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Xtralean commented on 07 Mar 2011
Wow, we have quite the tough crowd here.

Anyways, the ImageWell 4.1 beta cycle is now open. Visit http://myimagewell.com to participate in the next update to ImageWell. Post your feedback, suggestions, etc. at our discussion boards.

Hagen Kaye

or, just wait until we release the next update and post negative reviews here. Your choice :D
[Version 4.0.7]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 03 Mar 2011
Minor ooops, the sparkle update is updating this listing too, I forgot that MacUpdate is automatically updating the listing when we change the sparkle URL update mechanism. Versions 1.9.x are pre-release versions of 2.0 that DataLore users are trying out. Simply download the product and select Check for updates from the DataLore menu to update to 1.9.x.

Version 2.0 is a free update for 1.X users. In the next couple of days our website will be updated and the download link will download the 2.0 product here. We are just in a moment of transition from 1.X to 2.0 currently.
[Version 1.9.3]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 01 Dec 2010
This product is in beta. There will be bugs, errors and features not implemented. Please do not report them here.

For the current stable release version of ImageWell - version 3.7.6 please visit -

[Version 4.0b1]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 04 Nov 2009
Please note: 1.01 is a beta build - adding QuickLook as a feature to DataLore. Final release of DataLore with QuickLook should be available shortly. Somehow, this build got posted here at MacUpdate - I didn't put it up :)

Anyways, have fun, QuickLook was the number 1 feature request since the 1.0 release and we should have it perfected in a day or two. And as usual, if there's a bug, it's because it's beta - please report bugs to support.xtralean.com

Hagen Kaye
XtraLean Software
[Version 1.01]

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Xtralean Corporation (developer) replied on 05 Nov 2009
Ok, 1.02 is good to go! No longer Beta.

Xtralean reviewed on 07 Oct 2009
iShowU is a great little app. I used it for our screencast tutorials for one of our products a few years back. I did a quick tutorial for a new product the other day on a MacBook with OS X 10.6 and iShowU was just fabulous again. Will be doing a series of tutorials again.

Currently using iShowU version 1.75

Hagen Kaye
XtraLean Software
[Version 1.76b]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 04 Oct 2009
I would like to thank everyone for trying the Beta of DataLore. We should have a final release (version 1.0) out soon. Just putting the final touches on the product and a couple of minor bug fixes.

I've posted a 3 minute demo of DataLore, for those wanting to take a look at what DataLore can do. You can view it here -



Hagen Kaye
XtraLean Software.
[Version 0.99B]

xtralean commented on 06 Dec 2007
Getting ready for PhotoCard 2007.

Photocard is free and open source. I'm looking for artists that want to contribute new templates for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Please email hagenkaye@gmail.com for more info.

HO HO HO - Merry Christmas
[Version 0.1]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 20 Nov 2007
Actually, I should add an amendment to this post.

ImageWell 3.3 now checks the serial numbers with our server for valid numbers. By checking the serial numbers with our server the phony serial numbers that have been floating around the net no longer work - only serial numbers that have been purchased work.

And we added the feature for checking for automated updates.

To respond to your statement -

"I really like this App and I'm seriously considering paying for the extras. I regret that I won't be able to buy your program, though, if you continue to confuse people with talk of "stealing."

On Apple's Leopard Install disk package it says -

"Don't steal software"

So I guess by your reasoning, you won't be buying Leopard.

[Version 3.3.1]

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Xtralean Corporation (developer) replied on 20 Nov 2007
Gosh, darn it.

I was replying to a response in another post and this just floated to the top.

Xtralean Corporation (developer) replied on 21 Nov 2007

We are protecting the investment that our customers have made when they purchased the Xtras.

ImageWell is free with lots of features. We added Xtras such as batch processing, more shapes etc for a very small cost. $20 was low cost when I got into computers 25 years ago.

We've made regular updates to the product this year to both the free version and the Xtras.

ImageWell 4 is going to be super-fantastic. It's been in development for the last 12 months and we've invested a lot of time and research developing the next version. ImageWell 4 will be a free update for ImageWell 3 Xtra users.

If we didn't protect our product from casual piracy then we wouldn't be protecting our paying customers because either we would go out of business or we couldn't offer all these updates and the upgrade to the next version for free.

Any developer that allows their product to be easily stolen nowadays is not your friend. Paying customers just end up paying for lame updates or end up with a product that never gets updated.

Since version 1 came out of ImageWell it's been free and we can continue to offer a free version for basic image editing needs today - with top notch tech support at support@xtralean.com, screen cast tutorials, an open discussion board at support.xtralean.com and it's been localized in 15 different languages.

We are just a two person company that really enjoy what we are doing - you're just a twerp.

Xtralean Corporation (developer) replied on 21 Nov 2007
When I called you a twerp what I was really saying was, "Take your theory about 'software piracy is not technically stealing' and Get Lost"

Really, use your dime and call someone who cares. :P
Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 09 Jul 2007
ImageWell is free. It's fully functional and has lots of features. There are Xtras you can upgrade to, for a small price, which requires a serial number.

ImageWell will check for known pirated serial numbers. If someone types in a pirated serial number to unlock the Xtras, ImageWell will be disabled (both the free version and the Xtras) and that person's right to use any of our product will be terminated.

A note to would be pirates: Enjoy the free version of ImageWell, there is plenty of neat features to use and don't be greedy and pirate the Xtras.
[Version 3.2]

Xtralean Corporation (developer) commented on 05 Nov 2006
A special thanks for all the feedback and bug reports so far to help us make ImageWell 3.0 the best we can.

The number 1 complaint so far is the cropping features are too complicated in ImageWell 3.0 compared to ImageWell 2.1. We are working on redoing the UI to make it more intuiative and easier.

Please continue to submit feedback and bug reports via the built in bug reporter.

XtraLean Team
[Version 3.0b2]

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