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Ulyssesric commented on 26 Nov 2013
Updated, launched, searched a term, and being Binged. Yikes!
Located Bing at preference, disabled, but can't be removed.
Yikes again!
[Version 1.0.42]

Ulyssesric commented on 25 Nov 2013
I'm quite confused by the automatic update policy. I'm sure that DropBox apps installed on both my machines had updated themselves from 2.4.5 to 2.4.6, but not yet update to 2.4.7, which had been released two weeks ago.
[Version 2.4.7]

Ulyssesric commented on 19 Aug 2013
The download link is still 23.0.0 ?
[Version 23.0.1]


Ulyssesric reviewed on 11 Aug 2013
One of the best file transfer tool between Mac & iOS devices. FileDrop is much easier to use than DropCopy, since you won't need to configure anything at all.

FileDrop a standard application, so that you just have to launch, connect, transfer file, and quit, that's it. And that's why I like it over DropCopy: for most of the time yon won't need to have a persistent service waiting for connection all the time.

For those who have trouble pairing devices: first check the version of FileDrop on each ends. Then make sure all devices are connected in the same "broadcast domain". Please note that two devices may not be in the same broadcast domain even their subnet number is identical. And some routers or WiFi APs may sometimes blocks certain broadcast pockets (such as mDNS used by Bonjour.) You may consult with your network administrator for this. If still fails, there might be something "chattery" in your local network, such as DLNA.
[Version 1.1]

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Ulyssesric replied on 02 Oct 2013
Sorry, but you have to do *EXACTLY* the same broadcast domain configuration when you're using DropCopy.

These type of applications must rely on the broadcast service to identify paired devices. You're OK when you just hook your computer and iDevices to a low cost router when you're at home; both DropCopy and FileDrop will run smoothly without glitch. But when your local network is getting larger (more than 50 hosts,) it would be a pain in the ass to add a persistent broadcast service into the network.

Ulyssesric reviewed on 08 Aug 2013
Best of the can't-live-without applications that Apple should have built-in.
[Version 2.0.7]

Ulyssesric commented on 06 Jun 2013
Another update without new features. I don't know what to say. Bare Bones, do you really think BBEdit is perfect ?

It has been two years since last time I wrote comments about BBEdit 10. Two years, and we're still missing critical features like more comprehensive syntax color, two column editing, Git integration, JavaDoc/PHPDoc integration, smooth ctags integration, standard library auto-completion, online syntax linter, user-define build system, and project-based settings.

Bare Bones, if your calendar is out of sync, it's 2013 now. The world is evolving. We have better tool for HTML/CSS like Coda2; we have better tool for Ruby like TextMate; we have better tool for PHP/Python like Komodo; we have better tool for markup text like Markdown; and we have the all-mighty Sublime Text 2.

Bare Bones, It's time for an upgrade. Either you upgrade your flagship product, or the users would upgrade to another tool with better workflow.
[Version 10.5.4]

Ulyssesric commented on 15 May 2013
The latest version 1.1.3 was released on 23 Jan 2013. That's 4 months ago.
[Version 1.1.3]


Ulyssesric reviewed on 13 Dec 2012
You can also buy this game on Mac App store or Steam. Drop the pixel resolution to 1280*800 and it runs OK on a 2010 iMac.

Before you buy this game, take this warning: it ONLY supports the XBox 360 gamepad via USB (with Tattiebogle driver). You shall NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER try to play it with a PS3 Sixaxis controller. Don't even think about it.

TW2 can only recognize the direction and camera-angle inputs from analog joysticks on PS3 Sixaxis controller. All the other buttons, including the Start and Select buttons, are not functional. And TW2 will disable all keyboard events when switched to controller mode, including the ESC key, and all the OS-level function hot-keys. Even the Option-Command-ESC is disabled.

This "feature" will forbid you from tweaking the gamepad events with 3rd party utilities like ControllerMate or GamePad Companion. And the worst part is: you can still use mouse cursor to start the game. But after you entered, you CAN NOT save, load, even quit, since the ESC key is disabled, and the Start button on the PS3 controller is not functional.

If you happened to get yourself into this fall trap, the only way to quit this game is switching off the machine.
[Version 1.0]

Ulyssesric commented on 24 Jun 2012
Same here, it's not working on my iMac mid-2010 and MBP mid-2009, both running OS X 10.7.4. I've check system log and I'm pretty sure the installation process is done without error. The framework itself doesn't seem to be loaded at all after re-login. Can't find any trace in the log. Is that related to the 32bits / 64bits things ? Anybody get this to work ?
[Version 1.0]

Ulyssesric commented on 28 May 2012
DAEMON Tool was as good disc image mounter on Windows, until it start to bundle WhenU AD-ware and force users to install the search bar tool. When the Windows 7 was released, the old version of DAEMON Tool was also the source of many crashes on my machine. So I switched to MagicDisk since 2010.

On the Mac platform, I don't see it necessary to install such tool. Mac users get no problem with ISO, and you can also handle APE and CUE will with Cog and XLD. Disc images created with other 3rd party clone tool are primarily used for personal backup; they're seldom "released" to public.
[Version 1.0.4]

Ulyssesric had trouble on 02 Sep 2012
It crashed every time on launch on my machine, with a detailed CrashReport. It seems that Relax Melodies had intentionally killed itself during initializing with an "Assert" method (a common way for debugging.)
So I contacted the developer. They said the initial asserting fails due to a missing font, which I've removed it manually from my system.
They've promised that they'll solve this issue in the next release. So I'm still waiting.
[Version 1.0]

Ulyssesric had trouble on 27 May 2010
After applying the 3.1 upgrade, the network interface of virtual machine stopped working. I was previously set the NIC to bridge mode / manually linked to the built-in. After I switched my setting to bridge mode / auto-detecting, this problem is fixed.

This might be a minor bug. Fortunately it's easy to workaround.
[Version 3.1]

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