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tzoi516 commented on 08 Oct 2013
I was thinking of upgrading to the current Fusion from a bundle purchase. Half way through VMware's involved registration process I decided I'm staying with Parallels - whatever happened to just name, email, phone, and address?
[Version 6.0.1]

tzoi516 commented on 25 Sep 2013
Mac & BSD version? That is awesome because I'm slowly moving to FreeBSD.
[Version 1.3.32]

tzoi516 commented on 25 Sep 2013
Vitamin-R would be a great app if it did more than what free apps already do, and those apps do more. The issue for me is I multitask - I have to divide my time between multiple tasks. Vitamin-R only focuses on 1 task at a time until completion, or you have to delete (read: waste time) and start a new task in the app. It would be nice if I could enter a list of tasks for the day and then select the task to start for that moment. This could be the perfect app to use with a task/project management app.
[Version 2.04]

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tzoi516 replied on 25 Sep 2013
According to their site it looks like multiple tasks are possible. However, you have to go into a task, click a button, select task, and then click continue. The flow makes no sense to people familiar with task/project management.

tzoi516 reviewed on 25 Sep 2013
Not a fan of the latest version - it automatically was going through my entire MP3 collection and "updating" all the tags, which are now jacked up. If you're on v2 then I would recommend not upgrading. If you inadvertently upgraded to v3 then I hope you have a backup copy of v2 because there isn't a link to download it from their site.
[Version 3.0.4]


tzoi516 reviewed on 09 Aug 2013
What I'd really prefer is a Finder-like app that allows me to preview files without being annoying. Unfortunately one doesn't exist, but Together is the best app that comes pretty close. I say close because the ding that I see is subjective. It's subjective because there's really only 2 types of apps for document management: 1. import/export to/from a library, and 2: an aggregator that takes forever to initially scan your system and then loads a helper app that affects system performance. If I can't setup a folder system the way that I want on my HDD, and use it with the right app that I'd prefer then I would use the first type of app, and I think this is where Together knocks it out of the park - the big pluses for me are being able to pinch/zoom and copy from the preview window.

I've tried DEVONthink, DEVONotes, SOHO Notes, and iDocument. What I didn't like about these apps are sluggish performance as more data is added to the library, ugly design, and helper apps. Together has a nice clean interface, no noticeable performance issue, and the tab option can be disabled and it closes when Together closes.

Until someone creates an app that I don't have to babysit, isn't intrusive, mitigates a micromanaging system, and doesn't use background helper apps, Together is the app for me.
[Version 3.0.6]

tzoi516 commented on 12 Apr 2013
Bravo to MacUpdate for getting the last couple Firefox updates online quicker than Mozilla.com
[Version 20.0.1]

tzoi516 commented on 23 Jan 2013
I posted an updated review that added the change of it not being a "Free for life" app anymore, and it was deleted. A properly moderated comments, forum, etc, section should at least notify the registered poster why his commentary was moderated - it does not reflect well on the site or the developer.
[Version 3.2.7]

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tzoi516 replied on 23 Jan 2013
I don't recall a link, serial, or anything else, just saying I'm offered a discount.

tzoi516 reviewed on 13 Nov 2012
I liked WriteRoom 2 because of the flexibility it afforded me in customizing my writing environment - it's about allowing me to focus on writing and not minutiae, right? WriteRoom 3 takes a departure, which has caused me to spend around 20 minutes just trying to get the window how I want it - full screen every time I open WriteRoom, the page is centered (I don't like text scrolling off the edge of my monitor, it's distracting. However, I can't adjust the bottom margin in 3), and a entire black background gives me a headache after awhile. After one spends an hour of customizing, and wasting valuable writing time, it almost works like its predecessor. Until you close it and open it again.

Theming isn't as cut-and-dry - I didn't see a Theme editor, so I opened a theme in the text editor (thinking it might be XML-based) and was greeted with gibberish.

Since it was an inexpensive upgrade, the value wasn't bad, and so far it hasn't crashed on me.

Sorry for the snarky commentary, I'm just frustrated - which I know is a poor excuse. I just don't like my time being wasted.
[Version 3.2.1]

tzoi516 commented on 10 Nov 2011
Between Hazel, Cocktail, and/or TechTool, what added benefit can Broom provide?

Plus, another menu item being added to my already crowded menu bar isn't a big seller. My preference would either be a widget, and/or a keyboard shortcut to get to something that "operates in the background."
[Version 1.2]


tzoi516 reviewed on 01 Jul 2011
There's really only 2 negatives (but are they really?) I see about this app: 1. it's not as robust as some utilities that are categorized with this app, 2. because of 1, I think this app would get unfairly overlooked.

First off, one big plus that needs to be addressed at the start:

"Free upgrades for a lifetime"

People might scoff at the dollar-euro conversion, but over the years it will pay for itself. I originally bought CheckUp 2 in 2009 and my app ID worked like a charm today for v.3. Cost comparison, I would say that it would eventually work out to only a few dollars over the forthcoming years.

That being said, I think this is the perfect app to compliment Drive Genius or TechTool Pro like apps.

I would say this is like Apple's crappy System Profiler, but on steroids and way better; finding specific information isn't in a convoluted list, and you can export it in PDF format. I can keep those PDFs on my iPad for reference for future use should I have any issues with my Macs. The export format looks like it would fit cleanly on Apple's website. The only export issue I'm having is the 32-bit and 64-bit icons are "?'s" on the PDF.

The Network window is great because it includes apps and the IP/resolved names they're connected to, which beats using Terminal for that info.

The expanded Processes window is great because of the info icon next to each process. Clicking it will give users info about the what the process does.

What IT professional wouldn't love the expanded Data window? All important data from drivers to preference panes, and more, all in one clean window. If I need to secure a Mac for secure government use then this made my life a lot easier.

I will admit that I was initially reluctant to upgrade to v.3 because v.2 reminded me of those faux Windows malware utilities that are supposed to fix issues instead of plague your system more - which it wasn't, I just hated having to go into Launch folders to stop one of its associated files from loading and slow my Mac down.

Final thoughts: Can't beat the free updates for life, the clean UI, the ease of use, and export options. If Apple didn't neglect a lot of their utilities then this is one I could see them creating. Unfortunately for them adnX did it.

UGH! I sound like an annoying fawning ad.
[Version 3.0]

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