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DEVONthink Pro Office is a knowledge base, information manager, and much more. In today's world, everything is digital. From shopping receipts to important research papers, your life often fills your hard drive in the form of emails, PDFs, Word documents, multimedia files, and more. Questions eventually pop up, like where do you store all of this stuff? How do you organize these very different file types, and even better, how do you find the exact more...

What's New

Version 2.7.6:


  • Clip to DEVONthink and bookmarklets support markdown by using Markdownifier. The option Reformat with Instapaper is renamed to Reformat with Readability for Markdown.
  • Command Data > Create Table of Contents added. The created document cross-links the selected items.
  • Option Create Index Pages added to more...


OS X 10.6.8 or later

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I've just been spending a few day doing trials with Pixa and iDocument, as I was looking for a new way of seeing/managing all my media files, for my graphics/print & web more...

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Version 2.6.1
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Turquoise Member IconComment+99

I am looking for an application that would download ALL my emails AND their attachments and archive them on my computer, and wonder whether DTPO does that.

I want the application to connect directly to my Yahoo and Gmail account, not take from Apple mail. Apple mail erratically, and one is never sure if attachments has been archived or not. Many times, I found myself clicking on an email I already archived, just to see Mail trying to connect to the server in order to retrieve its attachments.

Therefore, relying on Mail to store locally all emails is not a sure way to have everything archived. So how DTPO can guarantee that everything has indeed been archived?

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Version 2.7.4

Short answer: ask on the Devon Tech forums. They're very helpful.

Medium answer: I suspect you're connecting to Yahoo! and Gmail by IMAP. So much of your stuff *will* be kept on the server. If you want to archive things locally, create a folder in Mail / On My Mac / Local Archive (or whatever you want to name it). Then Mail *will* keep a local copy of the email and the attachment. You can then archive the email into DevonThink, though it DOESN'T archive attachments; you'd either have to keep the archived emails in Mail too (so that DevonThink can open the original email and hence the attachment) or archive the attachments in DevonThink by drag-and-drop.

AFIK there's no way that DT can pretend to be an email (POP3/IMAP) client and download your mail from the server.

Another way is to use something like MailSteward to archive your emails together with their attachments.

tl;dr - No, not really.


Thanks for your answer. I tried to archive all my emails to an "On my Mac" folder, but Mail failed to download all the attachments. One is never sure if everything has indeed been archived locally. I will check if MailSteward does that. Thanks again.


Maybe the program 'Email Archiver' is what you're looking for?


Shiny22 Member IconReview+74

The point of DTPO is to manage and catalogue your documents. Its handling of both procedures is best in class.

Managing is pretty simple: you can store your files within the database package or you can store them in the Finder as you prefer. It performs exactly the same way in either scenario. The document is scanned and indexed, along with metadata - some automatic, some you provide, like tags.

If you opt to store your files in the Finder (Index them, in DTPO terminology) then you can set the app to watch the Folder(s) and automatically update when news documents are added. You might choose this option for interoperability with other apps - citation managers, for instance.

For instance, I can search for a pdf with Bookends or Sente etc, download and add it to my Bookends/Sente Library and DTPO will, if I set it to watch that folder, automatically add it to the DTPO database.

I can read the documents - in many cases - with DTPO or I can choose to open them in any app I prefer. So, I can read and annotate a pdf in DTPO, or Preview, or Acrobat, or Skim etc I'm not limited in any way.

Anything you put in you can get out - exporting is easy.

That's simple, clear, plays-well-with-others, no lock-in document management. Best in class.

Cataloguing is simple and seamless. When you add a document (it can be OCRd if need be) it's added to the database. All of it. Not just the tags and keywords. The entire text. It makes a Concordance, so every word can be searched on. You can search on phrases. You can search for the use of a word in proximity to other words - find me "ford" within 4 words of "river" - that will avoid most instances of Ford cars, for instance. That's very powerful searching, and stuff I've not come across in other apps I use.

When a document is catalogued it's also compared to other documents in the database automatically and sometimes you can find surprising connections.

Best of all, when you search it will not just tell you that your term exists in this or that document, it also will show you where in the document - so, not just that it's in that 34 page pdf, but also the four locations where it occurs.

You can have multiple databases for different projects. You can limit your search to one or two databases or search them all.

That's best-in-class cataloguing and searching. I've not come across any app that comes close to those features.

Other things: getting material in is simple, you can clip or drag or whatever from all over the place. It's rock solid and simply never crashes in my experience.

One downside: It's not the prettiest app you'll ever use. The UI looks dated, there's no denying that, like a hangover from OS9 kind of dated. Odd things too - when you create documents with DTPO like rtf or markdown notes - the margins are very close to the edges and make things feel crowded. Small things, yes, but they matter.

