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SuperDuper! is an advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program. It can, of course, make a straight copy, or "clone" -- useful when you want to move all your data from one machine to another, or do a simple backup. In moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file.

Clones for safety. To ensure you can safely roll back a system after the unexpected occurs. With a few clicks, you can easily "checkpoint" your system, preserving your computer's critical applications and files while you run on a working, bootable copy. If anything goes wrong, just reboot to the original. more...

What's New

Version 2.7.2:

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks support
  • Schedules now launched through launchd
  • Automatic mount and eject under 10.8 and later now works
  • Improved handling of inter-application messaging (Growl, etc)
  • Fixes for large extended attribute errors
  • "Copy Job" (scheduler) error panel fixes
  • ACL copy more...


OS X 10.6 or later

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This is BY FAR the most useful and cost-effective piece of software that any Mac User could buy. Period.

I have used Macs since the 128k Mac in 1984. I have helped hundreds of people set their Macs up. I have run ITs groups for entire more...

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Version 2.7.2
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WalterJ3186 Member IconReview+0

I'm using Super Duper v. 2.7.2 with a Seagate Backup Plus 1.5 TB drive to prepare a bootable backup of files on my 2007 Mac running OS 10.9.3.

After doing a backup today, my Mac froze after going to sleep. I could wake it up but there was no response to any command. I had to shut down with the power button then reboot by holding down the option key. It reboots from the hard drive.

I had this problem with the same Super Duper version 3 weeks ago using an older Seagate drive. I took the Mac in to an authorized service center and after running their diagnostics (which apparently clear out and reset a number of items) it was back to normal.

I'll probably have to bring it back in to the service center. Anyone have any ideas? The service tech said the symptoms sounded like a power utilization problem.

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Version 2.7.2

I wonder if SD might be only the "catalyst" for the problem that you're experiencing, and something else is the issue.

What did the authorized repair folks tell you? Did they not mention what they had done to fix things?

If you haven't already taken it in, I'd try resetting the PRAM and SMC. I'd also do standard disk and permissions repair via Disk Utility for any disks you use. If this Mac is a laptop, something odd could be going on with the battery... maybe?

As an aside, giving the software a bad review based on this experience isn't helpful to people coming here. Have you always had these kinds of problems with SD? Was Shirt Pocket tech support unable to resolve your issue? Flukey things happen. It may well be your hardware and not a software issue, particularly based on what the repair people said about a "power utilization problem".

lemonb3519 Member IconReview+34

This app just does the job perfectly every time. Not a single fail or issue after hundreds of backups.

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Version 2.7.2
GeoProf Member IconComment+877

A quick but important question: Can the permissions for an installation of OS 10.7.5 on a portable USB or FireWire drive be accurately fixed by Apple’s Disk Utility from an OS 10.6.8 startup disk? In other words, are permissions OS-specific, or can one OS’s Disk Utility accurately fix the perms of a different OS?

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Version 2.7.2

GeoProf why are you posting questions that should be asked in the Apple forums ? Do you have a review or comment about "SuperDuper" ?

Frankof Member IconReview+227

The previous version 2.7.1 worked fine for me in Mavericks, but the new version does no longer start up when I attach my external drive. That never used to be a problem. I already deleted old settings (including the files that hold them), and set up a new schedule to automatically backup when the drive becomes available, but the program just does not come up.

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Version 2.7.2

Apologies that this isn't coming from my "developer" account - I don't quite know what happened there. But please send a support request if you're having problems. I'm easy to contact and ready to help.

emit9170 Member IconComment-5

SuperDuper dropped the ball for me for it's very slow update to Mavericks and what appeared to be in limbo for so long. I wound up staying with CC when recently looking to purchase a back-up utility. CC is way overpriced, but feel they stay a little more current and reliable.

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Version 2.7.2

Well - we were actually compatible with Mavericks the day it was released. The 2.7.2 update improves a few things that were Mavericks related, as detailed in the Shirt Pocket blog, but was also released to make some general improvements that help all users.


