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  • For updates to software listings, please use the submission forms.
  • Report an error or problem with a software listing, please email .
  • Find out more about partnering with MacUpdate Promo, please email .
  • Website issues, memberships, accounts, purchases, app registration and receipt issues - please email .
  • MacUpdate Desktop application support, please email .
  • To reach Misha (COO of MacUpdate) email . (please no technical support questions)

How do I add/update listings on MacUpdate?
Please use our submission system to add and modify listings on MacUpdate. Or create a developer account that has more flexibility.

How long does it take to get my submission on MacUpdate?
Typically submissions are reviewed and accepted/denied in a few minutes (if Lon's rockin'!), otherwise within the hour. And for sure within 12-hours.

Why wasn't my submission accepted on MacUpdate?
Reasons for not getting listed are potentially very broad. Typical software that doesn't get accepted on MacUpdate include:
  • Dashboard widgets that are simple counters or countdown functions.
  • Search widgets that load the browser the instead of loading the results inside the widget itself.
  • Static picture or decoration widgets, or any widget that doesn't have functionality.
  • Pre-alpha applications that seem very unfinished, as if they were a first build of "hello world."
  • Pornographic material
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Commercial applications without a downloadable demo.
  • Applications that exist only to duplicate a function already met by the default Mac OS.
  • Applications that lack an English translation.
These are a brief representation of some things we don't accept on MacUpdate. The list could be much more complex so if your submission doesn't show up on MacUpdate in a timely manner, feel free to email and inquire why. We only ask that you do this the same day your submit the program, otherwise our memory may fail and we won't remember your submission.

Also, make sure you're using the submission system properly. Use the modication area if your software is already listed on MacUpdate. Don't use the New Listing area for updating an existing product.

Why do you accept some software and reject other software?
Every quality website on the internet has some moderation. MacUpdate is not a catch all site for any software, just like no Mac news site posts every press release sent to them. We've been doing this for 11-years so we hope that you'll trust our decisions for what gets placed on MacUpdate. If we didn't moderate the site, you'd be seeing submissions for:
  • Windows software on a Mac site
  • Some spyware
  • Software created by businesses well known for unethical practices
  • 200+ new listings a day of stuff that isn't even software
  • Software that crashes your Mac just from double-clicking the application
  • Developers would submit new updates to their software for free promotional reasons without actually improving the programs
  • Descriptions with spelling and grammatical errors, in about 7-different languages.
So we think that we're doing most people a favor by moderating content on MacUpdate. If you feel otherwise, it's always your decision to not use MacUpdate, but we'd hope you stay faithful and continue to let us help you with your Mac software. Again, there is not a single quality Macintosh site that doesn't moderate content based on their own decisions.

How many downloads come from MacUpdate?
MacUpdate pushes over 130,000 file downloads to 3rd party developers every day. More than any other Mac site.

How can I get more downloads of my software on MacUpdate?
Submit your update to us first. Believe it or not, statistics show that giving MacUpdate exclusive lead time with your update increases the total number of downloads of your file.

File Uploading to MacUpdate
If your file is freeware, there is no obligation for uploading to MacUpdate's servers.

If your file is shareware, demo, or updater then you can save $$ on bandwidth by uploading your file to MacUpdate. In exchange, we ask you to choose either to (1) link from your developer download page to your MacUpdate product page, or (2) release this update exclusively on MacUpdate for 1-day before making it available anywhere else (other news & software sites, including your own site).

Why should I create a developer account?
A Developer account gives you quick access to updating your listing. It also provides tools like daily and weekly download graphs of your files, voting polls, user reviews management, ratings badges and more. Get a free developer account now.

Can I sell my software directly on MacUpdate?
Partner with MacUpdate and increase your volume of sales and daily revenue by getting spotlighted on MacUpdate Promo. Email with info to be a featured partner.

Can I advertise my application on MacUpdate?
Please contact us to find out more about our advertising options.

Can I advertise MacUpdate promos on my site or blog?
Yes! Once you have created a developer account, you can click on the "Affiliates" link to access our affiliates advertising system. Earn 30% on refered sales, and $3 per refered bundle sold!

Why was my beta software listed? I'm the developer and never submitted it.
MacUpdate's mission is to list all new version releases from every possible Macintosh developer. If a software release is made public, then its likely we'll find out about it and add it to our listsings. To prevent a particular version from getting listed on MacUpdate, please make sure that you do not make it public, but rather, keep it in a private URL that only your exclusive beta testers know about.

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