But for the important things, it's simply unbeatable.

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Version 2.7.3
Maclover1.1 Member IconReview+740


I've just been spending a few day doing trials with Pixa and iDocument, as I was looking for a new way of seeing/managing all my media files, for my graphics/print & web design work. Quickly saw limitations on both.. though they are graphically appealing and streamlined.

Then I thought I ought to try the "indexing" capacities of my Beloved Devon.. as what I liked most in both the aforementioned apps is the ability to keep files in my Finder's hierarchy.

For some reason I never really got into this "indexing" aspect of DT though I have used DT since it came out to import "sh*loads" of emails in separate databases for each client (never much trusted any Mail app to keep years of emails), manage all my paperwork, scans, pdf's all sorts of text files etc etc.. Basically I guess I was hypnotized by the idea that it is mostly an "Office" app.. and "that I had to" use for that ;0)

At some point I had made the mistake of importing graphic files with links (InDesign files and images etc..) and of course would lose the linking, or have to relink from inside the databases etc, making things convoluted etc.. So I stopped that some time back as well.. and kept it as "just" my office hub, which was plenty already.

Back to topic.. I now realize that I can really use my DevonThinkPro to link files (index.. called "Live folders" by newcomers..) and manage all of my media needs that way (thanks to various QuickLook plugins, such as Art View and SneakPeek Photo and tagging options).

Now the four corners of my organizational Mac are (of cours) Finder + DevonThink + Leap (Love Leap!!).. + my latest addition Curio. I think I now have a very sturdy set and can stop looking for others in that "hub" aspect of things.

As said below by Xplicit, Devon could look into rethinking certain aspects of their UI.. but I can find my way around it in a way that makes it a decent if not the most aesthetic experience in this respect, especially considering all the possibilities offered by this app.. And it never ever crashes, and I trust it to no end.

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Version 2.6.1

Your remarks seem interesting. Would you mind making a screencast sometime showing your workflow in DEVONthink Pro and perhaps even the other software you mention? You seem quite enamored by it and I love me my DEVONthink as well, but I don't seem to have tapped a fraction of the power and therefore would love to see some real efficiency in action.

Of course if you use ScreenFlow you can redact / blur out any parts that you don't want to show.


@Maclover1.1: I echo @ylluminate's request for a screencast, particularly regarding your use of DTPO for cataloging or indexing media files (for me, it's just photographs). I am also curious about your use of Curio - I've had it forever and always buy the upgrades, but I'll admit to having actually used it for ten hours max.

Xplicit Member IconComment+804

The developers at DEVONtechnologies should have a look at doo, especially the UI. That's more like it. The DEVONthink UI is a nerdy mess.

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Version 2.5.1

Well, "doo" is also very far from being useable - they care more about nice textures, rounded corners and sophisticated animations then about making their software useful. But the DEVONthink's UI is, probably, unbeatable in terms of awfulness - that's true :)

D'arc Tangent

Doo is pretty, but it has something like 1% of the power that DevonThink gives you. If you take the time to learn how to use DT there's nothing that can touch it, rock solid, stable and extremely powerful. Sadly I have to agree completely with the "UI is probably unbeatable in terms of awfulness". It's like something from 2003 on a Windows machine, it's just awful, but I keep on using it. They really, really, really, really need to do themselves a favor and hire any 20 years old UI designer who is even vaguely in touch with what looks good, nevermind the latest trend, just not a cluttered mess would do it


@burkanov, @D'arc Tangent: That's what I meant: Features: good, UI: not so much.


I couldn't agree more with Xplicit. DevonThink is an amazing example. The dev seems to be very engaged in keeping it up-to-date and fixing bugs. Constant development is happening. All that is great, but I think DEVONtechnologies should invest some time/brain-cycles into the usability aspect and layout of this software. Image how great DEVONthink could be if it had a nicer UI?


I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way - I've emailed them a number of times to log UI / design issues which they've accepted graciously but done nothing about. One just has to look at their newer apps like DEVONSphere to see that it's not legacy reasons that prevent them from improving the UI of their products - they all look terrible, and when they do add visual flourishes like gradients they're added in a blunt-force manner and applied sloppily.

I love the functionality of these apps, but I eventually switched to Evernote after giving up on any real UI improvements being made.


