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Updates on February 13, 2019
Network speed and traffic in your menu bar.
Easy, no-cost messenger.
Manage money like a pro.
Team collaboration and communication in one.
Label images for bounding-box object detection.
Music sheets organizer and iTunes player.

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Updates on February 13, 2019
Broadcast live to Facebook.
Search for and remove duplicate photos.
Converter RAW to other formats.
Flashcards for serious students (was Mental Case).
Manage your shift schedule.
Create PDFs containing images, text, vector shapes, more.
Personal training app.
Perform lighting calculations for prismatic rooms.
Screen capture utility.
Free data-visualization.
View you Tableau Desktop visualizations.
Easily convert dates between multiple calendars.
Simple yet versatile paint program.
MIDI and audio sequencer/recorder.
Retrieve information about top-performing Internet rivals.
Reader for non-DRM e-books.
Improve your website ranking.
Link-building campaigns for multiple webpages and websites.
All-in-one messenger.
SEO software for researching keywords and tracking rankings.
A modern PostgreSQL client.
Full-featured invoicing app.
Date-focused note taking.
Find subtitles online.
2D animation tool.
Elegant Facebook-Messenger client.
Online synchronization tool with Finder integration.
Manage your scuba-diving logbook.
Easily find your website's broken links.
Website broken-link checker and more.
Scan your website for broken links.
Cross-platform code editor and debugger for web apps.
Full-fledged IDE for Ruby on Rails.
Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server.
Client for multiple e-mail accounts (was CloudMagic Email).
Create your own baseball universe.
Multi-platform client-side encryption for files in the cloud.
Open source flight simulator.
Lightning fast file search utility and file comparison tool.
TomTom update utility.
Plot raster images of latitude/longitude-gridded data.
Two- and three-way file comparison/merging, folder synchronization.
Powerful and simple word processor.
Simplified audio-file conversion.
Official Firefox release channel for experimental (beta) builds (was Aurora).
Turn your computer and webcam into a photo booth.
Allows users to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature.
Free and open-source video editor.
Test random and set individual MAC-addresses.
Stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag-and-drop.
Dark-mode manager.
Secure file-sharing tool.
Manage and find duplicates in multiple Photos libraries.
Reliable backups and folder synchronizations.
Translate Web pages.
Esolang handling.
Bringing digital painting to a new level.
Convert your files to nearly any document format.
Realistic view from a Space Shuttle window.
Get notification of Internet interruptions.
Updates on February 12, 2019
View PDF documents.
Scanner software with advanced features.
Multiple clipboard manager and media hub.
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Extract images, video, sound, or text from files and folders.
Import, develop, and showcase volumes of digital images.
Online backup to Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, SFTP.
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Subscription-based private Internet browsing.
App and website blocker.
Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.
Tag and transcribe audio and video files.
Batch export InDesign and QuarkXpress documents.
Record system for breeders and animal enthusiasts (was Kintraks).

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