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vinnyr2003 reviewed on 07 Feb 2013
I really like the functionality of the program and the stability it has provided thus far. The usability is up there with Apple itself, very easy and intuitive. If you have any questions, there is always a professional on chat to assist.
[Version 2.4.1]

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vinnyr2003 replied on 07 Feb 2013
Actually, with as much as you're on here downing Mackeeper, I'd say that it's more likely that you're part of a competitor's team sent to make derogatory remarks about this product that it is Mackeeper would create accounts to pad their ratings. Truth is I received an email asking me to come here and post my honest feedback about this product I purchased a month ago. I have had none of the issues others have had with it. It has done my 5 year old MacBook pro well, and the tech I worked with was great.

The way I see it is that someone is more likely to pst rants about something going wrong (I work in customer relations for a utility) than they are to stop what they are doing when something works perfectly well. I see your "vague" remarks below about another post from someone just as fake as me apparently, but if you think about specific can you be when nothing is wrong? Conversely, it's quite easy to pinpoint a fault.

The only sham I see here is your constant negative feedback to legitimate review...and I explicitly asked for email when I signed in to see if you specifically posted some garbage about a fake account.

How's that for hearing nothing from vinnyr2003?

vinnyr2003 replied on 10 Feb 2013
Well Derek Currie, cudos to you for your altruistic approach to helping people. Maybe you should put a bed sheet on, cover your eyes with a yellow bandana and call yourself "Kickass". I can assure you that with your childish name calling, you haven't helped me at all and you still haven't shared any of the actual ways that this software is harmful (btw just as my experience is an anecdote, so too are the other experiences people share) vinnyr2003 is the handle I use for just about anything, especially worthless review threads.

About the "professional" aspect of your reviews and "protection" threads. What first of all makes you a Mac expert? If you don't work directly for Mac (who gave this software good reviews on their site), then you are nothing more than user. The review I wrote was my personal experience, I am not a professional nor do I claim to be. If you were a professional, I would contend that you should BE more professional when you critique another just might get more people to listen.

My final plug, before I hang the phone up on this conversation for good, (I am a professional that doesn't need to waste his time arguing with consumers about a product I really don't care to argue about) is that I use Mackeeper and it works great for ME. If it doesn't work well for you I would document why and publish it. I would not simply call these people parasites and ramble on with childish banter. Doesn't bode well for the whole "professional" argument.

Unclicked the "Email me" button, so feel free to reply without fear of being smashed again.

vinnyr2003 replied on 14 Feb 2013
@Gskibum: I can't say that my MBP was necessarily unstable, but after I used the program it was indeed booting faster. It did clean a lot of junk out of my Mac, but nothing that it didn't ask me about before removing though. My issue was that I was used to being able to do disk cleanups and defragmenting with a PC before I jumped over to Mac, and until recently (unfortunately after I used the program) I wasn't sure how to clean all of that out myself.

I use Apple everything these days and I'm always looking for ways to better utilize what I have and I can say that fortunately this software didn't leave me like some of the people on this thread. If I had a bad experience, I would have said so. I have downed Norton Antivirus in reviews for how slow and unusable it made my wife's Dell. Now, you could argue (and I would) that it may have become unusable and slow by way of being a Dell altogether. I digress.

Would I buy the software again? Maybe, maybe not...but my results have been favorable and I've had no issues with customer service. I thought that's why people wrote reviews. The exchange between Mr. Macspert and myself leaves me thinking that you can't come here to this website and submit honest consumer reviews. It seems that anything you say has to be scrutinized by the self proclaimed altruist below. At least here anyway. So, I pose this question:
If I can't leave an honest review, and it seems it's easy to leave fraudulent reviews here, then why would someone come to this website to read a review or leave a review at all? This whole conversation taints my view of Macupdate altogether, without regard to the side you choose on the entire debate.

So, I'll stick to reading reviews by Mac for Mac users vice stroking or arguing with some ego attached to an LCD screen.

(Nuclear Chemistry Instructor, business owner and fan of all products Apple)

vinnyr2003 replied on 15 Feb 2013
@Gskibum: We are arguing two different things at this point. I now contend that Derek and yourself have next to nothing constructive to say about what is so bad about this product. You are only questioning wether or not I'm a real person and that really has nothing to do with the program.

To combat your ASSumption, I actually I said I liked the stability it provided...strongly suggesting that other products might not be as stable. If you are going to put words in my mouth and then attack me on the basis of something YOU said you're nothing more than a politician. Kind of like "Kickass" up there. You two must have to take some tough brakes from playing WOW and sucking each other off to internet porn to fit in all of this do gooding here on Macupdate (which after this post I will no longer be a participant of).

The one thing I can say is at least you gave a link to a valid Apple site talking about the issues brought by people in this thread instead of only just attacking me as a person. If you two would argue a point instead of making personal attacks I can guarantee you would see much better results and a productive thread.

I still believe that you both have ulterior motives, and it's unfortunate. Or, you're just so terrible at this game of "altruism" that you have no idea how to actually play...maybe if it involved 1's and 0's you'd have a better handle on it.

In closing, anyone looking for positive useful feedback from professionals, look elsewhere. Anyone looking to give an honest review without fear of reprisal, also continue your search.
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