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theallseer commented on 23 Apr 2007
Simple, backs up to networked, hard wired or hosted drives. Doesn't make backups bootable, but I wouldn't expect that from such a lightweight program. I primarily use it to backup to a hosted ftp, which SuperDuper! doesn't do. And I'm a paying customer of SD too.

Perfect for my needs. I was shocked at how hard it was to find a solution to back up to ftp drives. My search is over.
[Version 2.2.1]


theallseer reviewed on 15 Jan 2007
Like others have said; it has potential, but is so convoluted, without any rhyme or reason to half of it's functions that it's pretty useless in it's current state. The learning curve to get started is so high that it is simply not worth the time or hassle. It takes so long just to do basic things that KinklessGTD does with 1-2 clicks. I'm eagerly awaiting Omnifocus' release, because if it is as good as it sounds, the bar will be raised and Inbox will either die or have to meet it feature for feature in order to compete.
[Version 1.0.5]

theallseer tipped on 11 Dec 2006
I'd like to be able to choose the tag prefix. I currently use quicksilver for tagging my files and i choose to use & instead of @ because I don't want it getting mixed in with my emails when I do searches.
[Version 0.1.2b]

theallseer commented on 08 Nov 2006
In other non-crappy software news, Celtx is free and just added a lot more new features. Don't waste any of your time or money on this program. It was the defacto standard because there weren't any viable options, but now there is:

[Version 7.1.3]

theallseer commented on 15 Aug 2006
YAAAAAAAAAY! Finally they support and allow importing of adblock expressions!

That's what I would be saying as I hit the purchase button for this program if they actually implemented that.

But until then, no adblock, no customer. And that right clicking stuff works 1/4th of the time and not on flash ads. Please get with the times and implement better adblocking and importing of expressions.

'Til then, I'll continue using my free and fully adblock supporting Camino, Safari and Firefox.
[Version 5.5b3]

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theallseer replied on 15 Aug 2006
Camitools is a free addition to Camino and it blocks as many ads, flash and standard, as adblock does for Firefox. I believe it uses the same strings from adblock. Either way, it just works without me having to do anything but hit a check box.

Pith helmet for Safari is donationware, in essense, free. Also, just clicking a checkbox.

I'll stick to those free alternatives until Omni makes it just as easy to implement. Trust me, Id use Omniweb if it was and I didnt have to do CSS blocking and what not, just like I dont do with 3 other browsers.
theallseer commented on 22 Jul 2006
Thank the sweet lord its finally arrived for intel macs!
[Version 2.6]

theallseer commented on 20 Jul 2006
I would totally buy/use it if ad and flash blocking were a lot easier to add/edit/use/etc.

Using CSS files, adding single lines to hidden preference files or to the ad blocking area in the preferences is totally unacceptable.

I'm sorry, but this is a deal breaker for any browser that I could potentially use. Would love to use the browser, but I might as well start using IE if I want to see ads all day.
[Version 5.5 beta 1]

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theallseer replied on 21 Jul 2006
that works maybe half the time on a good day and doesnt work with any flash ads.
theallseer commented on 20 Jul 2006
The program has a lot of potential and I'm very excited to see two programs really giving a go at this market that has been under the thumb of Final Draft for so many bug-filled, not-working-properly years.

The problem with Montage though, is that it's closest competition (which this program bears a striking resemblance to) is Celtx. Which happens to be free and does nearly everything Montage currently does, even a few extra things that it doesnt. The subtle differences between the two doesnt warrant the $139 price tag in my eyes. So I'm happy to say that I'm sticking with Celtx until Montage has some feature I just have to use.

Keep up the good work though. Competition is a great thing.
[Version 1.0]


theallseer reviewed on 14 Jul 2006
After the Dev fixed the dvd burning issue for intel macs, the program has been spot on! It burns and encodes dvds even quicker than Toast for me (probably cut the encoding time by at least 70%). I absolutely love it. There is no learning curve and it works wonderfully and is rock solid as far as stability. Keep up the great work!
[Version 1.41u]

theallseer commented on 15 May 2006
My Savior! Theres nothing on the market that does what this program does on intel macs. I just got a Logitech Bluetooth MX900 and was afraid I might have to return it because I couldn't map any of the buttons (i tired all the other mouse button mapping apps and they either aren't universal binaries or just don't work with bluetooth mice *cough* USB Overdrive.) SteerMouse to the rescue! Not only did it save me, but it also replaced LazyMouse since it does exactly the same thing. Two apps in one for a 3rd of the price, someone pinch me! lol. Keep up the amazing work.
[Version 3.2]

theallseer had trouble on 02 Aug 2006
So glad its been released for intel macs. But ive seem to have found a problem. Sometimes switch is VERY slow. When i hit the key combo, it takes 1-5 seconds to show the tab switcher. As soon as I disable LiteSwitch, the default apple one will pop up instantly, like LiteSwitch should be doing.

Using it on MBP 15" 2gb ram, 100gb 7200 HD
[Version 2.6]

theallseer had trouble on 17 Jun 2006
Unfortunately when I try to burn a DVD, it asks if i want to encode, I hit yes, it asks where to save encoded file, i select and hit ok, the encoding quits and nothing more happens. I wish this worked because this is the only thing holding me back from dumping toast.

running MBP 15" 2.0ghz, 2gb ram
[Version 1.0u]

theallseer had trouble on 08 Jun 2006
not working for me, wont display anything. Just displays black. 15" MBP 2.0ghz, 2gb ram.
[Version 0.3]

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theallseer replied on 10 Jun 2006
weird, after a reinstall, it works fine. but its pretty pointless without showing some actual numbers. Cant really recommend using this unless you really just want a moving color graph on your dashboard.
theallseer had trouble on 26 Jan 2006
Hi, I can't seem to get this thing to work. I drag a folder of .jpg's onto the app, it goes through its steps and then quits. I've searched my drive and can't find any new pdf files. Please provide a little more specific instructions about where these files go by default or make a pop up box that asks where to save the pdf.
[Version 0.1]

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