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Updates on June 21, 2018
Free accounting software for small business.
Multi-camera video surveillance app.
Menubar calendar.
Manage/print business invoices.
Create ISO images from various file types.
German-language TV-streaming app.

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Updates on June 21, 2018
Identify, classify, and list your items (was Inventaire).
Save encryption settings in a document.
Fuzzy/RegEx file-search utility.
Music manager and player.
Scan and OCR documents with your digital camera or scanner.
Backup and disk management.
Wallpapers from the Reddit communities.
Convert iTunes and Audible audiobooks.
Turn your iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard.
Accurate, local live weather and forecasts.
Weather widgets, in the Dock, and in the menu bar.
Powerful, straightforward screenwriting app.
Flexible, customizable image framer.
A personal organizer.
Contact management for business.
Cross-platform media player.
Digital audio workstation.
Information compendium of publicly-owned campgrounds (was Ultimate Campgrounds).
Estimating and invoicing for construction workers.
Create a RAM disk.
Advanced business tools for Google Earth.
IDE for professional SQL developers.
Alerts you to the addition of a persistent system component (beta).
Application launcher and alternative, customizable dock.
Team collaboration and communication in one.
Secure Open-Source networking.
Design and editing complex drill formations for marching band.
Capture weather info from a Davis Vantage Pro weather station.
Create beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.
Edit images' metadata.
Invoice app with iCloud syncing (was Moon Invoice Pro).
Professional logbook solution for pilots (was LogTen Pro Centurion).
Password manager and data vault.
Simple way to share and exchange files.
Minesweeper game variants.
Drag-and-drop file management.
Open-Source Web-browser engine.
Plan and track your expenses every month.
Virus definitions for Symantec/Norton AntiVirus.
DSL development environment.
Drag-and-drop game builder. No coding required.
Updates on June 20, 2018
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
Stream music, create playlists and more.
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Reference management and bibliography software.
Menu-bar calculator supports text input.
Build pixel-perfect apps in peace.
Security and troubleshooting tool.
Management tool that focuses on getting things done (was dapulse).
Select your audio-output device from the menu bar.
GUI for rsync.
Cross-platform Git client.
Suite of Web optimization tools.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Smart tool for recovering lost product keys for installed software.
Automatic online backup; free 5GB account (was iDriveforMac).
Knowledge base and information manager.
Intelligent notepad.
Create and protect word processing files.
Menu-bar calendar and date calculator.
Telnet/SSH/SSH2 client and terminal emulator.
Remove DRM from Spotify music (was Sidify Music Converter).
Keyboard-focused window switcher (beta).
Manage professional lighting design paperwork.
Project management app.
Smart timer for people who know the cost of time.
Prevent data leakage.
Task manager.
Extendable development environment.
Text-to-speech suite.
Switcher Studio companion app.
Access your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
Convert HEIC to JPEG or PNG.

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