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VirusBarrier Express is a free antivirus and anti-malware tool based on the award-winning technology of Intego's VirusBarrier X6. VirusBarrier Express protects Mac users from viruses, Trojan horses and other types of malware, and also detects Windows malware, so Mac users don't pass on infected files to their Windows-using friends and colleagues.

VirusBarrier Express lets users run manual scans of any file, folder or volume on their Mac for which they have rights, and offers scheduled scans that can be run on any item. Users can also repair any infected more...

What's New

Version 1.1.6:
  • Improved malware detection.


Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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VirusBarrier Express User Discussion

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Elaineeer Member IconComment+14

I've used for two month, i do like the drag design in the green icon. Till now it runs normal and has not found any malware.

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Version 1.1.6
Hdo Member IconReview+43

good app

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Version 1.1.5
Grhsvo Member IconComment+66

The above text does not tell me what the difference is between VirusBarrier X6 and VirusBarrier Express.

A visit to the web site is even more-cloudy. I could not find any mention at all of VirusBarrier Express. It's probably there somewhere, but I just couldn't find it.

And, like so many other sellers who are embarrassed about the price of their product, the VirusBarrier page does not announce the price. You must click the "buy now" button first.

And I wonder if Intego understands that it's ONLY America that talks about "Black Friday" for this week. For the rest of the world, Black Friday means the 13th of any month that is a Friday. Just another example of American cultural insensitivity/nationalism/terrorism.

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Version 1.1.4

I can't rightly respond to the bizarre social tangent that you went off on toward the end of your post, however, here's a (now somewhat dated) comparison link…

JCH2 Member IconComment+393

I think everything about this package has already been covered, so I won't reiterate. I'll just say get SOPHOS. I've run it against Symantec Corporate Edition, and it kept up on the AV, neck and neck against actual viruses in the wild. It is supported by a company that gets its AV feedback from corporate clients worldwide. The only thing it is missing is a scheduled scan, but in two years, it hasn't found anything during regular manual scans, and it has knock down three viruses specifically designed to attack OSX. Proof that OSX is not invulnerable.



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Version 1.1.4

Re your Sophos "The only thing it is missing is a scheduled scan" ---- after your initial install manual scan, by default Sophos uses "on Access" scans --- so you have real-time protection.

oldman1 Member IconReview+2

Installed OK and seemed to be working, although never detected anything while used.

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Version 1.1.3
Craig Blackburn Member IconReview+7
Craig Blackburn

I am only going to comment on Intego Virus Barrier 5, not just Virus barrier but the whole suite. Unless you have a huge hard drive on your laptop forget it. It's bloatware. Mind you this is not the free version I am rating, It scans all email, rejects mail that is spam. Users add names to this list when they receive spam, through daily updates you stay up-to-date. You can really customize your firewall and you can get rid of little snitch. It also lets you know when a document or app tries to phone home..
Did I say bloat? Now here is where the party ended. When your subscription is up and you have not purchased the next version of Intego suite, what do you do. There is no uninstaller. Apps like CleanApp and App Delete can't get it. there it is, always staring you in the face. You will find new remnants everyday. The solution is a complete erase and install of Snow Leopard and all other apps you own. There I said it.
Since there are known Trojans but no real viruses loose, it's not something you need. Weather you use mobileme or gmail, they all have pretty good spam filters.
If you want a little reassurance, I installed Sophos. It uses nearly no memory. Takes up little HD space. And it's free version is not slimmed down. It's the same software they sell to large corporations, it's free.
I hope I save someone the trouble of reinstalling everything. The software it's self is impressive. Does it work? I don't know, it never found a virus in the 2 years I used it. You decide if it's right for you.

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Version 1.1

If ya wanna purge every last Virusbarrier file from your system ya need to use either
"Find Any File" or "EasyFind" and search for not only VirusBarrier but Intego as well.
Both "Find Any File" and "EasyFind" are far more thorough than any of the app deleters out there.


For uninstalling VirusBarrier, Intego's manual says:

"If you ever want to uninstall any Intego software, launch the Intego Installer, as explained above. Click the Uninstall Software button, then select the software you wish to uninstall, and click Uninstall. The software will be removed."

I also stumbled upon this uninstaller:


Haven't tried it myself, but you could give it a shot.


Uninstall complaint: a classic case of RTFM.

For the rest, yes, it is bloaty. And a background scan does make the computer unresponsive, open programs give you the beach ball, I agree.

The anti-spam is not as good as Spam-Sieve.

The firewall is great.

Overall, I prefer it over the alternatives.

Chadcn Member IconReview+163

Considering there are absolutely zero viruses that can infect OS X and small small number of any other kind of malware at all, it's safe to say these anti-virus apps for the Mac are worthless.

