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tychay commented on 24 Dec 2008
It'd be nice to know

1) What apps install this crap.
2) How to remove it.

I must have tested an app that installed this (PACESupport kernel extensions and startup items and other crap that generates errors in my log files) and I want to know if I can remove it because I no longer user the application. Also, if I do, how I can remove it.

Oh well, my guess is it's DxO Optics Pro.
[Version 5.7.1]

tychay commented on 20 Dec 2008
I purchased it with a $5 discount from RealMac Software. Even then the price is pretty steep.

I wish when saving a DOM snap, it'd save some form of web archive (text data) with it. Only the full web snap saves a webarchive internally which means features like PDF export or view source aren't available which makes the snap not web searchable.

Interesting program. The UI is nice, but integration with other organization software doesn't look promising at the moment.
[Version 1.0.1]

tychay tipped on 15 Jul 2007
There is a new version of Plaxo for Mac that does Calendar sync and has Mail integration. It's part of the Plaxo Preview (http://preview.plaxo.com/). To download go to the preview site, log in, and add a "Mac" sync endpoint (at the bottom). There is a link to the download button. (You'll need Firefox because currently the preview site don't support Safari).

I used to work at Plaxo, but don't anymore. Just trying to give you a heads up.
[Version 1.0]

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tychay replied on 15 Jul 2007
I forgot to mention that it's still free. :-)
tychay commented on 12 Feb 2006
It's a pity that the person writing the Ars Technica review doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, but instead parrots complaints by other photographers who don't know what the hell they are talking about.

For instance, he complains about the RAW processing in Aperture and then compares it to the "universally acclaimed" Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop.

1) Does he know that the DEFAULT settings of Adobe Camera RAW apply post-processing that has nothing to do with RAW processing? For instance, it boosts contrast, reduces color noise, and sharpens the image, Obviously the idiot has no idea because all his complains about Aperture's RAW processing are reducable to one of those three post processing effects.
2) In what universe is ACR acclaimed? Oh yeah, in the Canon universe where the company is too lazy to make decent RAW processing software. Typical crap, if you want to see good RAW processing, compare it to DxO Optics Pro which blows both Aperture and ACR out of the water.
3) In reality, Aperture's Camera RAW is truer to the actual RAW image. For instance, I saw one example (Canon 5D fashion shot) where ACR processed out some chromatic abberations. Newsflash! Chromatic Abberations are lens defects, the "processing out" in ACR is due it's default increase in contrast and then removal of color noise which pushes the chromatic abberations to black!

Just take a look at any RAW photograph of skintones. You'll see that ACR by default oversharpens them.

Many of the rest of complains are along a similar vein in that they don't understand that Aperture's tools are not meant to replace Photoshop, they are meant to work on photos. Lack of posterization due to dithering? Let's see, are these PHOTOS were are talking about? I thought so.
[Version 1.0.1]

tychay commented on 20 Jun 2004
Re: crashing your system and Apple.

This driver installs things into /System/Library/Extensions, including a kernel extension. If you are patching the kernel, Apple can't really be blamed if your computer crashes, especially when it is so adamant about what should and shouldn't be done to anything in the "/System" so there is a risk involved.

Simply put, Apple doesn't have those resources, Microsoft does, but they also have a much larger mess to deal with.

If you system is always unstable (getting a lot of kernel crash screens) as you imply, then my guess is you have bad RAM. Use memtest to do a full test of all you RAM.
[Version 4.2.5]

tychay tipped on 20 Jun 2004
There seems to be a lot of confusion here re: the Displays Updater. This is pretty much only for the cards listed and only for AFTERMARKET cards. If you have a Radeon card that came bundled with your Macintosh (OEM), this updater is technically not from you but instead you should be using Apple's Software Update.

This is why the features of your card aren't enabled. Does your card have a TV-OUT? Then why should it magically, through software, suddenly get one?

Of course, ATI's site certainly doesn't help the matter.

Not that this is totally useless, Look through MacUpdate for "Radeon Enabler" and you will find a product that uses this ATI Displays Updater and then patches it to work with your OEM card. Then you can activate hidden features like Full Screen Anti-Aliasing!

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion,

[Version 4.2.5]

tychay commented on 10 Feb 2004
I fail to see what this does that PHP doesn't do already 100 ways from Sunday. (Well besides WebStar Mac OS Classic support).

PHP is installed by default in Mac OS X (a two line edit to turn on in the client version, easily configurable on Mac OS X Server). It is the most prevalent web scripting language (on more web servers than all the Windows IIS servers out there). It also runs on nearly every web server and nearly every operating system.

Plus, it's installed by all the cheapest hosting sites and has far better database integration.

And if you don't like PHP's quirks there is always Python, Ruby and Perl.

Since I won't use this product, I won't rate it.
[Version 1.0.3]

tychay commented on 30 Oct 2002
This program replaces the PHP keywords in BBEdit so that syntax highlighting recognizes more of them. Note that you need to go to the website of the author and download his keywords file.

(I haven't tested this yet so I can't rate it.)
[Version 1.0]

tychay commented on 24 Jul 2002
Version tested (10.2 14D): The interface is alien to me, however I was able to install it on my computer for a friend who picks up his e-mail through AOL. This is useful because the web-based AOL e-mail client seems to not work in IE for some attachments. It seemed easy enough to configure to access AOL through network. Strangely, it seems to store it's folder cache in a globally accessible manner (in /Users/Shared) which is probably not a good idea. Maybe just an accident of a hurried installation.

I don't use AOL, so I can't comment on features or value. (I gave it those ratings because MacUpdate requires I rate all fields.)
[Version 10.2 14D]

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