I have no speed issues with SuperDuper in Mavericks on three Macs
Although not bootable, you can also restore your Mac bit by bit from Time Machine and it will only be an hour out of date. I too use clones (SuperDuper) but it is less up to date as I only run it every night.
I have the ideal solution, both Time Machine and SuperDuper.
They actually serve similar and also different purposes for me depending on what has happened to my Mac. I also have an off-site SuperDuper clone hard drive with my neighbour and it is backed up weekly. This is my doomsday solution for fire and or theft! I use this set up for all three Macs, two iMacs and a MacBook Air. To date I have never ever lost any data. The outlay in external HDs was minimal as for a clone, a hard drive with only 2-3 x the amount of data you have is needed. No need for 1-3 TB drive like Time machine as the clone only grows slowly. I find 500GB drives serve me well.

David29 Member IconReview+32

This is BY FAR the most useful and cost-effective piece of software that any Mac User could buy. Period.

I have used Macs since the 128k Mac in 1984. I have helped hundreds of people set their Macs up. I have run ITs groups for entire companies. I've tried just about every piece of backup software there is and the is The best out there, by far.

I recommend to everyone who owns a Mac to buy an external hard drive with a capacity of at least 2x the capacity of their internal drive. Create two partitions on the external, one should be the same size as the internal drive, the other should use the rest of the disk. The first partition should be used by Super Duper for creating a full backup of their internal drive, and the second partition can be used for Time Machine.

This is just about the safest and most convenient setup you could have.

Why bother? A key distinction is that SuperDuper can create a fully bootable backup of your internal drive. (You cannot boot from a Time Machine disk.) If something goes wrong with your internal drive, you can simply boot up off the external backup made by Super Duper! I tell clients to let Time Machine run every hour, and set up Super Duper to perform a Smart Update (of the backup) maybe every few days, or a week. This system has worked flawlessly for everyone that has employed it.

Losing your data is almost as bad as having your identity stolen. About 6% of hard disk fail within a year, and after 3 years about 18% are dead. Do yourself a favor, go buy an external hard disk that is at least 2x the size of your internal drive, and set up SuperDuper (and Time Machine) in the way I described. It will be the best insurance you ever purchased.

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Version 2.7.2

Great review, thanks! Very useful! Just wondering why you consider SuperDuper a better choice than CarbonCopyCloner and Chronosync. I am considering buying one of those programs


100% agreed. but I would recommend 2 physically separate drives for the two backups you suggest. if one crashes the other is still ok. I do is this way for many years now.


I prefer SuperDuper over any of the alternatives because IMHO it's easier to use.

As for an overall backup disk strategy, there are many variations that make sense. For some users I suggest a system that uses two drives, each of which is set up in the same manner as I described above but they are kept in different locations.

However when it comes to a simple formula of how much additional protection you get per dollar spent, the greatest value is gained by the first backup drive you buy, and setting it up in the manner I outlined provides several different modes of data protection and potential for recovery.


Hi David29,

Right away, I value and trust your recommendation. I am a new Mac user (like it much better than my previous Windows and Linux PCs). I have had my refurbished 2.7 GHz MacBook Pro with Retina Display (June 2012 release version) only since this past fall, but I have been having overheating and locking-up problems for much of the time. Sometimes this is not helped by the extreme number of windows and tabs I might have open (I probably am a power user), but even Apple tells me that it shouldn't be having these problems with its 16GB memory and 768GB SSD, etc. However, even with only a few windows open, it can still have these problems, and it runs between 150-218 degrees F/ 65 - 103 degrees C even with the fans speeds running at up to 5900 RPM using smsFanControl. These temperatures are given by smsFanControl's display.

In preparation of the possibility of sending it in for repair under the Apple Care program, Apple advised me to get it backed up first. I do have many audio, HD video, photos, and other files now on the SSD, so that it is almost full!