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Version 1.1

Chadcn, it's not safe to say any such thing. I rather think it's a foolhardy thing to say, perhaps even a bit dangerous. Evidently, you're among the very, very few who DON'T think that a bevy of Mac viruses will be unleashed any day now simply because Apple has become the world's largest handset maker by revenue, the largest tablet computer maker by any metric, the most valuable technology company (after surpassing Microsoft last spring), and the 8th most profitable company in the USA! And because Windows switchers are now bounding onto the Apple bandwagon like it was the last bus out of Libya, nearly every industry analyst has forecast that Apple's new high profile and increasing market share has already made the Mac and iOS platforms irresistible new targets for hackers and virus makers.

Oh, I forgot another important reason why you should use virus protection on your Mac: It would protect you from being called a D1CK by the world's Windows users for being a selfish ignoramus and a vector (disease spreading agent) of Windows viruses that spread to everyone in your Address Book and beyond because you refused to protect your Mac.


@PorkPieHat Market share has absolutely nothing to do with virus susceptibility. A small bit of reading will show you plenty of proof. Couple hints...Mac OS prior to OS X and Linux.

"bevy of Mac viruses will be unleashed any day now "
People have been saying this for years. I suppose if you keep saying it, eventually you'll be right.

As per your Windows bit...
Running anti-virus on your Mac to protect Windows users from malware is like covering your mouth when you cough in front of the kids, then sending them out without flu shots to a school where a flu epidemic is spreading like wildfire. Great! They might not catch anything from you, but you've left them vulnerable to the greater risk. It's wiser to make sure they have flu shots, so they're protected from infection, whether it be from you or from other people.

If you really want to help your Windows friends, encourage them to get their own anti-virus protection installed, or offer to install it for them.


Chadcn, could you please clarify the last sentence of your previous quote? You said:

"Market share has absolutely nothing to do with virus susceptibility. A small bit of reading will show you plenty of proof. Couple hints...Mac OS prior to OS X and Linux."

Are you saying that Apple's market share was significantly higher before the development of OS X and Linux? If so, are you also saying that there weren't many Mac viruses at that time either, so we have no reason to believe that Apple's current increase in market share will lead to a surge of new malware targeting OS X?


@PorkPie: He's saying that there was a good amount more malware for OS 9 than there is for OS X. Because OS X has a much, much larger market share than OS 9 ever did, it doesn't follow that higher market share = more malware.


That makes as much sense as saying because you are not lost you will give 1/2 star to all compasses and map apps.

Some of us are REQUIRED to have an antivirus program of some sort. VirusBarrier has not caught any Mac viruses on my system but it has found Windows viruses so that I did not accidentally forward them.

It's also found web sites that were not legit when the local DNS server was poisoned (while traveling and using hotel ethernet service). Bad things could have happened but did not as a result.

There is not much virus activity for Macs, but that does not mean that there are no dangers. Phishing, fake web sites, malware (even those that are not viruses) are all potential threats.

Use antivirus or not, enable your Firewall or not, but don't rate an app as 1/2 star simply because you don't need or use it. Rate it based on the features and problems so users who MUST or CHOSE to use antivirus software can gather information to allow them to chose from available software such as Norton, McAfee, Clam AV, VirusBarrier, etc.


There are zero self-replicating virus' at this time, though that avenue of attack has fallen out of favor. These days trojans and malicious web sites are the preferred attack routes.

Philih Member IconReview+53

1. No Realtime scan
2. Scans only for Mac OS-Viruses
3. Only available in App Store

So there is no reason to use this tool ...

There are better free alternatives on the market. And those are available in the whole i-net and not only in this anoying store.

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Version 1.1

I can't help but wonder if Windows A-V apps scan for Mac malware…

R1000m Member IconReview+109

This is actually a review of version 1.1. As of 1.1, VirusBarrier Express is now officially useless ("will scan for Mac OS X malware only").

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Version 1.0.2
Doconmac Member IconReview+54

This free version is garbage.
There is NO REAL TIME SCANNER so you have to get infected
and then only know that you have been if you run a manual scan!
Maybe Intego are not big enough to offer a free version like Sophos
Why would they, if they did nobody would buy the full version.
I use the full version and it is very good, with excellent support too,
despite all the negative comments in the past.
But then VirusBarrier X6 is NOT just a virus scanner, it has NetBarrier as well incorporated into it.

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Version 1.0.2
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Version 1.1.6
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Version 1.1.3
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Version 1.0.2
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Version 1.0
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Current Version (1.x)


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Type Utilities / Virus
License Free
Date 30 Apr 2012
Platform OS X / Intel 32
Price Free