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11 July 2019

Secure the files in your favorite cloud-storage solution.


Boxcryptor is an easy-to-use encryption app optimized for the cloud. It allows the secure use of cloud storage services without sacrificing comfort. Boxcryptor supports all major cloud storage providers (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync) and supports all the clouds that use the WebDAV standard (such as Cubby, Strato HiDrive, and ownCloud). With Boxcryptor your files go protected to your cloud provider and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

While the basic plan is free, there are also personal and business editions (per year). Click here for full pricing info.

Boxcryptor 1 is now a separate fork, called Boxcryptor Classic, which can be found in "Related Links" below.

What's new in Boxcryptor

Version 2.28.995:
  • French, Spanish and Italian localization
  • SharePoint Online & 2019 auto-detection
  • Apple Notarization Support
  • Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to v73.1.12
  • Updated BCFS to v3.10.1
  • Memory leak when running for a very long time
  • Very long encrypted filenames are not synced by Google Drive
  • Opening encrypted online-only files sometimes fails in Google Drive File Stream
  • Spotlight triggers on-demand file downloads
  • Group Management (now available at
  • Edit Account (now available at
  • Master Key Generation (now available at
  • Cuda Drive (service does not exist anymore)
  • Cubby support (service does not exist anymore)
Other Improvements:
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Requirements for Boxcryptor

  • OS X 10.11.0 or later

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09 May 2013

Most helpful

This sounds nice but there are huge tradeoffs with this implementation: - No Spotlight support - No web access from - No support for Dropbox-enabled apps
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Version 1.2.1
10 April 2018
In a cloud-connected world a very good tool for iOS, macOS and Windows (Linux also available but never used it) to en- and decrypt smoothly your data before you upload it into „someone else computer“ (cloud). Integration in Finder or in Windows system as well as in iOS very easy and smoothy. I use a closed software eco system to have the quality (Apple with iTunes and App Store) and also for my secured stored data I want to have a commercial company standing behind it - quality is not coming from elsewhere…. Love it since many years!
Version 2.21.923
12 December 2017
With each new version I hope for some more security measures such as auto logout when the system goes into sleep or lock or after a certain amount of inactive minutes/hours but no such thing. Also it keeps logging in automatically whenever I start the app manually (I have not configured it to start automatically upon system start) despite removing all Boxcryptor keychain entries each time it logs in without my user password. .

I have stopped using it as it is unsecure IMO due to the above.
Version 2.18.902
2 answer(s)
25 April 2018
"Also it keeps logging in automatically whenever I start the app manually."

Got to Preferences -> Security -> Protection. Check "Password" or "PIN".
26 April 2018
Obviously I've tried that already many times including deleting any reference to Boxcryptor in KeyChain... Boxcryptor support doesn't respond or fix it.
21 March 2017
The free version only supports a single cloud service and 2 devices. Anything more is $50 a year for the average user. FYI: its a subscription service
Version 2.8.800
1 answer(s)
24 June 2017
It's a subscription service indeed and personally I have nothing against that as long as I can justify the annual / monthly fee, however Boxcryptor's pricing for consumers is too steep IMO, as Jimw says it's either free or 48 Euro (only annual fees here), there's nothing in between. Personally I would appreciate 12 euro per year as there are free alternatives too.

On the positive side Boxcryptor has always worked flawless, it's an excellent product and from that perspective highly recommended..YMMV with regard to pricing.
10 February 2016
I'm using the free version with Dropbox on Mac and iPhone. Works flawlessly. Easy to use, too.
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Version 2.1.465
3 answer(s)
14 February 2016
Sounds too good to be true. Can't help but wonder if this " free " version will last or is a gimmick that will evaporate like several other " free " cloud storage solutions i signed into only to find that within a year or less the " free " service floats away and i have to scramble to move my files somewhere else. The situation here could be even worse because who knows what encryption programme they are using so that i can reverse the encryption.
04 June 2016
Reading your reviewI signed up for Dropbox and soon realized that Dropbox keeps a running tab of how much " free " space is used and when you hit that " free " limit you now have to pay to continue using Dropbox. So it is like a bank account . Once you spent all your " free " space you now pay.
20 April 2017
I found their implementation with MacFuse to constantly freeze my system. I specifically got it to use my AWS cloud storage (not S3) but it never gave me any respectable performance on 10.8. They refunded my money and I wiped their stuff off my machine. Your concerns are well founded--free stuff that stops being free when a business model changes. That's why I pay for stuff I'm gonna use 24x7. I get right to complain and make it better. So far, I've not found something to service all the cloud providers under one app. They all do their own thing and you're left to manage each with their own proprietary app. Someday, market forces will make everyone use the same protocol for cloud storage and it will be consolidated. Until then, I think we'll see Bulkanization.
26 January 2016
Seemed to work OK for Google Drive and Dropbox. I was able to create an encrypted folder inside the folders that's updated to the remote server by the apps. But I originally bought and paid for it so it would sync with Amazon Cloud Drive (which is not a S3 bucket). Their support said to mount the drive with the WebDAV mount feature but Amazon only allows using their client or the web. So I couldn't sync. Got my money back and they removed all references to Amazon Cloud from their product description. Having it sync in "free" mode wasn't worth it so I went back to SpiderOak which I was trying to replace. It just works.
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Version 2.1.465
19 December 2015
Catastrophically buggy. With the latest version I lost data on waking back up from sleep. Boxcryptor volume couldn't be mounted, so everything unsaved on Word was lost. Separately, I've had occasion to contact support; they work German hours, with suitably generous holidays, so don't expect any immediate response. Shame, as it's a much-needed kind of product.
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Version 2.1.461
08 December 2015
The best solution I've found to protect Dropbox data! You've got a virtual BoxCryptor folder containing your Dropbox (or any other box you're using), inside which you right-click files/folders and select encrypt. It's as easy as that! You keep the ease of use of Dropbox and you get peace of mind about your data for free, why not using it? I see comments down here saying OSXFUSE was needed: well, maybe some time ago but not (any more?), BoxCryptor installed as any other app (OS 10.9.5). I absolutely recommend it. :-)
Version 2.1.459
10 September 2015
Version number is wrong. Actual version is 2.1.447.
Version 2.1.445
15 May 2015
Version 2.1.419
30 October 2014
Fresh install of Yosemite and OS X Fuse version 2.7.2 (latest) yet Boxcryptor keeps on whining about downloading OS X Fuse first... Annoying because the otherwise perfectly functioning Boxcryptor becomes useless as of it.
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Version 2.0.411


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