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yellowdog reviewed on 17 Aug 2009
Just to add my pennies worth.... been using DF for years. Introduced it to others countless times as well as launchbar and other time saving finder management aps.
Thumbs up to St Clair for continuously developing this app for which I would not do without.
It makes navigation and file savig, opening so much quicker and easier.
[Version 4.3]


yellowdog reviewed on 23 Jul 2009
As I'm a webmaster running quite a few sites using Joomla for an institution with 500 staff I thought I reply to a few ill informed comments that I see everytime I look at this page.
M-RICK ia plain wrong. I've trained people to install Joomla, PHP, MYSQL and its never taken 4hrs. Joomla basic install takes less than 10 mins even for a novice. Joomla is a CMS but it should be seen more as a website builder. M-RICK's 4 hr site built from scratch would not have the built in funcionality, the ease of expansion and the cms tools hat joomla has out of the box.

As for Mark Everitt - he doesn't actually say what his problems are. It does work with Safari but again he doesn't say WHAT doesn't work.
For non admins there is an interface that allows people to add pages and update them also. Its not difficult, I suggest that maybe people need proper training.

For anyone who wans to try Joomla on the mac, download MAMP a PHP, MYSQL, APACHE all in one and then install Joomla.

Once you've done that head over to the joomla site to look at the extensions pages and the forum. Joomla uses templates to create the look of the site, an excellent template and much more place to go is, its not free but they do excellent stuff.
[Version 1.5.13]

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yellowdog replied on 12 Aug 2009
Most people use firefox when developing because it has things like firebug which help to see how pages are working, its also worth checking out one of the other editors rather than the standard joomla editor, I personally don't use one, but users find JCE easy to use.

I have 400 people using joomla on one site and once they get their heads around how a cms works they seem to be at ease.

My typical users are senior researchers, phd's, professors etc in neuroscience, nanbiotechnology, robotics, drug discovery from 72 different countrys.
yellowdog commented on 31 Jan 2008
After 5mins playing with it the positives are that it seems quite snappy and most things are as the pc version. I can't say I like much the way it suggests adding music. It justs opens the music folder on the tomtom and tells you to drag and drop. The one thing though that is still missing that pc users have had for along time is the ability to operate your tom tom from the computer. Clicking on the 'operate my tomtom' gives up the message 'this function is not yet supprted on your tomtom device or os' Get your finger out. I'd write to tech support but the form on the website doesn't work and hasn't for months. NICE ONE. Fill yer boots!

yellowdog commented on 31 Jan 2008
I've had a 910 for about two years. Apart from the terrible terrible 'the customer is always wrong' tech support and the tomtom sending me in the wrong direction and then telling me half an hour later to do a uturn and the month wait to get my 910 back after the motherboard failed and the three screen mounts that I've gone through... its great! I'm downloading v2 tom tom home now and hoping it gives me somewhere close to the functionality windoze users have had since day one. A week ago I bought the 2008 maps only to find that v2 is needed to install them. Tomtom treats mac users like the shit on their shoes. Bear this in mind before you by a Tomtom.

yellowdog commented on 03 Aug 2006
I agree with the previous post. The new 1.2.28 won't see my 910. Been on to tomtom support for a while now and they aren't able to fix it. Tech support sucks! Big time!
[Version 1.2.028]


yellowdog reviewed on 30 May 2006
I have a tomtom go 910. Top of the range, €700 here in Italy. While the actual hardware works well. The software, tomtom home is not so good. It feels more like beta software on the mac. You can't plan journeys with the Mac version. If your music of photos are on an external drive, trying to read them from tomtom home will cause the application to crash. The only thing positive is that tomtom say these features will be available in a future release. When who knows.
[Version 1.2.018]


yellowdog reviewed on 09 Dec 2005
I like the idea and what it does but the interface looks like and old os x app and is not following acqua guidelines.
[Version 3.1.0371]

Yellowdog commented on 10 Dec 2003
In my experience I've found the Fm Pro/Lasso solution an inexpensive, powerful and easy solution for those people wanting implement a database into their website. Especially for those companies who have used FM for a long time within and now wish to web enable their database.
[Version 7.0]

Yellowdog commented on 09 Sep 2003
Looking good so far.
In a busy bureau that has gone to OS X, Suitcase and font management has been the biggest pain. The repair fonts, manage system fonts options will be a big plus if they do what it says. One thing, if u read a manual it mentions FontDoctor, and it being included with Suitcase. I can't find it!
Otherwise, good stuff even tho its late in the day.
[Version 11]

yellowdog had trouble on 27 Oct 2006
if only it would install I'm sure I'd be able to say that I can stop using Flash. NoT!
[Version 1.0]

yellowdog had trouble on 14 Sep 2006
I'm probably being a fish but when I put in the ip address of the pc i want to connect to ie. and then click connect, nothing happens. I've posted this to the developers site but has anyone had and or resolved the same problem?
[Version 0.1]

yellowdog had trouble on 23 Jun 2006
me too, won't install
[Version 1.7.1]

yellowdog had trouble on 29 Mar 2006
Anyone who uses this able to tell if the software is able to shutdown other mac on an ethernet. APC Customer support don't seem able to answer me.
[Version 1.3.4]

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