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Updates on March 15, 2018

Professional DJ and radio automation.
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser.
Build world-class websites and applications.
Professional image editor.
Powerful system utility.
GTD task manager with iOS companion app.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on March 15, 2018

Collaborative communication app.
Free digital notebook.
Popular productivity suite.
Mux and tag your MP4 files.
Security and troubleshooting tool.
Create beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.
Scan, find, and troubleshoot wireless networks.
Simple presentation creator.
Simultaneously access three database systems.
Store text snippets in one place (was CM Text Snippets).
Music manager and player.
Adds features to Mail.app signatures feature (was SignatureProfiler).
Manage all your tasks, notes, files, projects, and contacts.
Handy FTP client (was ViaFTP).
Native music app.
Schedule content to Pinterest.
An extensive system memory tester.
Compile Intel Mac applications.
Post-game data entry.
Free-form note-taking application.
High-level language and development environment.
Organize your geocaches.
Get reminders about important dates and events.
Telnet/SSH/SSH2 client and terminal emulator.
Blu-ray player with extended format support.
Menu-bar world clock.
Time tracking for professionals.
Create personalized email newsletters.
Auto find and delete duplicate and large files.
Send and receive faxes.
Call your favorite contacts easily.
Keep track of the Tattva cycles.
Quickly access your YouTube account from menu bar or dock.
Make tweets flow on your screen.
Build pixel-perfect apps in peace.
Wallpapers from the Reddit communities.
Find, download, and buy games from EA.
Deploy Web applications on your desktop.
Quickly restore order to cluttered windows.
Turn vector drawing and animation into Objective-C and Swift code.
Communication for teams.
Personal cloud-computing service.
Monitor your front door.

Updates on March 14, 2018

File, photo, and MP3 batch renamer.
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.
Create custom photo galleries for the Web.
Access cloud storage just like a USB drive.
Create searchable notes and access them anywhere.
Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Organize your digital images and make website albums.
Amazon-based communications service.
Recover disc space.
Note-keeping app that syncs with all your devices.
Menubar calendar.
Pick up all of the gold bags.
Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock.
Recover lost data from an SD card.
Recover files from a locked iPhone.
Note manager.
22 solitaire games.
Test RAM, internal drives, and system integrity.
Virtual 5.1-channel surround sound.
Clone your Boot Camp partition.
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
Creates and optimizes sprite sheets.
Business and productivity tool.
Mix between breakout and shooting game.
Archive your email text in databases; three versions available.
The fastest way to figure out where to eat.
Suite of Web optimization tools.
Play songs in their original sound.
Project management app.
Document numbering for forms, raffles, etc.

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