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New Mac Apps Updated 90 hours ago

Updates on December 11, 2019
Free VPN application.
Extendable development environment.
Label design with SQL database support.
Quick, easy, one-click connection testing.
DWG/DXF/DWF file viewer.
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.
Updates on December 11, 2019
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.
Create your own business cards.
Bearded fishermen that seek adventure.
Create artistic or photorealistic HDR images.
Manage your checking accounts.
Tablature editor for stringed instruments.
Updates on December 10, 2019
Hard drive and system repair-and-maintenance tool.
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (PPAPI version).
CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools.
Change file creation and modification dates.
Access Adobe apps from the cloud with a monthly fee.
Onscreen graphic measurement tools.
Run Windows apps on your Mac.
Provides graphical frontend for many popular databases.
Catalog your DVDs in a database automatically.
Store notes, web links, and documents in one place.
FL Studio allow you to create, mix, record and produce high-quality tracks.
Git integration model.
Cloud-based photo editor.
Real-time visual building-project tool.
Double-entry bookkeeping application.
Customize your wallpaper.
Design SVG graphics.
SEO software for researching keywords and tracking rankings.
Link-building campaigns for multiple webpages and websites.
Retrieve information about top-performing Internet rivals.
Improve your website ranking.
Graphically manage SQL Server databases.
Graphically manage MySQL databases.
Combines all Navicat versions in an ultimate version.
A native environment for MariaDB database management.
Compose interactions and animations easily.
GUI allowing administration of SQLite databases.
Stream music from YouTube.
Oracle administration and development.
PostgreSQL graphical interface.
Your personal assistant for Apple Mail.
Scan and OCR documents with your digital camera or scanner.
Browses Digital Elevation Model data as pictures.
Mixer built specifically for radio DJs.
Automatic online backup; free 5GB account.
Open-Source painting app.
Limit and control printer use within your organization.
Code editor with syntax highlight for lot of languages.
A sophisticated software modeler.
Store info about cat.
Play almost all existing digital audio formats.
Doodle on a photo or paint a piece of art from scratch.
Translates FCPX projects to other formats.
Simple and fast transcode for various media formats.
Like having a cart full of video tools.
Music lessons for MIDI, pad controllers, and drums.
Manage your billing cycles and payments.
Create digital art works.
Create stunning lyric videos in minutes.
Updates on December 9, 2019
Create custom photo galleries for the Web.
Extract images, video, sound, or text from files and folders.
Push any content to any Apple device.
Collects key technical hardware information.
Discover how you spend time on your Mac.
Study and analyze the Bible.
Transfer contacts, photos, music, videos to any Samsung Galaxy device.
Sleep timer for iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, and more.
Essential text document editing.
Display your current WAN and LAN IP.
An email client.
Sets (not edits) most wanted EXIF data in an image.
Mac Cleaner & Software Uninstaller.
App Uninstaller.
Convert video files via Handbrake Command Line Interface.
Clean and Optimize Your Mac With Elimisoft MacClean.
Xbox One to Mac streaming.
A power tool for a power language.
Massive, multi-player intergalactic action game.

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