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xSmurf commented on 07 Nov 2007
Sadly it doesn't seem to work anymore in Leopard :/
[Version 1.05]

xSmurf commented on 27 May 2007
How do you use this? MacFusion doesn't seem to care if you add it to it's contents plugin directory...

Maybe you need to put a little bit of documentation before releasing?

[Version 0.2]

xSmurf commented on 23 May 2007
Apparently Tangerine! cannot find the tunes...

"2007-05-23 17:39:15.123 TangerineAnalysisHelper[29943] Analyzing "file://localhost/Volumes/MP3Mansion/Genres/Electronic%20:%20Breakbeats/DJ%20Shadow/2005%20-%20Schoolhouse%20Funk%20II/16%20-%20Time%20Cycle.mp3"
2007-05-23 17:39:15.138 TangerineAnalysisHelper[29943] ERROR -- OpenMovieFile - from file://localhost/Volumes/MP3Mansion/Genres/Electronic%20:%20Breakbeats/DJ%20Shadow/2005%20-%20Schoolhouse%20Funk%20II/16%20-%20Time%20Cycle.mp3, err -43"

According to Apple "-43" is "fnfErr = -43, /*File not found*/", if you guys are using standard error codes.

Sorry for not posting details earlier.
[Version 1.1.1]

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xSmurf replied on 23 May 2007
Hmmm I meant to post this as a reply to my previous comment, MU's login broke the redirect. Sorry, maybe an MU admin can modify this?
xSmurf commented on 18 May 2007
It would be nice to know which phones are supported!
[Version 2.5]


xSmurf reviewed on 17 May 2007
This app kicks ass! I couldn't live with it!
You get a 4 on stability because a universal binary would be greatly appreciated!
[Version 3.0]

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xSmurf replied on 17 May 2007
My bad, I just downloaded the source and built an Intel version for myself ^.^ Thanks you!
xSmurf commented on 04 May 2007
I store my music library on a network drive. Tangerine doesn't seem to like that, it gave an error on all the tracks. This is unusable for me until it starts supporting remote drives. I really don't see why it doesn't work, iTunes is opened and can play the tunes just fine, the share is mounted.
[Version 1.1.1]

xSmurf commented on 04 May 2007
I love MagiCal ^.^

But PLEASE either fix the auto updates or make a bigger release, say, every week? Or better yet, both ;)

This is getting quiet annoying, I'm just not updating anymore, even when I see them updates.

But yeah, don't get me wrong, progress is always good, the only thing I'm bitching about is distribution. Keep up the great work ^.^
[Version 1.1a8]

xSmurf commented on 23 Apr 2007
This theme seriously kicks ass. The buttons and other widgets (namely scroll bars) are beautiful! " la iTunes 7", imho. To be honest, I wished there were more variants. Such as more original colors; I'm not a huge fan of the dark pastel used for Mail an Vienna (the bullets & icons are super sweet though).

P.S. The theme doesn't seem to get applied to VLC version 0.8.6b.
[Version 2.0]

xSmurf commented on 27 Mar 2007
DB: I'd add, how does this compare to Home Zone, why IMO will go Shareware after it's final release :/

Any plans on supporting WiFi detection? This is for me the main detection mode, but I have to agree IP based is very interesting! I'll have to give this a shot. Can't wait for you to release the source so we can all start working, errr I mean put our coding monkeys on it :P
[Version 0.8]

xSmurf commented on 03 Feb 2007
Man I love this app, simple clean. It just works no bells and whistles, just what I want when I go on iirc. P-P-P-Please do a UB build :(
[Version 0.8.0]

xSmurf had trouble on 09 Oct 2006
I have noticed the "No New Mail" sound seem to pop up when IDLE returns actions other than new mail. Such as
Mail[400] IM_IDLING: john@example: 2 events


2006-10-09 11:02:13.449 Mail[400] checkNewMail: john@example

Also it might be only me, but Mail.app seems to crash more often. I'll have to look into it deep, I'll post logs when I do.

P.S. I run the GPG Bundle along with SpamSieve under 10.4.8 with a stripped x86 only Mail.app
[Version 1.02]

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