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04 February 2019

Gather music samples.


SampleFinder lets you quickly gather music samples for your project. With hundreds of samples across multiple folders, it's tough to test them with Apple's quick-preview feature (space bar). The last thing you want is to give up at the first hurdle. This app displays the entire contents of your sample folders in a single list. You can search, play and select samples, before saving them to a folder of your choosing. They're saved as copies, so nothing is ever lost.

Supported Sample Types
  • opus
  • flac
  • aif
  • wav
  • m4a
  • mp3
  • aac
  • aifc
  • caf
  • mp4
  • au

What's new in SampleFinder

Version 2.0.0:
  • A large refactor of code, re-written in Swift from Objective-C
  • Added multiple sample selection support.
  • You can now clear the Selection window with 'File' -> 'Clear...'
  • Selecting a row outside of the sample or selection window now automatically scrolls the view up or down, meaning you dont need to keep using mouse when going through samples with the keyboard arrows

Requirements for SampleFinder

  • OS X 10.10.0 or later

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