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Wrk24wheel reviewed on 07 Aug 2011
For me, 2.1 is just as unstable as 2.0. I cannot use it without it crashing and their tech support is almost non existent. This used to be a great program. However, I was using this daily until 10.7. Since I upgraded to Lion, I have not been able to use Paperless at all. This seems to be the only program that I have had any problems with since upgrading to Lion. To think that I actually paid for this lousy upgrade!
[Version 2.1]

Wrk24wheel rated on 25 Feb 2011
[Version 2.0.1]


Wrk24wheel reviewed on 23 Feb 2011
I have been using Paperless for a very long time now. It is not the greatest program out there, but it is the best that I have found for my needs. The one issue that I have with this software is the number of updates or lack there of. When Paperless first came out it was riddled with bugs and it takes them forever to address the bugs and release updates. I would warn people with v 1.3x to remain on this version for a while until at least 2.1. Let them figure out the bugs and I am sure there are many. In my opinion, there is not enough changes to the software to warrant an upgrade. I personally will remain on 1.3x until a better document management system comes along. I have been looking for a better one for years, but have yet to find something that really fits my needs. Paperless does the job, it just is not the 'perfect' fit. Needless to say, I deleted 2.0 and will continue to use 1.3 for now.
[Version 2.0.0]

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Wrk24wheel replied on 25 Feb 2011
I did try to use 2.0. However, due to a bug, I was unable to get it to run as it said my trial period had expired. Tech support was unable to help me get it installed and told me that they should have a fix in a few days. Exactly as I said above. I'll wait this one out. BTW, I would recommend 1.3 to anyone. I got burned on the v.1 as it took so long to get bug fixes out and there was only a few updates. I just don't want to pay for software that I cannot use and the developer is not responsive to get fixes out. I guess I am used to developers that immediately update their software when bugs are found, like 1Password and MacJournal. Again, I am only going off of history. I have been a long time user of Paperless and will continue to use 1.3. I just don't see enough "major" changes to warrant a new full release. This is just my opinion.

Wrk24wheel replied on 25 Feb 2011
Just to be fair, I tried 2.0.1. Using the techniques from Tech Support, I was able to get this version up and running. Now for the differences:


Like the new integrated database of receipts and documents
Being able to store different types of documents is a nice touch

OCR - Nice idea, but doesn't work.
Like the custom fields - however, allow the user to change the receipt fields. (You have a receipt that will fall under one category but items may fall under several different sub categories. However, subcategories is not an option, nor can you add the column)

The new In-Box with the ability to scan and not have to fill out the info if probably one of the nicest new features. Not worth the $25 upgrade though.


Most of these could just be first release bugs:

OCR - Getting nothing but gibberish. Scanned freshly printed word documents and it could only detect a couple of words out of hundreds. Forget using the OCR on receipts or anything else that is not perfect. It was able to pick up a single item price out of a receipt, but not all of them and it was not the total either.

Changing column widths - Does not save changes. All your changes will actually be changed as soon as you move on to the next screen.

New scanning support software - Much slower than the 1.3. I scanned a couple of pages with both. 1.3 is considerably faster using my Brother scanner. However, if you previously had a scanner that was not supported and it is now, than this could be a pro.

All in all, the program seems to have changed very little. The 60+ features may be nice for some, but 55 of them mean nothing to me and my current workflow into Paperless 1.3. Bug fixes are a nice touch, but why can't we get a 1.3.2 that fixes those for those of us that don't want to be forced into a new version?

I hold to my first post that I will wait this one out. I really hope that the developers will be more on top of this version than they were on the last. For what you get compared to DevonThink and the price differential, this version is a no brainer. I would definitely go Paperless 2.0. I am really eager to see how well issues get addressed. If they are taken care of in a timely fashion, I will make the switch to 2.0. if not, 1.3 works just fine for me and finally works great with no crashes or other issues.

1.3 does everything I need and does it faster than 2.0.1. The GUI has not changed that much with the exception of giving you a few different ways to view your data. unfortunately, I prefer the old way best as I have tens of thousands of documents stored.

