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31 May 2019

Add tabs and more to Finder.


XtraFinder add tabs and extra features to Finder:

  • Tabs (experimental)
  • Dual panel, dual window
  • Arrange folders on top
  • Cut and paste
  • Global hotkeys.
  • "Copy Path", "Show Hidden Items", "Refresh", "New File", "Copy to", "Move to", "New Terminal Here", "Contents", "Select...", … .
  • Light text on dark background
  • Colorful icons in sidebar.
  • Much more

What's new in XtraFinder

Version 1.5:
  • New: Support Shift-Select in Icons View.
  • Fixed: Legacy label color - Fill entire row in List View.
  • Fixed bugs in Tabs.

Requirements for XtraFinder

  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later

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25 November 2013

Most helpful

Cannot leave Celms BullSh*t on top of the list. This App is on of the best free apps. Tran Ky Nam thank you and go aheat. You're good.
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Version 0.18.2
31 May 2019
Version 1.5
I hardly can follow the fast upgrade (yes, not just 'update'!) that Trần Kỳ Nam keeps introducing.
I dared even to suggest some improvement that I considered just DREAMS like the number labelling of the tabs to make easier the (quicker!!) switching between them with the 'control + number' shortcut (⌘ + number is used to change the finder view, so it's not an option for me) and BAMM, HE DID IT!!!!
And I became bold and am 'challenging' him to do even more (to let temporarily 'pop up' a new window with the two tabs we like to link to compare and transfer and then let them go back to the window where they were before).
I fear he will soon hate me as more as I admire him more and more!!! :-D
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Version 1.4.2
Version 1.4.1
12 May 2019
Love this utility, makes the Finder super charged with a heap of new options. Exactly what native Finder should be. Best $5 you will ever spend to improve your Mac.

Disclaimer :- I use this product with SIP disabled.
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Version 1.4.1
12 May 2019
Version 1.4.1
11 May 2019
Version 1.4
27 April 2019
I had not tried this for loooong time (it used to be rather unstable, ages ago). I would go back and forth between Regular Finder, PathFinder and TotalFinder for years. TotalFinder is not as polished as XtraFinder (used to be the opposite XtraFinder has improved a lot). PathFinder is overkill, that ends up geting in the way of my efficiency rather than help it and it’s full of bugs.

Ultimately all I need is DefaultFolder to create sets.. and Finder.. however we all know Finder lacks in many ways and that’s where XtraFinder pretty much fills the gap quite well and elegantly.

I wish it could work with Default Folder’s Drawer and support FullScreen and I’d give it 5 stars.
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Version 1.3.10
23 April 2019
best 5€ i've spend on software! well well done and many thx for fixing and supporting so quick!!! not often this times... keep coming :-)
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Version 1.3.10
22 April 2019
Do I have to buy a license for each of my 3 computers?
Version 1.3.10
29 March 2019
Brilliant, isn't it. And it is now even better how I can change the background colour across all Finder windows in icon mode. Apple's ridiculous system of doing this whereby even on clicking Use as Defaults, did not change the colour of all the Finder window backgrounds. It hardly changed any. But now Xtra Finder has come to the rescue. Thank you soooooo much! Appreciated.
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Version 1.3.9


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