I have just recently purchased a refurbished 3TB Time Capsule for the backup. I just read your review of SuperDuper! and now I am thinking that I should follow your advice instead, and/or possibly use BackBlaze (even in addition to your advice) - as in these articles: http://www.bestbackups.com/blog/5016/5-best-online-backup-for-mac-2014/ and http://www.bestbackups.com/blog/4923/5-online-backup-photos/ .

In addition to making the backup, I am considering immediately buying one or more high-capacity (4TB), 7200 RPM, Thunderbolt and USB3.0 external drives to transfer the files to, thus restoring the storage memory capacity of the MacBook Pro. I am leaning toward a G-Drive 4TB hard drive with Thunderbolt and USB3.0, or do you recommend a different drive(s), or a RAID drive?

Should I still use the Time Capsule, and should I try to install Super Duper! on it, as you advise? Can I have 2 backup systems, the Time Capsule, and another 4TB drive using SuperDuper!? I am also in limbo in that I haven't set up the Time Capsule, or even its router function, since I have been using a Cisco router rented from Cox Cable, and have been helped very much by Cox's tech support when setting up the Cisco router and subsequent needs. I fear losing some of the functionality of my present setup and Cox's support if I set up the Time Capsule - even using its router to replace the Cox Cisco router; still, maybe the TimeCapsule would be better to use than the Cisco router. Also, I dread having to go through the router setup of the Time Capsule, or of another router - Cox's Cisco or Netgear Nighthawk, and the calls I will have to make to support. I do still want to have the Windows and Ubuntu Linux PCs set up on whatever router I use.

Also, this article recommends Time Machine (not Time Capsule?) with a NAS drive: http://www.mactrast.com/2012/12/time-machine-nas-making-your-sexy-backups-bullet-proof/ .

If you would advise me, I really would appreciate it. Thanks


KeithB874 - I'm pretty swamped right now, but given me a few days and I'll get back to your question.

Jazzyguy Member IconReview+3659

Of all the apps in OSX this is the most essential and the Developer is most cooperative and responsive. I have used it for years and I recommend it.

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Version 2.7.2
Abramurkwian Member IconReview+37

It is an excellent piece of software. Do not be misled with its frugal interface - it is powerful backup engine. With the embedded, editable "scripts" it is possible to configure a lot of backup options. Rock solid and stable - I cannot imagine working without it.

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Version 2.7.2
piquadratpi2 Member IconReview+106

For me this is the best copy program I have ever seen on the Mac. I use it since years and never have had any problems with it. The developer helped immediately and never left me alone. I used it with all possible hardware: firewire - USB 2.0 - now USB 3.0 - internal drive and external drives. Always with full success.
Compared with TimeMachine it is much faster and easier to handle. Especially if you can use the smart update mode after a complete backup first. A big thanks to the developers for this great software and for updating it if necessary...

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Version 2.7.2
Holypoly Member IconComment+314

New version 2.7.2 is out:

Full Mavericks support, including the return of auto-mount and auto-eject for scheduled copies.
Scheduling has transitioned to launchd from cron
New volume size information available in the source and destination pop-ups
New volume information tooltips for the source and destination pop-up lists
Warning in the "What's going to happen?" section of the UI when the source drive has significantly more data than the capacity of the destination
Improvements to "Backup on connect" to help with a launchd bug in "WatchPaths"
Works around a problem in Mavericks with Spotlight handling (where mdsutil can't talk to mds and returns IPC errors)
Improvements around prebinding (only done when strictly necessary)
Elimination of the rare "Copy Job" unclickable dialog
Smart Update speed improvements
Scheduled Copies window will re-open on launch if open on quit again on 10.8+
Applescript launch no longer loads default settings on 10.8+
Large EAs no longer return "result too large" errors
Scheduled copies no longer generate annoying and incorrect "controlling your computer" security prompts
Now requires OS X 10.6 or later (but 2.7.1 still available for those using 10.4 and 10.5)
Various other optimizations, changes, and things I've forgotten because I am old and broken

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Version 2.7.1
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Version 2.7.2
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Version 2.7.1
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