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21 June 2019

Mind-mapping utility on both iOS and OS X.


iThoughtsX enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Typical Uses
  • Course notes/revision
  • Summarising.
  • Project planning
  • Task lists
  • Brainstorming
  • Goal setting
  • WBS
  • Meeting notes
  • GTD

What's new in iThoughtsX

Version 5.17:
  • Custom topic numbering
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Requirements for iThoughtsX

  • OS X 10.11.0 or later

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28 April 2015

Most helpful

I'm a little baffled that nobody has left some praise for iThoughsX, so I guess I'll have to jump in. There are dozens of mind mapping solutions out for the Mac. Some of them are ok, but none of them gets everything right: Some are cross plattform apps written in Java making them crash prone and slow with larger maps. Some are "built for OSX" but concentrate on a small feature set. A lot of them come with their own idiosyncratic file format and limited export power. Last but not least, a lot of mind mapping software seems to be clasified as "professional" whicht I translate with "it is ok to charge 200 bucks or more for it". iThouhtsX gets all those points right: It has a impressive feature set that is easily accessible. I'm constantly amazed by the speed the developer is improving this software without sabotaging it's usability. Styles and icons make it easy to bring your maps into shape for an audience. I'm giving presentations and lectures on a regular basis and iThoughts has become my main tool for doing so: brainstorm - organzie - elaborate - present. All with one app and file (if they gave me a dime for every "that wasn't Powerpoint, was it?" I have heared since, I'd easily refinanced the app just by that). But it pays of at so many front lines. A quick search revealed that I have about 150 different maps by now. I also use it for brainstorming (on my own or in meetings), for organizing and writing articles (with the fine export options I don't have to worry about handing it over to a Word Processor when needed). A huge map with references and excerpts form articles helps me to stay on top of my research field. Links, PDFs, images - iThoughts takes them all. I also use it to track the development of small websites. I love it to prepare and host pen and paper roleplaying sessions. And with the last feature lifts regarding task management, I'm sure I'll hold my toe in that pond soon enough. I could go on quite some more on the merits of this fine app. But I'd suggest you try it for yourself. If you're into mind maps and still unsatisfied by the solution you have, iThoughsX might be for you. IMO it deserves the crown in the mind mapping field on OS X. OK, it has one serious contender: it's superb little brother on iOS called "iThoughts". It is on par with the desktop version, syncs nicely and might be the only piece of software to put that throne in danger.
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Version 2.21
12 January 2019
Version 5.12
27 September 2018
Version 5.11
Ervins Strauhmanis
18 February 2018
The new shapes introduced with this update are a welcome addition. These shapes are used in flowchart diagrams, and it would be awesome for iThoughtsX to become a general purpose diagraming app, since mind maps are diagrams too. All of course while maintaining the current straightforwardness and elegance of the user interface. Well done!
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Version 5.4
Ervins Strauhmanis
22 January 2018
Version 5.1
Ervins Strauhmanis
19 September 2017
Version 4.13
I'm rather rare guest here at MU, but I just logged in to share my opinion on this app (ver. 4.11). I bought is a month ago. I think it hits the sweet spot between being feature rich and focused on getting job done. It's very well thought-out product esp. for collecting and structuring information, and organizing activities. Navigating and editing map is a bliss, it has very natural keyboard shortcuts. Works great even with large maps (hundreds of nodes). There is an iOS app mirroring full capabilities of desktop app. Not so long ago they released the Windows version - so you are not forced to stick with a bitten fruit for the rest of your life ;). And if you are involved in education (as I am), there is a nice discount. Well done, Craig!
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Version 4.11
07 October 2016
Best of all
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Version 3.12
17 September 2016
Great app. I also use Mindnode, but have trouble deciding which is my favorite.
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Version 3.12
1 answer(s)
18 September 2016
it is also my "problem" )) Both are great software
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04 March 2016
I opened iThoughtsX on my computer and it is already version Version 3.11 (3.11.4988). The MU version says 3.10.
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Version 3.10
02 March 2016
This is an outstanding mind-mapping application. I'm very pleased. It's fast, easy to use, feature-rich, but those features remain out of my way unless I need them I need. I first met iThoughts as an iPad app where it shined brightly amongst the competition, and it helped me focus my thoughts on many occasions. Its utility was harshly limited, though, in that there was no corresponding Mac application. So great was my delight when at length I discover a Mac version had come on the scene, simply because it promised to increase the utility of my iPad version manyfold. I quickly bought v. 1.11 on 1/6/15, to support and encourage the developer. My expectations were low: I was hoping for a stable viewer of my iPad mind maps with basic editing capability. That might have been how v1.0 entered the world, but it was not what I found in v.1.11, for it was far more capable and stable than I'd dared to hope. And now, just over a year later, the app has flown through v1 and v2 to reach v3. And it just gets better and better! Wow. Great app, super feature set, very responsive developer. And the v1 license still works in v3. Very cool. Thank you ToketaWare! David
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Version 3.9


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