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wade dansby reviewed on 24 Mar 2008
Never in my experience with mainstream software has it been my displeasure to deal with software this buggy. Powerpoint cannot work with many fonts reliably other than the ones it comes with. Word cannot print documents with pictures in it with any regularity. And excel was losing data ... my people would work on a document, save it, open it later, and the data entered was no longer there. This software was not ready for release. And the features added hardly account for the price. Plus, one last little, FU to everyone involved, it saves file types that require people to upgrade to their software (or you can download utilities that allow you to change docx to doc). I recommend anyone considering the Mac MS Office 2008 upgrade to wait, and then wait some more. We bought itm installed it and have now downgraded back to 2004. Sort of the same thing that happened with Windows Vista users. Caveat Emptor.
[Version 12.0.1]


wade dansby reviewed on 13 Mar 2008
Version 2.5 is a good step up. Being able to control font licenses is a great feature ... although there is a problem with selecting one font at a time to assign licenses. They also fixed a lot of bugs from v1.1. No more phantom user log outs (that was a dangerous bug). But they still have not gotten the synchronize scheduler to work correctly. Another huge innovation is Directory Access. Being able to integrate with OSX server access groups is very powerful.
[Version 2.5]


wade dansby reviewed on 28 Oct 2006
This used to be a fine piece of softwware. I have used it since 2003 and up until last year had a few problems but nothing insurmountable. Now it is completely unusable. Everytime I attempt to open up an invoice, the application quits on me. Constant emails to support have all gone unanswered ... it is as if the company no longer exists or at the very least does not want to acknowledge the problems with its software. Don't bother yourself with this software or company.

for the record, i run OSX 10.4.8 ... have been having difficulty with the software since the upgrade from 10.3.9
[Version 1.1.2]


wade dansby reviewed on 23 Aug 2006
Am using version 1.1 right now

It is the right tool for the job of managing large amounts of fonts in a multi-user environment. Stable. Several interface tweaks would make it perfect.

I love, love, love being able to create new sets that everyone accesses.

FApro server seems to have a little bit of trouble with editing existing fonts. Like discovering a bad font and removing it or replacing it with a good one of the same name. In short, the synchronize (auto and manual) seems to only be good for adding fonts that had not existed in the library before. The library on the client's computer seems to need purging before recognizing that an existing font has been changed or deleted. But I think all of this may be related to OS X's problems with font caches.

Also I would like a way of puching new libraries to users, instead of relying on them to activate them.

But on the whole, it is a must have for any graphic design shop.
[Version 1.1]

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wade dansby replied on 14 Sep 2006
I may have written too quickly before.

After the install of the FApro server, we seemed to have less problems for awhile. Then, all the old problems began to occur again. Fonts not activating, Fonts activating but not being available in Adobe CS2 inDesign. It is almost completly unworkable.

i wonder who else is having these problems.

What a disastrous piece of software. I wish I could edit my previous review ... or at least delete it.

wade dansby replied on 14 Jan 2007
I should have followed up to this post again. FA pro got significantly better with version 1.3. And it turned out that Adobe apps were the real culprits in the scenario I outlined. It seems that Adobe CS2 apps had a built in "font activator" that interfered with FApro, which they finally disabled in an update. And the Adobe apps also had font caches that become corrupted and have to be purged on a regular basis. I would reccomend FApro now (after about 6 months of pain). I use suitcase at home and have no problems whatsoever ... however, that is a single computer. Our computers at work are on a network and are imaged machines .... and I believe that permissions problems have exacerbated the Adobe font cache issue.

wade dansby replied on 20 Dec 2007
The newest version of FApro server 2.0 is head and shoulders above the last. It keeps track of user licenses for fonts. Synchronization works much more smoothly now. No more log in woes. But the big news for us is that we are having a no more font caching problems. Now I do not know if it is because of FApro server 2.0, or if the latest sys OSX updates made a difference ... but it is so much better than it was.

I do slightly resent the feeling that we were beta testing the first version of this software ... and there are still things i would like to see fixed/added ... but it definitely has improved a significant amount and is very worth the upgrade.
wade dansby had trouble on 27 Feb 2008
Major, major bug with Powerpoint 2008. it has a lot of difficulty with "third party" fonts (like Adobe, Linotype, Monotype). It is unable to display Frutiger and Myriad at all ... two fonts we use a lot of at our company.
The fix at present is to downgrade to Powerpoint 2004, in order to complete an important presentation for Monday morning.
I understand that MS is releasing a new patch next week. If Powerpoint is something you use a lot of, I would delay purchase of Office 2008 until this terrible bug is fixed.

BTW: funnily enough both Excel and Word display non-MS fonts fine.
[Version 12.0]

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