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Theothertim reviewed on 06 Aug 2013
Firefox has been making major improvements in speed and rendering. It feels very snappy and Mac-like. Version 23 is a solid release (and I like the new icon). I have been giving considerable thought to switching from Chrome for a while now. Firefox is a powerhouse browser. Good job to the Mozilla team for giving us another great browser alternative in a very solid list of browsers on the Mac.
[Version 23.0]


Theothertim reviewed on 26 Sep 2012
Version 22 seems noticeably faster at rendering. Chrome satisfies my needs with plenty of power features and a simple UI. Safari lacks several features that I use on a regular basis (pinned tabs, for example) and while I like Firefox, it's memory consumption, much like Safari's, gets out of control, which causes my entire system to slowdown. Chrome doesn't give me this trouble, even with numerous tabs open. And when I close them, I get the RAM back. Plus Google is constantly improving the browser and giving us updates, which is actually a good thing. I with they would stick with point releases for big updates, but that is a minor quibble.
[Version 22.0.1229.79]


Theothertim reviewed on 24 Apr 2012
Stainless has a lot of potential. As mentioned already, it handles Flash better than any other browser I've tried. Why can't Chrome or other browsers run this efficiently?

It does lack many features, which makes it a poor choice for daily use, but as a light browser or for viewing YouTube, it is one of the better options.
[Version 0.8]


Theothertim reviewed on 24 Mar 2012
It would be great to see this app developed further. I like the tab implementation, but I wish it followed the CMD+ convention like Chrome and Firefox to switch tabs. For instance, CMD+1 to go to the first tab, then CMD+5 to go to the fifth tab from the left. There are no preferences either, so you're stuck with what is given, which is fine for me because I love the colors chosen for the code. But the one thing that keeps me going back to Smultron/Fraise from all the other editors...a built-in preview of the code. In fact, a live update of the preview. It's such a time-saver.
[Version 0.0.3]


Theothertim reviewed on 17 Mar 2012
Kudos to the Adium team. Adium just gets better with age. Version 1.5 brings several enhancements and some new UI elements to what is already the best IM client on the Mac. Adium has been stable for me for years and it works great.
[Version 1.5]


Theothertim reviewed on 14 Mar 2012
I like the tabs on top and they look better. But several of my complaints about the client still exist:

- The wide view needs an overhaul to provide more data in less space, like Mail.app, Postbox, Outlook, etc.
- If messages are sorted newest on top, deleting the current message moves you down to older message rather then up to the newer message.
- Growl still isn't working for me

The 11.0 update seems rather minimal. If you've had issues with Thunderbird in the past, you probably won't find much new here to entice you to switch. Mozilla should give Thunderbird more love. It's just doing what it has always done...the same old way. I was hoping for something new and innovative.
[Version 11.0]

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Theothertim replied on 14 Mar 2012
I deleted Thunderbird and all preferences and reinstalled fresh. Growl is working now. And the name of the view I have a problem with is called vertical view, not wide view. So deleting all of my preferences fixed Growl, but those other issues are still there.

Theothertim reviewed on 08 Mar 2012
I'm amazed at the number of users who comment only to complain about the version numbering. Get over it already. The user often doesn't need to know or care what version they have, and because Google Chrome updates automatically the user always has the latest version of the browser. It's actually a good thing. For years I worked in a call center helping users who had browsers that were years old and were susceptible to security threats or unable to access services on the web because of it. Does the browser do what a browser should do? Chrome does what it sets out to do. Rate it based on that, not your dislike over something so trivial as the numbering. And the same goes for Firefox.

As for the browser, Chrome was built from the ground up on the Mac. It's not a port of the PC version, and for that I give the Google team kudos. It feels very native to the Mac and while not as speedy as its PC or Linux brothers, IMO, it makes for a nice Mac browser alternative on the Mac. I don't see the massive speed that others rave about, but it's on par with other browsers on the Mac. Where it really shines is its features: sandboxing, tab overview, regular updates, tabs on top, easy search engine customization, extension support, etc. Where it fails are: the download manager, lack of native power features such as type-ahead-find, Growl support, inability to save multiple themes (I've lost a lot of good themes this way), and strict adherence to making the browser as slim as possible, which stifles innovations. Luckily, there are developers who create wonderful extensions that add type-ahead-find functionality, tabs to the front, Safari-like reader functionality, etc. that make Google Chrome a usable, powerful browser for those of use who want an enjoyable browsing experience.
[Version 17.0.963.78]


Theothertim reviewed on 02 Mar 2012
It's snappy! I like the UI, but I don't see the real benefit of the apps. All they are are bookmarks, essentially. You can accomplish the same thing by putting bookmarks in Safari's menu bar then using CMD+ to switch to each. I suppose the benefit is that you can jump to each without creating a new tab or opening a new page, but eh.

Only some bookmarks were imported from Safari. There doesn't seem to be an import option anywhere to import bookmarks from other browsers.

There is no way to add a custom style sheet or ad-block. And as stated before, several of the preferences aren't yet there, but I assume they will be soon.

So far it is stable for me and I like it, but I just don't know what real benefit there is to creating web apps as your selling feature. I expected them to behave more like mobile device apps and not just bookmarks.

Overall I think there is potential. I love the speed and the UI is nice. Hopefully the browser continues to improve.
[Version 0.7.14460]


Theothertim reviewed on 18 Nov 2011
When I used Safari this was the plugin that made the browser usable for me. It used to offer features that are no longer available, but I commend the developer(s) for keeping it alive and I know they are adding features all the time, albeit slowly. But it takes time to recode the software, and that is understandable.

I LOVE the quick search feature; being able to right-click a selection of text on a page and choose to search it in any one of your customized search engines is a great feature I miss in other browsers. I like how this plugin also handles URL bar searches by displaying the search engine/site chosen. I miss site alterations the most.

Overall, a great extension that is worthy of your time if you're a Safari user.
[Version 5.1.181]


Theothertim reviewed on 14 Nov 2011
I am sad to see this little gem out of development. Still, it is available and it works very well. It is fast and easy-to-use. I like that it opens the PDFs in full-screen view. And I like that it automatically adjusts the size of the text based on the size of the window. A great little utility.
[Version 0.14.3]

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