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26 November 2012

BitTorrent client.


Xtorrent is an advanced torrent client that has been in development for several months. It aims to bring a friendly interface and powerful features to the world of BitTorrent.

Some of the highlights:

  • Ultra-simple torrent search with one-click downloading (an Xtorrent original)
  • A high performance torrent core
  • Detailed download information and activity monitoring
  • Powerful seeding and ratio controls
  • Integration with iTunes
  • Folder monitoring and automatic .torrent downloading

What's new in Xtorrent

Version 2.1:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Requirements for Xtorrent

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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24 March 2010

Most helpful

I looked at buying it. He is doing market segmentation on IP address. It is (in the UK) £24 - that's US $36. From google cache of his US site, I can see it's US $25. The guy seems pathologically incapable of not being a fool at every stage. I'll just wait for it to come out on torrent. I mean, he can hardly complain...
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Version 2.0v110
30 October 2018
This application is long dead! It does not download anything ever again. Do not buy it!
Version 2.1
16 August 2015
Version 2.1v171
11 May 2013
Version 2.1v171
18 October 2012
$ 25 for an app, of which there are equally good in freeware. The support is sickening. You get no response.
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Version 2.1v168
22 June 2012
Version 2.1v168
22 June 2012
Version 2.1v168
21 June 2012
I've been using xTorrent for years and slowly watched all the torrent servers ban it. Now, when you use xTorrent to search, hardly anything gets found. Developer has never been very likeable either!
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Version 2.1v168
09 June 2012
I keep on reading all these negative comments and everyone recommending Transmission. I've been using Xtorrent for quite a few years now. What I love about it, is that I can use it to search for torrents, download directly or use the build-in torrent search. It still works for me, I love how it looks ( I have Lion). I did try Transmission, but it took me over 30 minutes to get it to work because I had to open up some kind of port. Xtorrent just always worked. I can leave my browser open and use Xtorrent to look for torrents. I've been using it a lot this past month and so far, so good. I don't get all the hate, but maybe I've just been lucky, or not expecting things other people seem to expect. Though I can't really figure out what those expectations might be.
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Version 2.1v167
17 May 2012
Version 2.1v167
27 February 2012
This used to be a great app. But it has been banned from like 90% of the trackers. So it does not, and will never worked again. The developers used to be totally on top of things. But he has just become a scam artist. Save you money. Get Transmission.
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Version 2.1v165
1 answer(s)
26 March 2012
yes: haven't touched it in months and... had to switch to Transmission, as *nothing* comes through Xtorrent anymore. attempting to deal with the developer (if by pure chance he cares to answer) ... trust me: better not! =:-/
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