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Thmghtd reviewed on 10 Nov 2009
This software is seriously impressive. And it's as thorough as it is intuitive, so the more you dig into it the more you'll get out of it.

Although it's built upon a complete, alternate driver for your Mac's infrared/remote control services, it's hardly limited to the Apple Remote. Suddenly, the remote for my EyeTV (250 Plus) controls any application I like, however I like.

And don't get me started on the AJAX Remote -- simply ridiculous. The speed, features and control literally at your fingertips when using your iPhone/iPod Touch should probably embarrass other developers in the same field; they are clearly not in the same league.

Remote Buddy is the first and perfect example I've seen of our digital junk really, truly getting along.

P.S. Be sure to check out the supported hardware, including Bluetooth devices -- it is no small list.
[Version 1.15]


Thmghtd reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
And on the same day he updates it for 10.6, he catches a bug, fixes it, and releases the fix.

That's so awesome.

Thanks Kevin.
[Version 2.0.2]


Thmghtd reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
Oh my god. Where do I send the check.
[Version 2.0.1]


Thmghtd reviewed on 24 Sep 2009
It's true... you only need to be burned once before you get serious -- real serious -- about backing up. I, too, use Time Machine as well as CCC.

Carbon Copy Cloner has made switching, troubleshooting, and backing up disks infinitely easier.

I absolutely rely on it.

And I love the new icon. So great; so unexpected.
[Version 3.3]


thmghtd reviewed on 10 Sep 2009
I've been actively using SIMBL for years and consider it completely indispensable. After reading SHK747's one-star drive-by, though, I realize I've been taking it for granted. Big time.

So here's my stupid opinion.

I love SIMBL.

I love it so much I probably love the developer, Mike Solomon, too, in some kind of cool, appreciative way.

Honestly. As you wade through the catalog of system hacks out there, each trying to improve your computer life one way or another, it's not long before you realize:

The difference between a hack and a solution is staggering.

Some hacks out there are worth considering, for sure, even when their side effects create a whole new monster (I'm looking at you, APE -- don't act shocked).

But over the years, as the OS overhauls have come and gone and we've seen even minor updates give developers major problems, SIMBL has become more useful. Not less.

That's not some small thing.

What SIMBL does for developers and end-users alike is simply awesome. So maybe now's a good time for a little rallying behind the (depressingly few) developers like Mike who make our stupid worlds go 'round.

Or at the very least, how about a little perspective.

To SHK747: You're frustrated or hitting a wall somewhere or something. I get it, guy.

But with a whopping 11 posts/reviews/comments prior to yours -- that's 11, total, over 4 years -- and with only 2 of those having ratings (really. two.), it seems like maybe there's a large enough appreciation/acknowledgment deficit without casually driving the stats down.

Don't get me wrong: I love the democratic process. And the loyal opposition will always be instrumental in figuring out the kinks.

But being a curmudgeon just doesn't seem quite so... productive.

I don't know. Maybe you really hate SIMBL now.

I'm just thinking... maybe it's Big Picture time. Maybe yours will be the star heard 'round the world, and everyone who makes use of software like SIMBL -- all the people getting by with the help of other people -- will band together and represent, truly, the opinions of the majority.

The grateful, satisfied majority.

Anyway. I love SIMBL. Thanks Mike. A lot.

Note: Even though I mention SHK747's comment, I feel like it's largely a review of SIMBL (and maybe an allegory for freedom, I'm not sure), so I'm posting it as its own thing.
[Version 0.9.4b]

Thmghtd had trouble on 10 Oct 2009
I'm a little embarrassed that I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this. Maybe my Googling isn't what it used to be.

Or maybe it was never that good.

Either way: I'm wondering if USB Overdrive can work, in any capacity, with the thin/aluminum Apple USB Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. The model number is A1243, Apple Part # MB110LL/A)

It's plugged in to a 13" MacBook Pro with its lid kept shut and an external Cinema Display as the primary/only monitor. The Status tab of USB Overdrive shows the Apple Optical USB Mouse (which is plugged into the keyboard), but no keyboard.

I'd love to be able to customize... well, to be honest, the whole keyboard, but that's a different app, I'm sure. Farting around with the media keys would be great, though, and my (misguided?) understanding is, somehow, there's a way to do it.

I've been sure to remove all the SteerMouse components, and I had FunctionFlip installed but disabled it and made sure none of its agents are running.

I fired off an email to their support address, but since it's the weekend I don't expect an immediate reply and figured I could ask around...

Thanks in advance!
[Version 3.0.1]

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