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New Mac Apps Updated 113 hours ago

Updates on February 17, 2020
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Run applications and scripts automatically.
Reduces size of linked images in Illustrator.
Robust anti-virus software.
Backup software with cross-platform file synchronization.
SSH protocol connectivity tools.
Updates on February 17, 2020
Picture viewer and contact-sheet printer.
The word processor for scholars, writers, and long document writing.
Shop, play, manage, and download music (was Amazon Cloud Player).
Anonymize Web browsing and more.
Check a list of email addresses for suspicious activity.
Catalog your disks.
Tie photo memories together into a picture mosaic (was Collage Creator).
Smooth scrolling and mouse enhancements.
Create and use quick notes anywhere.
Create invoices and estimates.
Send messages and make free Viber calls.
BitTorrent client.
Smart cloud clipboard and snippets manager.
System utility with software and hardware optimization features.
Record and play music back from a client-server.
Flash cards to help you study.
Use all your Internet connections at one time.
Create DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO files.
iPhone Data Recovery.
Data recovery tool.
Data management system for data backup/distribution (was PresSTORE).
Merge, resize, extract, and convert PDF and TIFF documents.
Get reminders about important dates and events.
Updates on February 16, 2020
Image manipulator influenced by the GIMP.
Procedural programming language.
Monitor Wi-Fi signal strength.
Mindmapping application.
Work on clean and interactive geometric sketches.
Locks and unlocks your Mac with your iPhone.
Protect your privacy on WiFi networks.
Flashcards for serious students (was Mental Case).
Contacts and management tool.
Learn computer skills.
Typewriter simulator.
Communicate with your team.
Find wine regions near you.
Updates on February 15, 2020
Plain text editor.
Automated document-packaging for Adobe InDesign.
Create trackplans for model railroad trains and slot cars (was RailModeller).
Count down to a specific date in your MenuBar.
3D polygon model converter and viewer tool.
Read-later and RSS client.
Turn your monitor into a realistic space shuttle window.
Rundown sheet for television or movie planning.
Fast file search.
GTD task manager with iOS companion app.
Simple to-do list.
Manage and configure network devices.
Free your music from iTunes.
Updates on February 14, 2020
Aid in presentation of lab results.
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
To-do list and task manager.
Database management studio for Postgres.
Writing app for notes and prose.
File management application (was File Cabinet).
Project management app.
Professional logbook solution for pilots (was LogTen Pro Centurion).
Teach Kubernetes some new tricks.
Learn music literacy.
Solution for Swiss bank transactions.
Define keyboard shortcuts to launch applications and open folders.
Encrypt and organize your sensitive data, photos, and contacts.
Versatile system of reminders.
Typing chemical equations.
Type Mathematics.
Team checklists, notes, chats.
Automation and management server on Mac.
Popular variant of the Scheme programming language.
Cross-platform code editor and debugger for web apps.
Convert, resize, and redraw images via command line.
Create diagrams, flow charts, and more.
Flexible flashcard application.
Secure VPN client.
BitTorrent client with wide-ranging features.

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