The UI is Difficult to use, that i can confirm.
I wish me a long time a shortcut to fast hide and show the App.
Now i make me on myself this wish true.
But the Problem is that the Automatic animated yellow Popover are not get hidden anymore when it´s back on my screen. I cannot disable that unusable popovers.
On the other side i wish me a fast Group filtering. I make a clear Groups structure, sometimes the search doesn't find it, but i remember the group. To find that Group, i must open the search Window & search for the Name only und hope that there are not many files with the same Name.
A short click in the Groups table to filter with a word tipped in would bring up a fast filtered Groups view when it would be implemented. But the Updates are very very slow. I don't understand why the User interface is that slow as it is. Same to the Updates..

The Sync here still not works with a local Store.
I read that WebDav makes Problems, but a local Store ?

burkanov Member IconReview+62

A mess of User Interface components to perform different functions: software is a UI nightmare. If there could be a Frankenstein in code - here it is, a bunch of functions with lots of power and no sense.

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Version 2.4.3

Yes and no. Yes it's a UI nightmare. No, Frankenstein wasn't like that and nor was his monster (all sense and no perception). Yes, a LOT of power, which is what it's for. I've tried dozens of info managers but DT wins hands-down, every time, fugly though it is.

Xplicit Member IconReview+804

I haven't been needing the built-in ExactScan utility for a while so I discovered only today, that the developers removed ExactScan from DevonThink Pro Office. This is totally outrageous.

Instead they offer some crappy tool based on Image Capture which is much less powerful, even it's interface is broken. Come on, really? And those guys call themselves developers ...

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Version 2.4.3
D-J Member IconReview+148

DEVONThink Pro Office simply does everything that I want brilliantly and flawlessly.

I started with the basic version years ago, then with each major upgrade I've gone up one level. Haven't regretted it a second. The iPad app adds a whole lot more usefulness.

With DEVONThink I use their equally splendid intelligent search application DEVONAgent Pro. When researching something online and trying to collect and collate websites and snippets and whatever, these two make it efficient and deep in relevance.

Can't say enough about the products of Devon Technologies. They even have a couple of free apps that are simple and perfectly executed: EasyFind, Grid, Xmenu.

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Version 2.4
sjk Member IconComment+995

Improved: Page Up/Down keys can be used to navigate inside a visible Quick Look panel without having to activate it via the mouse first.

Finally. :)
Thanks, Dtech!

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Version 2.4
Macbookpro Member IconComment+54

Video tutorials from the developer have been updated and are helpful if you are trying to understand this product.

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Version 2.4
Gskibum Member IconReview+310

I first bought DevonThink several years ago. But the single open-database limitation was a deal breaker for me so I just couldn't bring myself to use it.

But a few months ago I bought the upgrade along with a Fuji ScanSnap and I am now very impressed. I use DevoThink every day and my organization and efficiency has increased by leaps and bounds. This is a great product.

Developing databases takes time. Not because of a deficiency in DevonThink, but because it opens up so many possibilities I've never dreamed of before. I'm still refining my ways of organization, and thinking of new ways to use it. This is a good thing. I use it to organize many kinds of information in both my personal and professional lives.

I gave it an overall rating of 4 stars. Which I was torn over. Really I would like to give it 5 stars but there are a couple of significant warts in the iOS versions that I did not expect when I made the purchase. One cannot do much with the iOS versions without having the desktop version. So they are all part of an overall product.

The two problems I have with the iOS version is that they really do lack features. They are very basic and are really nothing more than windows into my desktop databases. The other problem is with the buggy syncing. I can get things to sync just fine with the Internet Sharing work-around. However, recently a problem has cropped up on my DevonThink system that won't allow my wi-fi to function again after having enabled Internet Sharing until I reboot. So that adds some pain to syncing my DevonThink databases.

If the syncing just worked as one would reasonably expect, my Internet Sharing problem would not be an issue because I have no reason to use Internet Sharing other than to sync my DevonThink Databases.

In no way would I suggest that anyone considering DevonThink Pro Office hold off their purchase due to the syncing issue with the iOS versions. Definitely buy it and learn to use it! It will make you a more productive and organized person. The developers are working on a new sync engine and hopefully before too long it is released. Things will only get better when the sync engine is updated.

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Version 2.3.5

Adding a bit of clarification, two things will raise my rating to 5 stars:

1. The new sync engine for iOS devices.
2. A few more features with the iOS devices.

$15.00 per iOS device is a fair price for what they do now (except for the sync problem). Adding more functionality to the iOS apps I think would deserve a higher price.

I'm not raising the bar so high as to expect a full-featured iOS app on par with the desktop app. Just enable a few basic tasks and I'd be a happy camper.

I'd like to be able to quickly save URLs. Wandering off into dream land, a built-in table app for all platforms would be super cool. RTF tables don't cut it.

I have looked at the Devon user forums. It seems OmniOutliner support is in the works. Getting that working full-on would be totally cool.

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