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texinick reviewed on 11 Jan 2009
Having used Gmail Notifr for a few days, I thought I'd return and give it a more objective review (as promised) now that it's working for me.

First up, I'd like to give kudos to the developer, James. There was a problem with 0.3.0 in saving usernames, and he worked quickly and non-stop until he'd resolved the problem. Top marks!!

I haven't tested this for multiple users, I only have my single account to monitor, but it did that without any problems at all. The ability to adjust the polling of the Gmail server is a nice feature.

There are a few things missing that the Google Notifier does that Gmail Notifr doesn't. A "Compose Message" menu item would be useful. I think the message list could possibly be expanded on too. Google Notifier, for example, displays a tooltip with the beginning of the message in it. I find this very useful.

One or two people have commented on the memory usage of the 'official' google notifier, however, I've had both running side by side for a few days and Activity Monitor is telling me that Gmail Notifr is using a little more (19.52 MB) than the Google Notifier (16.87 MB).

Gmail Notifr does what it is meant to do, well, and with a very responsive, and nice, developer to boot. However, in my situation, I have decided to stick with the Google Notifier because I don't need multiple account checking and I also like to have the list of events from my Google Calendar. I use Busy Sync to synchronise my Google Calendar to iCal, but I'm yet to find a nice solution to listing events and emails nicely as the Google Notifier does.

I wish the developer all the best with this project, and I will certainly be keeping an eye on it.
[Version 0.3.2]


texinick reviewed on 07 Jan 2009
I have not used this program prior to version 0.3.0, so I have no preferences or accounts previously set for this program.

How on earth do I add an account?!?!?!?!?

No matter what I do, my username and password are not stored, all I ever get is a username of 'username'.

Is there some jiggerypokery needed here, or is this a bug introduced in 0.3.0 for new users of Gmail Notifr?

I'll review my rating once I manage to actually use the program :^)
[Version 0.3.0]

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texinick replied on 07 Jan 2009
Thanks for this James. The problem wasn't not knowing how to do it, the problem was that it just didn't do it. With 0.3.0, I tried pressing the + button first, it gave me a record with 'username' in the username field, but it didn't save my username details when I replaced 'username' with my id.

One of the newer comments makes me wonder if you fixed this in 0.3.1, or whether you just added the tooltip? I'll download it and give it a try.

texinick reviewed on 06 Jan 2009
Do we really need every man and their dog telling us it isn't Intel? How about you calmly tell Google instead?

And as for storing my images on Google? So what! I've nothing to hide. Everything I upload is marked as private so no-one else can see them, and therefore shouldn't be in any position to sue me if there is someone doing something they shouldn't in the background, because they are PRIVATE. On the flip side.. I LOVE knowing that all my photos are stored safely should the awful happen and I lose all my possessions through a house fire, or whatever else may happen. I've seen two of my close friends lose every photo they had, one through a house fire, the other through a dog knocking their laptop off the table and killing the computer.

How about we get objective in the reviews.

I've been eager to see Picasa on Mac for a long time. And after playing around all day, I haven't been at all disappointed.

1) It's FAST!! It blitzes iPhoto in general speed.

2) I'm not sure about the earlier memory usage comment. I can tell you I ran both Picasa & iPhoto side-by-side looking at the same sets of pictures, and Picasa used a LOT less memory. In Activity Monitor, iPhoto was using 140mb, while Picasa was using 85mb.

3) I've been working on a library of 2600 photos, copying between iPhoto albums, folders and Picasa albums. A quick click, and the whole album is uploaded to the web. It all works seemlessly, and quickly.

There are some nice features in Picasa with more on the way. Collages is fun, for example, and the live monitoring of folders and changes to iPhoto albums is awesome.

For an initial beta release, I've found it to be a pleasure to use and very stable, I've had one hang all day, and that's been it.

texinick commented on 26 Nov 2008
Hi, just a small suggestion... could you add in the ability to send the message to This would then make your program an attractive option for people who use the majority of the social networking sites. i.e. (I'm not affiliated) can send messages to Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, etc etc etc, (there are loads).
[Version 1.1]

texinick commented on 02 May 2008
I like this. It's simple, small, and does what it claims. My only question would be: Why this, and not Adium? Essentially, they offer the same thing, with the exception of this keeping you on facebook too. So where/how does the developer see this being used in comparison to Adium?

Is it also possible to have Facebook Notifications displaying here too, or is that not possible?
[Version 0.1]

texinick commented on 17 Nov 2007
I won't EVER give Roxio another cent, nor will I EVER recommend their products.

Their products are good, but once you've bought it, you're locked in with extortionate upgrade fees. Look at the likes of RapidWeaver and Coda.. nice, well priced programs, with very enticing upgrade costs.

But Roxio? Never again, there are alternatives to Toast and Popcorn, and I'll use those thanks!
[Version 3.0.2]

texinick commented on 05 Nov 2007
I just wish someone would do something like this for Google Bookmarks.

Bookdog is great for ensuring that all my browsers are synced with Google Bookmarks, but there are no menubar tools to access them directly.

Maybe the author would consider adding them to AllBookmarks?? please? pretty please? :^)
[Version 2.5]

texinick commented on 30 Jul 2007
Hi, I've just been comparing a few products that do similar things. I specifically want access to my iTunes library from my PSP. I love the idea of DT giving me options to play the music on the PSP or offering remote control, this is the definite advantage over the remote-only CoverBuddy. But the problem with both of them is they are PPC only. Why, oh why are people still releasing PPC only programs?

Is there a Universal Binary version of DT coming? I'd buy it now if there was.
[Version 3.0.44]

texinick commented on 30 Jul 2007
Loved it, and would register tomorrow if it was Universal.

Any chance of an update?
[Version 1.3.1]

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