will not allow any third party companies not approved by Apple to mess with my system. End of Line...

Espiridion Member IconReview+1147

I'm finally able to use WindowShade and FruitMenu with Application Enhancer 2.6.1.

I think that after Tiger I stopped using Unsanity products, so it's nice to have these 2 back in my system. I have used Unsanity products for years, starting with Echo which was their first product IIRC.

I'm not happy about the time it took, but I'm glad to see this working once again.

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Version 2.6.1
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Version 2.6.1
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Current Version (2.x)


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