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Yesuaini99 reviewed on 14 Dec 2009
Don't know how else to thank you. CCC is just wonderful.
At first, it seems too easy to believe how simple it is.
But after using CCC for my upgrade project (from 320GB to 640GB), CCC rules!!!
It took me 9 hours to clone everything block by block to the new drive.
I used a universal USB SATA cable and just a few clicks, the cloning was underway.
After whopping 9 hours, the thing just faithfully cloned every byte of data.
Then the moment of truth.
I cracked open my MBP and replaced the HD.
Voila! With my fingers crossed, the macbook pro turned on (it took a while longer for the apple to come up and to complete the boot).
But it did.
Then I tried opening about 30 apps at the same time and everything ran smoothly as before.
CCC, you rock!!!
[Version 3.3]

Yesuaini99 commented on 04 Dec 2009
If you have the new magic mouse, don't update this one yet.
After update, the two finger swipe stopped working on Safari.
[Version Update 1]

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Yesuaini99 replied on 04 Dec 2009
note, after I used Onyx to repair the permission, the magic mouse is working fine again.
so you might have to repair permission after the Java update.
Yesuaini99 commented on 17 Nov 2009
To update my previous comment:
the version, it only works in 64bit mode (Safari, show info, "uncheck" the 32bit mode)
Previously I have it in 32bit mode because of another software only allows me to run in 32 bit. Now I have a direct conflict with the Flash player in Youtube and my other player.
I strongly recommend if you have any app that must enable Safari in 32bit mode, don't install this update yet.

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Yesuaini99 commented on 17 Nov 2009
Can someone help me?
I've removed the Flasher Player plug-ins from both the main and user /Library/Internet Plugins folder, but it still will not allow me to install the previous version back to Safari.
What can I do?
Yesuaini99 commented on 17 Nov 2009
warning. It's Monday 11/16 at 10:30pm PST. I just installed this on my MBP with SN 10.6.2 and my YouTube videos stopped working properly. It only has sound now, no more video.
I strongly recommend waiting it out until the rating goes up or until a new release is out.
Now I have to find a way to restore it back to old version... Damn...

Yesuaini99 commented on 01 Nov 2009
I've bought iWOW twice, both with the bundles, but every time something upgrades in Mac like iTunes, Snow Leopard, whatever, the iWow stops working and requires a upgrade purchase. Imaging if Microsoft Office is charged in a similar fashion to users, it would cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, my conclusion is that this app's average cost of ownership is more expensive than that of Microsoft Office and majority of other software because it requires endless upgrade purchases. The company takes every opportunity to draw your blood whenever a Mac OS update, iTunes update, version update, even security updates. It is so ridiculous. I would suggest everyone gather to boycott this company and make sure they have some kind of free upgrade policy clearly defined. I am not saying there should not be upgrade charges, but I am asking for a reasonable, fair, legitimate upgrade charge when warranted.
[Version 3.1]


yesuaini99 reviewed on 11 Mar 2009
I've had many problems with Parallels since 2.0.
I don't know how they justify another upgrade charge for no significant advance in features or functions.
One thing it still falls far behind VMWare Fusion is the fact Fusion supports other languages much better. In my Chinese edition WinXP, (which I installed on both Parallels and Fusion in my MBP), some software in Parallels simply can not run (because everything you see are in scrambled codes, not chinese characters.) But Fusion provides smooth flow of some of the languages I've tried to run on it.
Addition to this language issue every time after some update patch is installed, the internet stops working inside Parallels.
I've almost decided to quit and remove Parallels and my last attempt to use it somehow the internet came back working again without any reason (I've done no modification to Parallels in any way.)
I am reluctant to give them money to try something that has failed me in the last 2 upgrades.
Tell me how you justify another 40 bucks?
[Version 4.0.3810]

yesuaini99 commented on 10 Mar 2009
avast for Mac Edition keeps crashing when I scan the entire HD.
Also, find it impossible to find any documentation on how to uninstall it.
[Version 2.74]

yesuaini99 commented on 28 Sep 2007
It's been 2 days since the 2.0 upgrade install made it impossible to revert back to 1.1.10. and still no response from SRS Labs.
I'd recommend next time MU offer any bundle, partner with someone who offers real customer service.
The way to save everyone is if someone still has 1.1.10 can offer to upload their .app file and the file in the HAL folder. We each have our own serial numbers to make it legal.
Anyone agree?
[Version 2.0]

yesuaini99 commented on 27 Sep 2007
Do not upgrade if you don't plan to pay the $12. If you bought the 1.1.9 version with Macupdate Bundle a few months ago, this one is a full version upgrade which will cost you $12. But if you upgrade and decide it's not worth the price, you CANNOT revert back to your old 1.1.10 or 1.1.9. It will say "There is nothing to install".
Don't know what's causing this, maybe iTunes 7.2.4? Who knows? No response from SRS as usual. The money spent with MU Bundle is down the drain.
[Version 2.0]

yesuaini99 commented on 07 Sep 2007
Anyone having problem playing on iPhone with video ripped with Handbrake?
I copied a video to iTunes/Movies and sync with iPhone, but end up having only sound but no video.
Help, anyone?
[Version 0.9]

yesuaini99 had trouble on 12 Dec 2007
Hardware: MBP 2.4G, 15", 3G Ram, 160GB HD

Bought Xslimmer in the MU bundle just a few hours ago.
Ran it but crashed when the Marine Aquarium screen saver (bought at the same time) engaged after i walked away and my MBP became idle.
So I ran slimmer again but saw many apps already got backed up (even though not showing in the Xslimmer history) in the User folder.
So now, the second time, I deactivated the screen saver and it ran successfully, except I noticed I am now short almost 5GB of space than before I used Xslimmer. (it didn't get slimmer, it got fatter.)

I know I can remove the backed up apps in the User folder, but since it crashed the first time, I now have many duplicate app files in the user folder ([App_name] and App_name-1 duplicates). I don't know which one I can remove to keep the very original app safe.

I did notice some apps started faster (such as Google Earth).

Maybe they can have built-in disable screen saver so it doesn't crash like it happened to me.
I am waiting for Xslimmer to contact me and let me know what to do with the 5GB of Apps + App duplicates...
[Version 1.2.8]

yesuaini99 had trouble on 11 Jun 2007
Crashed when running for the first time after install.
Removed and reinstalled, still didn't work.
Running on XP Pro SP2, Traditional Chinese version.
[Version 3.0b]

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