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New Mac Apps Updated 264 hours ago

Updates on February 12, 2019
The easy way to watch television.
Chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app.
Launch or switch to an app using shortcut keys.
Manages your Dreambox.
Updates on February 11, 2019
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.
The word processor for scholars, writers, and long document writing.
Updates on February 11, 2019
Access Adobe apps from the cloud with a monthly fee.
Image enhancement for RAW and JPEG files (was DxO Optics Pro).
Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures.
View media files in folders as albums.
Download image files from newsgroups.
Epic fantasy role-playing adventure.
Hidden gem, virtual world game.
Multilevel launcher with organization by folder.
Font editor.
Monitor your desktop from your IOS device.
Image concatenator.
Drag and Drop assistant for Mac.
Secure, free VPN.
.NET environment that enables you to work on projects and integrates debugging.
Create 360-degree panoramas.
Information outlining and organizing tool.
Free open-source video editor.
Browse and manage iOS backups.
Fast and friendly git client (beta).
Toolbar do-not-disturb with timer.
Design kitchen layouts easily.
Link your Mac to your Android phone.
Create fantastic face morph or face composite.
Create fantastic face morph or face composite.
Group chat and instant messaging for teams and small businesses.
Cryptographically secure messaging.
Organized, centralized project management.
Panorama image tools, now compiled for OS X.
Post entries to weblog systems (was Kung-Log).
Vector drawing application based on SVG.
International language collegiate dictionaries.
Display MIDI signals in many formats.
Embed location and text in a photo's header (was Memory Pics).
Reduce the dimensions of your photos.
Manage and find fonts quickly; integrates with Photoshop and Sketch.
Fast, easy-to-use merge of two or more PDF files.
Extract and save PDF pages in various image formats.
Open any Grafio document and preview it.
Zip, unzip, encrypt, and share files.
Batch TIFF-to-PDF converter.
Beautiful task manager that's simple to use.
Convert FCP 7 projects to FCP X.
Provides technical information about your video, audio and photo files.
Faster alternative to FTP (was Rsync Client - Pro Edition).
Updates on February 10, 2019
RSS and Atom newsreader.
Powerful and flexible email client.
Serious nostalgia for iTunes.
Front-end for SDLMAME.
Displays all open files in use by an app.
Utility for working with tabulated data files.
File manager in a Norton Commander style.
Keeps your Mac Clean and Healthy.
Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.
3D planetarium featuring star-gazing and epheremis.
Comprehensive thesaurus and dictionary.
Advanced clipboard for copying and pasting.
Lightweight and smart PHP IDE.
Create, alter, and inspect Matroska (mkv) files.
High-end game development app.
Updates on February 9, 2019
Connect to Windows machines.
Popular weather app.
Add your video collection to iTunes with one click.
3D visual thinking for creative brainstorming.
Displays info about local network connections.
Client-side solution to bill clients for printing.
Practice a song or master a solo.
Auto-rename photos & movies for better organization.
Markdown editor.
Create a free website or blog.
Internet email client.
Browse and import photos.
Create searchable PDF files from different sources.
Clipboard manager with custom clippings.
Data recovery and protection app.

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