Internet Speed Test
Test and report network upload and download speeds.
  Purchase • $3.99

n-Track Studio Suite
Audio and MIDI multitrack recorder.
  Purchase • $179.00

Network Radar
Manage and configure network devices.
  Purchase • $17.99

Photo Recovery Wizard
Recover lost or deleted photos.
  Purchase • $49.99

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Retrieve lost data from your hard drive.
  Purchase • $49.99

Email Recovery Pro
Recover deleted emails and other attachments.
  Purchase • $49.99

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery
Recover data from a USB flash drive.
  Purchase • $49.99

n-Track Studio Extended
Extended audio and MIDI multi-track recorder.
  Purchase • $139.00

n-Track Studio
Audio and MIDI multitrack recorder.
  Purchase • $69.00

App Uninstaller
Uninstall applications on a Mac completely.
  Purchase • $9.99

Alphabetize Safari bookmarks with iCloud compatibility.
  Purchase • $11.95

Centrally store bookmarks to facilitate syncing.
  Purchase • $16.95

Convert CSV or Excel to OFX.
  Purchase • $39.99

Convert CSV files to QFX (Quicken) format.
  Purchase • $39.99

Cross-platform audio editing, mastering, and restoration.
  Purchase • $59.90

Output Factory
Automate printing and exporting from InDesign.
  Purchase • $169.95

Disk Partition Recovery Wizard
Easily recover deleted or a lost partition.
  Purchase • $49.99

Digital Camera Photo Recovery
Recover lost data from digital cameras.
  Purchase • $49.99

External Drive Data Recovery Wizard
Recover lost files from external devices.
  Purchase • $49.99

Yummy FTP Watcher
Automated FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S client.
  Purchase • $29.99
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CrazyTalk Standard
Facial-animation tool.
  Purchase • $29.00