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02 August 2019

Run Android applications on your Mac.


BlueStacks App Player lets you run your Android apps fast and fullscreen on your Mac.

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What's new in BlueStacks

Version 4.110.0:
  • You can now change the device profile for game compatibility.
  • Improve your gameplay by using different keyboard control schemes. 
  • Showcase your winning moments by capturing screenshots. 
  • Change the preferred language through a preference setting.
  • Control the notifications you see through notification settings.
  • Support to Rotate the screen.
  • Toggle controls in the game.
Bug Fixes
  • Boot failure issues have been resolved.
  • Support for non-English IME’s like Japanese.
  • Have a smooth shooting mode experience without any mouse dissociation during gameplay in games like Free Fire.
  • Free Fire: You may now play this game without experiencing any BlueStacks crash.
  • Rise of Kingdom: Play this game without any game crash issues.

Full list of changes available here

Requirements for BlueStacks

  • macOS 10.12.0 or later

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05 October 2012

Most helpful

This is still a work in progress, so it's unfair to comment on the fact that you can't load any old Android executable in there, and you are using a mouse/trackpad where touch support is required. However I can comment that this app makes a background process called uHD-Kal run when you login and then a bunch of others called uHD-Pal. Each one uses up resources and I don't normally mind but this is up to 5% of my memory. Currently seeking the instructions on how to uninstall this.
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16 August 2019
I am using High Sierra and the application is always "Starting the Engine". It doesn't work fine. Don't waste your time.
Version 4.110.0
01 August 2019
This app never works, so I just deleted it. Its a real waste of time.
Version 4.110.0
31 December 2018
c keine Ahnung
Version 2.0.1
06 December 2018
Fantastic product. I didn't think I could ever achieve the level of lag and general non-compliance with a software that I had come to familiarize with my shotty android tablet. It being on my Mac and being even more difficult to download was a nice perk as well... after a lot of trial and error, troubleshooting, research on the new and "improved support" for Mac High Sierra; I had to go into system preferences, security and force allow the permission of this app. log in took a while, I thought "fine, I'm sure that's a one time thing as it's logging into my google account," but even thereafter the apps were just as long-loading, buggy and with all the lag and unexpected errors I had come to endear while playing on my droid device. TL;DR: If you're doing this to transfer clash Royale from a nonfunctioning droid to iOS, do this once and only once to log into facebook and then save the hard drive space and uninstall Bluestacks
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Version 2.0.1
08 November 2018
Not worth the trouble. Even on an i7 MBP, Bluestacks is slow and buggy. I can't believe they even market this to play games with. It just amplifies the performance problems and general lag inherent in Android.
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Version 2.0.1
02 September 2018
Version 2.0.0
19 August 2018
worst thing i ever seen
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Version 2.0.0
12 July 2018
This app stinks, Tried to install ATT/Uverse app, and everytime it launches, it immediately crashes when you try to select a channel to watch. I have OS 10.13.6, (latest)
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Version 2.0.0
23 June 2018
i . m be thank full
Version 2.0.0
20 May 2018
I need bluestack to be install on my mac desktop
Version 2.0.0





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