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Whit_g commented on 06 Jan 2014
Is a Mavericks update forthcoming for MW? I finally started using it system-wide for my project note taking (having bought it in a bundle awhile back), and while I really like it for the most part, it's exhibiting some glitches that I could do without:

- Often "sees" a text doc as needing to be saved right after opening, before editing.
- Sometimes open text file windows vanish; they can be switched to via cmd-~, but they don't actually appear.
- Sometimes the entire title bar and most of the header editing area are pushed above the system menu bar, such that you can't move the window.
- Seems to want to switch many of my .txt docs to a serif font/size that hadn't been selected when I first open them, forcing me to manually switch to a larger sans font.
[Version 3.9.2]


Whit_g reviewed on 09 Dec 2013
Love it! Went looking for a replacement for the overly-complex Skitch, which can't seem to even do what I originally downloaded it for, and landed on this app. Works beautifully for generating multiple screen caps using the same screen position/sizing. The UI could be slightly more refined, but I'll only slight it a tad for that.
[Version 2.6.2b]

Whit_g commented on 09 Dec 2013
Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be working on Mountain Lion - it only seems to produce all-black "screen captures." Shame, I remember enjoying using it before switching to Skitch, which I hate.
[Version 1.4.1]


Whit_g reviewed on 02 Jun 2011
Damn, so close. I was really intrigued by some of the features of TF and decided to give it a try, but it turns out that there is one omission that is a critical flaw for my workflow: it can't remember window positions. I've never been a Column View guy, my workflow is very carefully crafted and reliant on windows opening the same way every time I open them. Not possible, apparently, with TotalFinder - open a window, zoom and move it, close it, open it again... back to its default spot, not the way I left it. I guess that's why they have the "no .DS_store file" feature - they ignore them anyway.

My assumption is that most people just don't need that sort of reliability in their window positions? But it's a deal-breaker for me, unfortunately. I'm still giving it four stars because it really is, otherwise, a terrific piece of software. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to use it after all one of these days. :/
[Version 1.1.13]

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Whit_g replied on 03 Jun 2011
Hmmm... well, I want to reiterate that, at least on my MBP 2.8/OS 10.6.7, the window positions aren't remembered even between opening and closing windows, so I can't imagine them being remembered between restarts (this is with a fresh, first-time installation of the software). Perhaps what I'm seeing isn't the expected behavior of the application? It would be nice to hear from the developers on this.

Whit_g replied on 03 Jun 2011
@WordWeaver: I'm glad to hear that the tab states remain the same between restarts, but that's not the issue I'm referring to.

I'll give you an example: my root drive is named Rodan. When I open Rodan in the Finder, it is setup in list view with an already-zoomed window at the top right of my monitor, right next to its desktop icon. When I open that same window in TF, it *never* remembers that position or zoomed-state, even if I set it that way, close it and immediately open it again (note that I immediately turned the open-in-new-window mode when I used TF for the first time - always opening in tabs just doesn't work for me). I can't be the only person in the world who places their Mac windows in specific locations for specific reasons (though I'm probably in a very small percentile of users who want virtually all of their system's windows to open in specific places).

I'm a graphic designer with a very streamlined workflow. It is a massive collective waste of my time to have to reset each of my project folder windows, etc. every single time I open them. TF is of no use to me until this gets resolved. In short, it should honor .DS_store files or, better yet, create its own invisible window status files that will remember not only window positions but the states of double-column windows (I dream of being able to use this feature to open my HTML and 'images' folders side-by-side with one click).

Whit_g replied on 03 Jun 2011
Just did so, thanks!

Whit_g reviewed on 23 Nov 2010
MAN am I glad I upgraded to version 4! I had delayed doing so because the feature list initially didn't seem totally worth it, but the FInder integration alone is worth the price of admission. Being able to open remote folders from the menu bar and have them open up in the FInder as though they're a mounted volume - and EDIT them in that state, without having to bother with dragging files into an FTP window - is easily worth the price of admission.

Also love the new UI look (though it's a bit of an adjustment from the old UI) and other random features that keep appearing here and there. I'd still like an "open in browser" function from the main app window that would attempt to visit the live site version of the file you have selected (requested this from Panic a long time ago), but that's a minor quibble.

Great work, guys. I briefly considered checking out Interarchy during the MU promo deal, but this was a much better investment. :)
[Version 4.1.4]

Whit_g commented on 21 Jun 2010
Funny, I came back here looking to see if anything was new in the world of iMOnTime, only to find my most recent comment, posted in 2008 about features that I had requested that were later implemented, is now obsolete because that feature (color-coded reminders) has also been added. Very responsive! So here's a new challenge, and I'm sure I'm not the first to ask for it: get my calendar onto the iPhone.

