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Zinneken reviewed on 23 Feb 2014
Not often I write a review, but today's experience is a first!

I tried to contact support today to find out whether using airmail I would be able to do what I do now.

I emailed the help email address which is the only contact address on their web site.

I got an autoreply asking me to register with zendesk...

What kind of support is that? I don't want to be forced to register with zendesk, a third party, just to be able to interact with a developer about its software.

What kind of nonsense is this to not have a support email or generic contact form to get a reply by email?

I can see many seem happy about airmail, but since there is no direct/email support available, and there is forcing to register an account with a third party, it gets one star overall rating from me:
features: no support
ease of use: no direct access to support
value: paying to get no direct access to support is bad value
stability: can't comment on that, but MU still wants a rating.

I'll happily revisit and amend when there is direct access to support!
[Version 1.3.1]

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Zinneken replied on 24 Feb 2014
1) Thanks for highlighting that there is a comment feature, though, I only have "Airmail User Discussion (Write a Review)", and in clicking that link MU kept on asking for the stars before submitting my OP. Therefore I felt it to be more honest to highlight why I put a low star rating for the different items MU imposes to put up stars. I'm sorry you feel it is dishonest, I rather think it is transparent, and few reviews do justify the detail behind each star item.
Anyway, I couldn't find a "comment" link, can you direct?

2) For the curious, YES, I always keep support email messages of stuff I intend to buy or end up buying.

3) I feel a review of the company and support are just as legitimate, if not more important, in this space as it is to review the features of an app. Support is the basic feature I talked about. This developer chooses to be not available.

Having said that, I would have preferred the option to not submit stars on MU.

By the way, the FAQ doesn't include an answer to the FRC specific feature related question I have. I'll not go into it here as I feel having a FAQ is a non argument in justifying why there is no email support, and this space on MU is not a substitute for app support. After all airmail is an email app... without email support.

4) Dude ... I'm not going to bother buying something when I know there is no support to be reached...

Zinneken reviewed on 12 Sep 2013
Not often writing a review, but had to do it for this one!

In my search for a browser that allows me to customise how it behaves for privacy, so how it handles cookies, javascript, blocks content, etc. I tried Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Maxthon and icab.
The only two browsers I found to have sufficient preferences to manage privacy as I want it are firefox with plenty of plugins and icab. The winner for me is icab hands down!
[Version 5.1]


Zinneken reviewed on 08 Sep 2010
I'm an old time Eudora fan, still using it today under 10.6.4. Painfully, over time, one realizes that Eudora is not coming back, and that the stability on the latest OS versions is going down. Yes, it is still usable, but no longer 100% reliable as it has been for all those years (since 1992!!! I was 12 ...)

So I have been looking at all the email possibilities out there for mac. GyazMail being one of them, herewith my findings after a week of use on 100293 messages, 24703 attachments and 1.47 GB of space.

Let there be no mistake:: NO, Gyazmail is not like Eudora. It is (much) slower in search, it does not have an as complete and detailed feature set as Eudora, and I do miss some features that good old Eudora had. GyazMail is developed by 1 guy only, in his sort of hobby time, while Eudora used to be developed full time by so many professional developers. So YES, it is a downgrade from Eudora.

BUT!!! It is as stable as Eudora used to be. I mean, rock solid stable. I have been throwing numerous email problems at GyazMail over the past few days, and it goes through them as a Gentleman.

It operates in about 50 MB of RAM. Eudora does it in roughly 100 MB RAM and Mail or thunderbird ... don't even go there, we need to add a 0 at the end to start making sense. Impressively small application.

It does have some features that Eudora did not have accessible in a user friendly way. I loved the GUI of Eudora, and while GyazMail is very different, it is an improvement to me.

After these few days comparing usage between clients, and having to realize that I am downgrading in speed and a few cosmetic features, I am confident that I will keep GyazMail for the foreseeable future, using it both for my personal and business email needs. Thumbs up for GyazMail!
[Version 1.5.10]

Zinneken had trouble on 02 Mar 2013
There appears to be a bug between Gyazmail and iCloud since yesterday.
Refreshing iCloud folders, creating iCloud folders, checking iCloud mail, moving messages to iCloud folders either manually or through rules.
All yield 90% of the time an error: Communication error EOF
Hope to see a bug fix soon to the best mac mail app out there!
[Version 1.5.15]

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Zinneken replied on 05 Mar 2013
Solution provided by Goichi (gyazmail):
for the username, do not put "@me.com" "@mac.com" "@icloud.com".
In the past you had to put your email address, now only the part before the "@" should be put. If you do put "@me.com" "@mac.com" "@icloud.com", you get the EOF error.
Thank you Goichi!
zinneken had trouble on 08 Jan 2007
this application keeps on asking to do online registration. when going to online registration, it is asking for a valid product ID which you are supposed to get from the "about" menu. Guess what, there is no product id in the about menu.

Does anyone know how to get the annoying registration & agreement windows away?
[Version 1.0.3]

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