File Cabinet Pro
File manager for the menu bar.
  Purchase • $29.99

Erase data securely.
  Purchase • $29.95

Photo Blur FX
Image Blur and Focus Effects.
  Purchase • $2.99

Get Backup Pro
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
  Purchase • $19.99

MarginNote Pro
Highlight, organize, review, and sync notes and annotations.
  Purchase • $45.00

Membrane Pro
Create your own album artwork.
  Purchase • $19.99

Superstring Pro
Create stunning lyric videos in minutes.
  Purchase • $29.99

TG Pro
Control fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and find faulty sensors.
  Purchase • $18.00

Total Video Converter Pro
DVD burning, video conversion, and more.
  Purchase • $29.99

Romanysoft SpeedTest
Internet speed test without Flash.
  Purchase • $5.99

To MP3 Converter
Encode audio and video to MP3.
  Purchase • $18.99

To WAV Converter
Converts audio and video files to WAVs.
  Purchase • $14.99

MIDI-to-MP3 converter.
  Purchase • $14.99

Strong file encryption and archival.
  Purchase • $35.99

Visual-planning software.
  Purchase • $40.00

Decor Graphics
Collection of icons, frames, and patterns (was Graphics for iWork).
  Purchase • $19.99

Infographics Maker
Visualization graphics for Pages (was Infographics Lab for Pages).
  Purchase • $19.99

Infographics Lab for Keynote
Visualization graphics for Keynote (was Infographics Lab).
  Purchase • $1.99

Premium image set for iWork (was Elements Lab).
  Purchase • $19.99

To Audio Converter
Rip and convert audio files.
  Purchase • $29.99

Watermark, rename, sort, convert, share, and more.
  Purchase • $19.99