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Stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag and drop.   Shareware ($24.95)
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DoubleTake is for Mac users who like compact cameras, but sometimes wish they could magically pull out a wide angle lens of their pocket, or plug in a sensor with a few extra megapixels for that large print.

DoubleTake handles this by giving you both automatic and manual control of how to stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag and drop.
What's New
Version 2.2.9
  • Fix: for rare crash on OS X 10.9.1 when saving while switching to other apps at the same time.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later

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DoubleTake User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Johnleh reviewed on 08 Jul 2013
I'm very impressed. I've used Photoshop for panos for a long time, and I always figured when the stitching didn't work, it was my fault. I figured Photoshop is great, must be my carelessness.

Not so! I trialed this before buying, and it worked on a few difficult panos that Photoshop failed at. Now that I bought it, I've been trying it on some old images, and it is working great!
[Version 2.2.8]



Madison_mac reviewed on 02 Jun 2013
Just purchased this since the demo worked great. Easy to use.
[Version 2.2.8]


unsaltedrhino reviewed on 26 Nov 2011
As the previous review I've been using Canon's Photostitch up until very recently when it broke under Lion. This prompted me to find an alternative and I now wish I'd found this app earlier!

Tried out the app with a few panoramic landscape shots I'd taken in Argentina recently and it created panoramas perfectly from simple drag and drops. Probably one of the quickest app purchases I've made!
[Version 2.2.7]



Derision reviewed on 05 May 2011
For years, I've used Canon's PhotoStitch app, which came with a printer I'd bought long ago, to create panoramas and stitch pictures together. Despite the increasing age of PhotoStitch, it has served relatively well.

Relatively well, that is, until recently when I was scanning some sheet music for my roommate's father. The music was written on large pieces of paper and I had to scan each document in sections. PhotoStitch got hopelessly confused trying to deal with all the horizontal lines on the page. A quick search lead me to DoubleTake, which I installed and immediately, I was able to combine the sections of each scan to make a perfect picture.

Since then, I've used it to redo some older panoramas and so forth I had made, and to finish some that I'd never been able to complete due to PhotoStitch being unable to handle it. The software has performed flawlessly in nearly all of my attempts, and gives you a wealth of control over how each image is processed without making it seem overly complicated.

This software is entirely worth the $25, and then some, for what it does.
[Version 2.2.6]



Anon-Bud reviewed on 28 Feb 2011
Fabulous piece of software. Easy to use and does what it is supposed to do in an elegant way. I love the results it makes of my panorama shots@
[Version 2.2.6]



Ben-Marko reviewed on 08 Mar 2010
An unbelievably easy and intuitive app. I too have struggled with Adobe PS, trying to stitch together several images, making for a really disjointed looking panorama. DoubleTake is super easy to use, literally drag and drop and drag images into the well, and that is it.

I combed back through several years of photos and redid some panoramas with this app. Huge difference. A definite recommend! Out of 23 panoramas I had tried, it successfully combined all but 2!
[Version 2.2.3]



Brighton-Pete reviewed on 30 Dec 2008
All I can say is amazing.

A while back I was 'trying' to stitch a series of photo's together using Photoshop Elements 6, and a couple other panorama programs I found here. I gave up in frustration. I ended up with knots for the panoramas or nothing. I deleted the series of panorama shots long ago. I'll have to take them once again & use DoubleTake to do the job of stitching them together.

This is so easy and effortless. I made three panoramas in no time. They look great!

This is definitely worth buying.
[Version 2.2b17]



isgoed reviewed on 15 Sep 2008
This program uses a different approach than other Panorama programs. You slide and position images in place and that works very inuitive compared to 3-point alignment. The result can be pretty good in a few seconds although a good panorama takes probably 10 minutes. It is fast too (I guess you only work on smaller preview images, ond compute the final image on save) The interface is very inutive and OS-X like (appealing cocoa app). The app is also very stable (does not crash). I would like to see more geometry options: negative fisheye & Hor+Ver-fisheye simultaneously & skew. The only odd thing is that this is a Panorama maker, which to me is not completely clear just looking at the name and description. The pricepoint is exactly right (especially when you pay in EUR (1 EUR = 1.5 USD)
[Version 2.1]



jangle reviewed on 11 Feb 2008
Really easy to use and pretty much all you need for stiching. I just wish I had more RAM and CPU to process a bunch of 8MP pics more smoothly.
[Version 2.1]



l-i-n-k reviewed on 04 Dec 2007
DoubleTake is the first choice if you want some pictures merged to a panorama - it takes a few minutes and produces great results.

For the moment you might have to check and calculate the focal length correction for your camera manually - chances are good that future versions will do that automatically...
(Thank you Henrik for your great support)

Try it - and you will buy it!

If you have some more money to spend: Give AutoPano Pro a try - it does a even better job when dealing with images that have large offset and exposure variation - including HDR calculations.
[Version 2.1]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Perezohana rated on 13 Jun 2011

[Version 2.2.6]

Version Downloads:5,795
Type:Multimedia Design : Image Editing
Date:28 Jan 2014
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
Price: $24.95
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DoubleTake is for Mac users who like compact cameras, but sometimes wish they could magically pull out a wide angle lens of their pocket, or plug in a sensor with a few extra megapixels for that large print.

DoubleTake handles this by giving you both automatic and manual control of how to stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag and drop.