Wrk24wheel reviewed on 08 Feb 2011
I must say that when I first purchased this software years ago, it was the worst thing I have ever used. However, Agile has taken this software to a whole new realm. They actually listen to their customers, something most developers don't do. They are constantly making the software better everyday, the development of this product never seems to stop.

I find Password1 impossible to live without. I have it on my iPad, iPhone and both macs. With the syncing to dropbox, I am never without my passwords. If I could only install one program on my computers, this would be it!
[Version 3.5.4]

Wrk24wheel rated on 08 Feb 2011
[Version 1.6.5]


Wrk24wheel reviewed on 06 Jan 2011
Painfully slow on iMac i7 quad core w/16gb ram. After upgrading and repairing permissions my iMac is running like a 10 year old G3 iMac. I will be restoring my system back to 10.6.5 immediately until 10.6.7 is released to fix whatever they broke. Everything from booting to loading apps is slow. It is like it is only addressing 1gb ram and using only one core. Several startup items would no longer startup on boot, however, manually running them works fine. Only plaiyed with this for 1/2 hour and have found way to many bugs.
[Version 10.6.6]

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Wrk24wheel replied on 06 Jan 2011
I too have tried to reboot several times and am having the same issues as Dokter_mac below. I thought it might be spotlight re-indexing, but it is not showing as doing such in activity monitor.
Wrk24wheel commented on 11 May 2010
I purchased Quicken by mistake without reading the cover or the website first. I assumed it would be just like the last version. It looks as if they took the one most important feature out, that is online bill pay. You now have to use two sites. I think I am just going to chuck this out and go back to Yodlee. At least I can do everything in one location. I will keep checking out Intuit, maybe one day they will put it back in.
[Version 1.4.1f4856]

wrk24wheel commented on 20 Jun 2009
Techtool 5 pro slowed my computer down to a crawl. After installing I noticed that my iMac got slower. After about a week of this, I started to look at the activity manager and noticed that Techtool Daemon was taking quite a bit of CPU usage. I just shut off the Protection services in System Preferences and it was like upgrading my iMac to a Quad Mac Pro. Internet and applications are much snappier. I am not sure what that program does, but it sure is a CPU hog.
[Version 5.0.4]

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wrk24wheel replied on 24 Jun 2009
I must say, outside of this little memory issue, I have never had any problems with Techtools. I actually like the program and use it frequently. I never lost data or had it corrupt an HD. As long as you have it, I would go ahead and install it and give it a try. Just watch your CPU usage before and after. You can always shut off the daemon easily if it causes you problems. I am sure they will update it soon to fix this issue.
wrk24wheel commented on 15 Feb 2009
No iphone or palm app available. This is a deal breaker for me. Who uses just one computer anymore?
[Version 1.0.2]


wrk24wheel reviewed on 27 Dec 2008
I have been using eWallet for many years for my palm and have tried many different alternatives due to them not really supporting the Mac. 1Password is by far the worst of all of them. The GUI is very cluncky, not very intuitive and lacks customization of fields and categories. Maybe I am spoiled with eWallet, but I wish someone would get together with them and work on a Mac project. I the good side, I do like the interfacing with safari, this is a very nice and useable feature.

BTW, don't even get me started on their Palm app. This program is absolutely pathetic!

But the lack of fields and poor GUI layout is a deal breaker for me. As is the palm app. The iPhone app is nice, but still nothing as nice as eWallet. Due to iliumsofts complete lack of support for the Mac community, I want nothing better than to find a replacement for eWallet. I just have not yet found that substitute.
[Version 2.9.7]

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wrk24wheel replied on 28 Dec 2008
ROUSTEM KARIMOV, now I understand why it is lacking. I am new to your product and did not know its history. As I said before, the integration as a password manager is awesome. UI still stinks, but the integration is by far one of the best. As a password manager only, I would give this 4 stars (only because of the poor UI.) As a full package with the wallet, I stand behind my rating. I hope to see some improvements in the future. BTW, have you given up on the palm project? I notice the iPhone is a decent app, much more than the palm app. Your palm app is one of the worst apps I have ever seen written for the palm. It would be nice to have a single app that does both Wallet and Password integration. At this point, I will continue to use both iPassword and eWallet.
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