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thirstyrobot reviewed on 16 Apr 2009
Having used DropBox for well over a month, I now can't imagine doing without it!
The key thing I like about it is that it stays out of my way and requires little or no effort to sync and manage files. Development and support are both stellar and there's clearly a dedication here to constantly improve and refine the product.

I really think these guys have a bright future ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do about their pricing structure so that there are a few more options to choose from.

A well-earned five star rating.
[Version 0.6.507]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 17 Nov 2008
Great little app that is really showing signs of maturity in its last few releases. Oh and unlike Acquisition, it doesn't screw you over with unmet promises from the developer.
[Version 0.3.5]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 14 Oct 2008
Expecting existing licensees to pay full price for a 2.0 product that was only launched as 1.0 less than 18 months ago is ridiculous.

No one likes to be fleeced...and that's exactly what this feels like.
[Version 2.0v2]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 15 Jul 2008
I was once an enthusiastic supporter of this app...and heck even its developer. But I can no longer endorse either on account of that guy's unethical behaviour. For those who paid the license on version 1.0 of this app--including many who paid for free upgrades for life--they're now stuck with something that connects, at best, infrequently. The developer's solution? 'Buy a new license, give me more money.'

Granted, we're talking here about getting shafted by a product that helps folks rip off record companies--and maybe there's some karma in that--but insofar as we're talking about reputation on the street, this guy's on the blacklist of many, many people for a reason.

Avoid Acquisition and never, ever give this guy a dime.
[Version 2.0v209]

thirstyrobot commented on 02 Dec 2007
Excellent value and well worth supporting with donations.
[Version 1.0.6]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 02 Dec 2007
I'm surprised and a little disappointed that the developer still hasn't released a new version that natively supports CS3. I mean come on! Even pokey Adobe managed to eek out a UB-compliant what's the hold up?

That said, if you really depend on this handy tool (and there are a lot of us out there who do), you still can use it in a somewhat crippled manner. Add it to your CS3 folder and run Photoshop in Rosetta. Of course by doing so, you completely negate the performance benefits of CS3...
[Version 2.1]

thirstyrobot commented on 02 Dec 2007
Maybe I missed something or didn't install it right, but I found this app to be a major nuisance. After persevering for two weeks, I finally had enough. I felt that it was anything but seamless and required too much baby-sitting to be truly useful to me.
[Version 2.5.6]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 02 Dec 2007
I've defended this developer in the past, but wow...I gotta admit that his recent moves on this app have been pretty galling. First, I take issue with the sneaky way that licensed users of version 132.7 are told to upgrade. It's only after you have done so and have replaced your old licensed version with the new one that you discover you're now expected to shell out more money for what amounts to the same application you have before, except for a few little enhancements.

Second, even if you opt out of upgrading, you're bothered continually by a nag screen telling you that you really *must* upgrade. At best, this is disingenuous. And the impression it leaves is that the developer takes his licensed user base for granted.

Unless the developer does something to correct this, I can no longer endorse nor will I use this application. And judging from the comments I'm reading, I'm in the majority opinion.
[Version 2.0v205]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 02 Dec 2007
While not as refined as the other two apps that comprise the iWork suite, Numbers is adequate for basic spreadsheet needs. Given its performance problems when crunching large spreadsheets, I have my doubts about whether I can dump Excel quite yet. I would not have bought this app on its own, so I consider this one a freebie add-on to the very reasonably priced iWork suite.

I'm hoping that the new version brings the same kind of performance refinements that we've seen with Pages and Keynote to date.

I'd also like to see a better selection of expense-related templates. Can anyone recommend a good one that's currently out there?
[Version 1.0.1]


thirstyrobot reviewed on 02 Dec 2007
In addition to being miles ahead of Powerpoint in terms of ease of use, Keynote has what I consider to be an absolutely killer feature: exporting presentations to Quicktime H.264 files. What used to be a major headache for me is now solved with a click. That alone sold me on this app.
[Version 4.0.1]

thirstyrobot had trouble on 25 Sep 2006
Recognizing that this is a 1.0 release, there's still plenty of room for improvement. I do like the simplified, no-fuss style. However, when I attempted to import my clients from Address Book into the app, this is what I got:

"This version of Billable uses a new database format. Migration to this new format is only supported in 1.0b6 and greater. Please quit Billable, erase your existing user files as discusses on the wiki and relaunch. Sorry about the inconvenience."
[Version 1.0]

thirstyrobot had trouble on 21 Apr 2006
On my first attempt to select a bunch of tracks for album art, the app crashed. Tried again and this time it refused to find artwork even for artists/titles where all the data was clearly provided.

Tried clicking and holding on the "Get Artwork" button to activate the drop-down (which is harder get to work than it should be...perhaps the click field should be wider). By re-selecting "by Artists & Album" I was able to get the application working.

My guess is that the app's default setting needs to be assigned when it's launched for the first time. Then again, I'm not a developer (as this note will attest).

Having said all of this...Corripio is a fantastic little tool and the update is substantially faster (I'm running this on an Intel iMac).
[Version 0.3]

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