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Boom 3D

19 August 2019

3D surround sound and phenomenally rich audio.


Boom 3D is a revolutionary app with 3D Surround Sound and phenomenally rich and intense audio that is realistic and works on any headphones.

  • 3D surround sound
  • Built-in audio player
  • Intensity control
  • Stunning interface
  • Equalizer presets
  • Apps volume controller

What's new in Boom 3D

Version 1.3.1:
  • With Hi-Res audio support in 3D, the new update reveals an extraordinary level of details of music or audio from movies in virtual 3D space and creating a stunningly immersive music or movie watching or game play experience on Mac. Its built-in audio player now supports all Hi-Res audio formats like ALAC, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, WAV, DSD, etc.
  • Defect fixes

Requirements for Boom 3D

  • OS X 10.10.3 or later

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26 August 2013

Most helpful

Pretty damn annoying that one needs to purchase a code for EVERY USER on a single machine. We're stuck using one user account to listen to music because, right now, we don't think we should have to buy another one so my wife can use it. We share the mentality that software goes w/the machine, not the user necessarily. Coincidentally, almost every other developer agrees with us. I wouldn't have a problem paying 2x as much for this if I knew it was going to behave like this.
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Version 1.7
19 August 2019
Version 1.3.1 crashes on MacOS High Sierra on my Imac late 2009
Version 1.3.1
25 July 2019
I've been using Boom since it came out. I'm about to give up on it, though. The latest version, 1.2.7, crashes so many times a day it's absurd. Sometimes it completely kills all sound output from my MBP; only doing a restart restores sound output. There's a dialog box after the app crashes that supposedly submits a bug report to the developers. I've sent dozens of these, which include my name and email address and gotten no response. I contacted them directly through support on their website and got only a robo-response and nothing further.

I'm not sure if the bug is completely Boom's fault or if there's some bad juju with the app and Mojave 10.14.x, but I'm fed up with the crashing and the fact that the developers can't be bothered to respond to bug/crash reports.

I'd backgrade to the previous version if I could; had no problems with that version.

Otherwise, I generally have to leave it disabled. Save your money for the next big iteration of Boom 3D, folk, assuming they get the kinks worked out. And I'm not even speculating on the app's future path with Catalina..
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Version 1.2.7
23 July 2019
Version 1.2.7
11 June 2019
Keep failing on my MacPro running High Sierra. Keep having to reinstall. Sound quality is greatly improved otherwise.
Version 1.2.7
16 May 2019
Excellent music enhancing software on my Mac Pro. Very satisfied customer
Version 1.2.7
15 May 2019
Version 1.2.7
14 May 2019
Works without flaws. Sounds great on my Yamaha active studio monitor speakers. Really love it!
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Version 1.2.7
26 April 2019
I could not get it to work.
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Version 1.2.6
1 answer(s)
27 April 2019
If you encountered issues with Boom 3D I may suggest contacting their support -
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10 February 2019
Version 1.2.4
Harry Flashman
23 January 2019
The sound is an improvement compared to the old version of Boom, but I became fed up with all the messing about where sound would randomly be lost if playing a video or I plugged in a microphone.

If you listen to the radio through their new update the volume is suddenly screaming loud and very hard to control, so in the end I just uninstalled it. It became particularly unreliable when using a line out cable from the Mac Pro to the monitor speakers, but there are no issues when I simply use the system sound options.
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Version 1.2.3



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