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ylluminate commented on 17 Apr 2014
Seems like Everweb is the logical succession from this.
[Version 2.3]

ylluminate commented on 15 Apr 2014
Would really like it if we could change the background color so we can have a "dark" calculator. Right now it seems as though this is an oversight. Am I missing some obscure option @developer?
[Version 2.4.5]

ylluminate commented on 15 Apr 2014
Really disappointed by this software for not using a binary diff for the file differences. Crazy to store the full size of files when you don't have to.
[Version 2.1.2]

ylluminate commented on 12 Apr 2014
Breaks with Airfoil usage when input changed. Actually breaks entire audio subsystem and had to kill -HUP coreaudio.
[Version 2.18]

ylluminate commented on 04 Apr 2014
Opera, I would use your browser if:

A) Integrated 1Password for password management.
B) You implemented Cocoa text functionality as you see it in Safari (hint: right click everywhere and line it up with Safari).
C) Offered a robust bookmarking solution that works with Safari.
D) Paid the AdBlock developer to make the plugin for Opera or integrated the same functionality.
E) Allow us to define custom search engines as DEFAULT, such as
F) Create a session management system like Sessions, which is the best around (
G) Add download location management such that it will download to date stamped folders. For example, with Glims I set Safari to keep downloads in ~/Downloads/14-4 for April 2014, which really helps to keep things under control.
H) Allow users to override requests from sites to not save passwords (such as banks).
[Version 20.0.1387.91]


ylluminate reviewed on 03 Apr 2014
Very much still upset with some various aspects, but most particularly multi selection is still not implemented. It is terrible that we cannot command-select multiple items in documents as we were once able to.
[Version 5.2]

ylluminate commented on 27 Feb 2014
How are things coming here? I am saddened to see the slowed pace of development.
[Version 1.6.6]


ylluminate reviewed on 27 Feb 2014
I have to say that I'm disappointed here guys. I went ahead and purchased your app at the promise of dark themes and that I could beta / alpha test a dark theme engine soon and really we've never seen anything that delivers our requests. It has now been many, many months and we just aren't getting any inkling of an update for true dark themes. Everything we see so far is pretty much a light theme as there've been no steps to darken the window contents and to make dark menubar and app widgets work properly. I completely realize that this is not a trivial task. You essentially have to extract icons/bitmaps and invert them or massage them with filters and so forth. BUT I would have preferred to not get my hopes up if you were not going to be able to do it anytime soon and to be frank and honest with the community. Please tell us your plans and even problems and perhaps you'll find some talented folks among us who can help you to solve the issues that will bring for real themes that so many of us want.

So far I just haven't found any themes I really want to use out of all 60+ pages on your site in each category.
[Version 1.1.9]

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ylluminate replied on 12 Apr 2014
Kinda funny that I'm getting negative votes here for making simply an actual observation about their having not held up their part of the bargain with their communications with me. They promised to have a beta in my hands shortly after this app was initially released that would begin work on serious dark theme support.
ylluminate commented on 26 Feb 2014
So far so good. I am quite pleased with the robustness of this little app so far as it exceeded my expectations. I have needed to control the order of app startup for a very long time now with wonderful ScreenRecycler in the mix since I have wanted to have it start first and then delay app startup for the apps that are specific to that display for a very long time. I'll give it a 5 star when I have restarted my system a few times and am convinced it works well (I don't restart my workstation very frequently so it might be a little while, but wanted to at least get a good word up here).
[Version 2.2]

ylluminate commented on 24 Feb 2014
Hmm, just tested with Adium and it seems to have problems working reliably with it for some reason. It seems if I change the audio output via `audioswitcher` (v.2.17 (40)) from Line Out to something else and then back to Line Out, it will work. Oh well, would be nice if it worked, but not too thrilled after testing it out as I had hoped it to be more reliable.
[Version 4.8.3]

ylluminate had trouble on 12 Apr 2014
FYI @MacUpdate and @Developer, please note that MacUpdate Desktop does not update this software. It returns the error:
Error - no direct download available"
[Version 2.18]

ylluminate had trouble on 23 Feb 2013
Been seeing a problem here where the app throws this up each time it tries to download in Safari:
[Version 0.9.90]

ylluminate had trouble on 09 Nov 2012
I just tried to download XtraFinder ( and it had previously been downloaded by SpeedTao. Unfortunately SpeedTao thought the new download was the same as the old and would not automatically start the new download of the updated file. Just because they have the same filename does not mean that they are the same file. You need some logic in there to handle this and to allow new downloads to pull in even if they are the same filename.
[Version 0.9.87]

ylluminate had trouble on 12 Aug 2011
English is an options, but a suggestion to the developer before I properly evaluate it: default to English on the first language selection menu rather than Chinese.
[Version 1.2.3]

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