I realize that it probably can't have the same sorts of notification features that iCal does, but just being able to view it and add entries would be very helpful. As it stands now, I have to send emails to myself so that I can add those things when I get home to my computer, and I'm SOL if I want to view my calendar without the computer in front of me. Even integration with Google Calendar would be better than nothing, since I can pull that up in the browser.

I'm still a big iMOnTime fan, and iCal's shortcomings are still painfully evident every time I give it another look, but the above situation is having me consider suffering through those shortcomings in order to gain that valuable mobility.
[Version 3.1.4]


Whit_g reviewed on 13 Jan 2009
Bought this during the MU Promo. Great little app, makes quick web resizing much easier than dealing with Photoshop for that task. There are just a few things I'd like to see improved:
- Why force me to drop entire folders of images onto the selection window? I don't see the logic there. Let me drag whatever I want onto it.
- Have to manually delete images that have been processed, and by clicking a button to boot (i.e., can't just use the Delete key). This is tedious when you have several individual batches of images to process. I would prefer an option to automatically clear the list each time.
- Regardless of whether you've saved your session, the destination location resets once you clear your images. Again, I don't see the logic in forcing this - if I want the destination to be a sub-folder in the same directory, I'll just leave that field alone, but if I change it then I want it to stay changed for the duration of my session.
- Key commands! Why do I have to use the mouse for nearly every function?
- Just an opinion here: EXIF data should be preserved by default. It takes very little space and people who accidentally delete it can never get it back.
[Version 2.0.1]


Whit_g reviewed on 09 Jul 2008
This software is *awesome*. I just got my first Nokia phone and was pleasantly surprised to discover that Nokia really helps me sync with my phone in a reasonable, hack-less way. I'm very impressed.

The only thing that knocks it down a star is that the smattering of photos that I put into an album in iPhoto that are intended to go on the phone end up in a web of sub-folders on the phone's memory card that mimic iPhoto's library directory structure. This makes the gallery a colossal pain to navigate through (and finding what you want requires that you know what year you added the photo to your iPhoto library), rendering it useless to "flip through" as you would if you were showing photos to a friend. I can't imagine why the Nokia software isn't programmed to cull them into a single folder.

I'm not seeing any evidence on the web that others are getting this problem, so it's possible that this problem is limited to my XpressMusic 5310.
[Version 1.3]

Whit_g commented on 18 Apr 2008
Since the previously mentioned features are now implemented, I'm going to post another feature request: customizable color labels for reminders (a la iCal) that allow you to quickly discern routine reminders from special events when viewing the calendar. The more I visit the calendar, the more I'm wishing it had this. Still loving this software! The editable reminders are awesome.
[Version 3.0.4]

Whit_g commented on 27 Feb 2008
I miss this add-on every day! Is there any hope of an update, or should I stop checking this page? I see no indication from the author here or on his site that he's working on a fix for Safari 3.
[Version 0.7b3]

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Whit_g replied on 16 Apr 2008
Interesting - I was about to report, after reinstalling, that it still doesn't work, but what I just discovered is that it does work if I use the Enter key to activate my search. If I hit Return, it just toggles the search engine drop-down menu, as though I was clicking the search icon. I'd definitely rather deal with a small bug than not have the software at all!

Whit_g replied on 16 Apr 2008
I spoke too soon - another bug seems to be that the menu also pops up when I hit the space bar. Unfortunately, that means I can't use it, since the majority of my internet searches contain more than one term. :(

Whit_g replied on 24 May 2008
Grrrrr... I would love to attempt this, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get my hands on v.7b3, and v.7b4 is making Safari inoperable (it seems to load but won't bring any windows up). Any idea how I can download 7b3? I've tried manipulating URLs both at the developer's site and the 7b4 download site.
Whit_g had trouble on 24 Dec 2011
Seems to work well, but I don't see why it should have a menu bar icon, which offers no important features, and no more functionality than the app itself does. There should be a preference to turn this off.

That said, what I'd *really* like is a preference to turn the Dock icon off as well, since this app is usually going to be running in the background doing nothing actively on the host machine, so its icon is just taking up unnecessary space in my Dock.
[Version 2.0.7s]

Whit_g had trouble on 30 Sep 2007
Whoa, a little reality check: the app strips all the EXIF data when you have it resize and re-save a photo. PLEASE fix this - I can't use the app again until you do.
[Version 0.41b]

Whit_g had trouble on 18 Jul 2007
I'm not having any luck with it - it's giving me the ambiguous '1001' error when it tries to connect. I verified that 'exec()' isn't being disabled and I setup a second user as an admin. No dice. This is using Gallery 2.2.2.
[Version 0.66]

Whit_g had trouble on 06 Jul 2007
I've loved using this app until just now - it stopped working. I'm getting an error (OS 10.4.10) that says that it requires Java 1.4 and won't work with 1.5. I am using the latest version and just downloaded it again to make sure. Anybody else have this problem?
[Version 2.0.3r2]

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