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New Mac Apps Updated 351 hours ago

Updates on April 7, 2018

Currency converting calculator.
TV-show tracker.
Text-to-speech suite.
Build and deploy development, Ad-Hoc, and in-house apps.
Missing tunnel manager.
Schedule content to Pinterest.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on April 7, 2018

File management application (was File Cabinet).
Correct rotation of cross-platform JPEGs.
Create and edit markup-formatted tables.
Reduce text cleanup and editing time.
View and edit Xcode-generated XLIFF files.
Build pixel-perfect apps in peace.
Retrieve the invoices and packing slips from your store and parting them.
Design and simulate digital circuits.
Protect your privacy when browsing the web (was Incognito).
Digitally destroy or alter images.

Updates on April 6, 2018

View and transfer files on your iOS device.
Free, open-source office suite.
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Create animated and interactive web content.
Comprehensive, user-friendly personal-finance software.
Tweet at the ultra speed.
Create reminders using a unique gesture.
Edit transcripts in Final Cut Pro X.
Keep a window open, on top of everything else.
Study flashcards.
Designs for Keynote (was GN Themes for Keynote).
Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server (was SQL Client).
Player for raw video data.
Drag-and-drop FTP client.
A modern PostgreSQL client.
The programmer's notebook.
Shows keyboard shortcuts for active app.
Catalog your movies.
Powerful, accurate OCR software.
Switcher Studio companion app.
Database design tool.
Add folder icons to ordinary folders.
Finds connections between seemingly unrelated files.
AppCycler will let you automatically cycle through running applications
Drag-and-drop game builder. No coding required.
Team collaboration and communication in one.
Track and visualize your work hours.
Companion for Switcher Studio iOS.
Disable DS_Store creation and more.
Organize, analyze, and display your exercise activities.
Block distracting websites and apps.
Simple FTP-deployments for your smaller projects.
Simple, clean, and elegant spreadsheet editor.
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Menu-bar app showing METAR and TAF data.
Full-featured bookkeeping.
Manage personal checking accounts.
Menubar item lists/launches apps, and more.
Text editor add-on for enhanced functionality.
Calculates math formulas in any text editor.
Display calibration and characterization.
Convert, cut, and join video files.
Convert, cut, and join audio files.
REALbasic 5 plug-in for development of fraction apps.

Updates on April 5, 2018

Excellent FTP/SFTP client.
Record and enhance audio from any application (was Audio Hijack Pro).
Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
Manage your Garmin devices.
Collaborative communication app.
Cloud video conferencing solution for meetings.
Find and merge duplicate contacts.
Communication for teams.
Utility for purging inactive memory.
Track and analyze your iOS and Mac App Store sales.
Task management tool inspired by the Getting Things Done philosophy.
Markdown table editor.
Server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language.
3D live shark wallpaper.
Realistic Koi pond simulation.
Merge PDFs.
Fast RAW processor, photo editor, and plug-in collection (was ON1 Photo).
Stream to Facebook Live.
Practice a song or master a solo.
Manage personal checking accounts.

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