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xati-ba rated on 04 Jun 2012
[Version 2.52]


xati-ba reviewed on 04 Jun 2012
- The program works flawlessly. I have yet to see it crash after years of continuous use.

- Lightweight: no bloatware, no resource hogging, quick to boot up.

- The best user interface of all clients. Feels tailored for Mac users.

- Frequently updated.

- Dedicated user base and forum.

All in all, unless you are difficult to please and need as many tweaks and options as possible (and in that case you don't need my advice) there is no logical reason to choose another client than Transmission.
[Version 2.52]


xati-ba reviewed on 04 Jun 2012
This client has a large number of options and tweaks that are not available in other software so picky users might consider giving it a go. However the vast majority will find Vuze to be clunky and irritating in comparison to Transmission. There is simply way too much bloatware and unneeded add-ons that are installed along with it without the downloader's knowledge or consent.


xati-ba reviewed on 23 Jan 2012
I am exasperated by this trend of labeling a lack of features as a feature. Sometimes less is more, but this does not apply here. Just stick with TextEdit, guys.
[Version 1.1.4]


xati-ba reviewed on 06 Dec 2011
Excellent software from the unconstested master of iTunes plugins. Does what it says and does it well, and is reasonably priced.
[Version 2.4.1]


xati-ba reviewed on 15 Nov 2011
While an excellent software on the iPad, the mac version is quite useless and a big ripoff. Lack of features does not constitute a feature in itself, except in Kafka's literary works.

The interface is smooth and pleasurable to handle, which is why I've not given it a half star rating, but that's it.

I regularly have to write papers in French and was furious that this app does not even support simple accented characters like é or à which happen to come in several.

It is also a pity that considering the price, there is no support for asian languages or other scripts, but at least the app warned us of this beforehand, unlike with most of its faults.
[Version 1.1.2]

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xati-ba replied on 18 Jun 2012
@Vangocambo I think it is you who is confused by the meaning of the term" simple". This app lacked crucial features. In fact, the lack of something as essential as accents broke my concentration and I spent a frustrating 15 minutes trying to find a solution so I could actually write grammatically correct phrases. So much for "distraction free". Simple DOES NOT mean unusable.

I also find it supremely ironic that in one of your previous reviews for Bean (which I might add, an excellent program that does everything ia writer was supposed to and does it for FREE) you wrote the following:

"What i don't understand is that all u people keep saying the software great. Why is there a need for this software, if u don't like MS Word, then don't use it. It markets for other users who need it. U can use Textedit if you want unclutter wordprocessor, why bother clutter your system with new software."

Uh-huh. Funny that this could also have been a review for ia writer. If you want an uncluttered experience, use Textedit!

So either you don't know what you are talking about or you are a very effective troll, because I totally fell for you bait.

xati-ba reviewed on 15 Nov 2011
This is already featured in OnyX
[Version 1.6]

xati-ba commented on 15 Nov 2011
Damn you spammers, damn you!
[Version 8.3.4]


xati-ba reviewed on 15 Nov 2011
I don't see the point of paying $8 for something AppCleaner can do for free with a cleaner interface. Even if AppCleaner did not exist, the price would still be unjustifiably high.

The fact that it runs in the background and does its task automatically is irrelevant since uninstalling apps is not an action that has to be done regularly. In fact, I'd rather have a app that launches only when needed than one that consumes even tiny amounts of resources all the time. The less programs running at once the better.

That said, I gave it a one star instead of a half star rating because its icon is easy on the eyes.
[Version 1.0]


xati-ba reviewed on 02 Nov 2011
App does exactly what it says, is reasonably priced, and the developer responded to my queries. Highly recommended if you spend a lot of time at the screen. For example, I toggled F6 to be my browser shortcut and it saves me so much time.
[Version 2.0.2]

xati-ba had trouble on 28 Jul 2011
This app cannot damage your apps in any way, right?
[Version 1.8.2]

xati-ba had trouble on 05 Jul 2011
Urgent help needed please. I live in a country where the internet is partially restricted, so a patchy connection can cause me some VERY unpleasant problems.

I use tunnelblick with a paid VPN service and so far it has worked perfectly but the other day I noticed that my ip was exposed at some point because the connection dropped! How can I prevent the connection from dropping? Alternatively how can I make certain apps like Transmission, Sparrow or Chrome forcequit or refuse to work if I am not connected?
[Version 3.2beta22]

xati-ba had trouble on 21 Feb 2011
Can someone tell me if this is better than Tor?
[Version 1.2.3]

xati-ba had trouble on 21 Feb 2011
Got the same problem as below, the application crashes immediately upon launch. However I do have x11 installed. In fact, I was able to launch freeciv (which uses x11) without any issues.

So what's up? I'm seriously considering purchasing this software if it does what it's supposed to do.
[Version 0.8]

xati-ba had trouble on 21 Feb 2011
Can this allow me to run Windows games on my mac like boot camp?
[Version 4.0.4]

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