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Teksestro reviewed on 10 Jun 2013
LiveCode has been released as OPEN SOURCE, so you can download it and produce full-blown apps for Mac, Win and Linux, without paying a single cent. You can also download the Open Source version of the 'LiveCode Server', which allows you to use LiveCode as a server-side scripting language (like PHP or Ruby).

LiveCode has succeeded in their KickStarter campaign, gathering about $750,000 of funds and becoming the highest-grossing open-source software project in the site. The KickStarter campaign goals include full Cocoa support, an even better database layer, and an open language interface (so programmers can enhance the language as they see pleased).

The program code is already available on GitHub, and several programmers have already made additions and enhancements to the code. The LiveCode community is abuzz with activity, and the future of this platform looks *really* bright.

Oh, and it's still just as easy to learn and use. It's a winner.

Teksestro rated on 10 May 2012
[Version 10.7.4]


Teksestro reviewed on 12 Apr 2012
I am a long-term Skype user, and use it on a daily basis for contact and conferences with business clients overseas. I, therefore, follow all updates to Skype with interest, and trepidation. When ownership of the software changed hands, I must confess I expected the quality of the product to drop. But the reality is otherwise.

PROS: Although call quality depends heavily on the quality of your internet connection, overall call quality, both for audio and video, is excellent. The programmers are constantly asking for user feedback and improving on the quality of the software. Basic usage - peer-to-peer audio/video calling, text messaging and file sharing - is free. Ability to make calls to land lines and mobiles anywhere in the world, and to expand the functionality with paid add-on services - voicemail, online number, group calling, etc.

CONS: Unless you are only interested in talking to North America and Europe, pricing of paid calls and add-on services will be too high. Interface seems to be evolving to become less Mac-like and more intrusive - larger windows, using non-standard interface widgets. Still lacks some necessary features, such as secure (encrypted) calling, and call recording.

CONCLUSION: An extremely worthwhile, dependable piece of software, that provides reliably good video and audio calls. It is very likely that Skype would be even more popular and prevalent in the business world, if its paid services and add-ons were comparably cheaper outside the US, Canada and Europe.

Teksestro rated on 31 Mar 2012
[Version 7.3]


Teksestro reviewed on 24 Mar 2012
* easy-to-learn, English-like programming language
* specially easy for beginners to learn procedural programming
* active user base

* interface of IDE is awkward, dated and ugly.
* desktop apps made with the framework do not use native controls, and use instead the same, outdated GUI of the IDE by default. GUI customisation of your apps is possible to a good degree, but very time-consuming and tricky.
* the framework struggles with international characters and text, and support for unicode is terrible.
* no built-in support for vector graphic formats like SVG or PDF
* basic framework features - like 'User Preferences', 'Document' or even proper 'Undo' management, are left for the user to develop on their own
* development of client-based "web apps" requires the client to instal a browser plug-in, which is currently unusably buggy, and whose development seems to have stopped
* server-based (web) apps run into numerous problems due to poor support for unicode and international text
* Pricing is ridiculously expensive - about $800 if you want the complete development package for all platforms - when compared to other, much more polished tools.

A sadly outdated tool, which needs some urgent updating and enhancing in order to justify its price bracket. Until this update comes, it may be wiser to invest your programming money and time in other more modern, feature-full, and cheaper, alternatives.


Teksestro reviewed on 21 Mar 2012
Arguably the best general, system-wide snippet manager for the MacOS. Very feature-full.

* syntax highlighting for numerous languages
* system-wide integration (via menubar app & services)
* various ways to split and categorise your snippet library: folders, groups, tags , or just divide your collection among separate libraries
* ability to group code snippets that should go together - like a CSS trick with the accompanying HTML - into a single snippet containing 2 clips
* simple text-replace-before-paste feature
* active, responsive and friendly developer

* lack of proper manual or help files, so the user has to rely on experimentation to discover and learn some of the program's best features - like text replacement and abbreviations
* syntax highlighting sometimes fails - i.e., PHP files that have an open tag, but not a closing one, do not highlight

Excellent value for money, and considering the responsiveness of the developer, we can expect it will only get better.

Although many of the code authoring tools these days have built-in snippet managers, if you user more than one of these, and prefer to have your snippets in a central, neutral location, it will be hard to find a better program than this.
[Version 1.5.1]


Teksestro reviewed on 17 Mar 2012
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

* Unlimited demo - use all features for as long as you like, pay when you decide to keep it.
* Extremely customisable and extensible, to a fault - interface and syntax colour schemes, snippets, macros, customisable commands, build and command-line integration, plug-ins, you name it.
* Amazingly large and friendly community - forums, wikis and irc, lots of community-driven development (themes, syntaxes and and plug-ins), and a wonderfully responsive developer.

* poor and incomplete documentation - for such a feature-full programme, charging 'pro' editor prices, I expected a complete set of searchable docs. The half-completed online wiki is a poor excuse of a user guide.
* plug-ins will be required - you will want to search through the web to find and install several of the many (wonderful) plug-ins available from the user community, which give the programme features for your particular programming needs and workflow.

Currently, more impressive than TextMate, BBEdit and - dare I say it - a contender for vim. It truly is Sublime.
[Version 2181]

Teksestro rated on 30 Nov 2011
[Version 5.1.2]


Teksestro reviewed on 21 Nov 2011
Wonderful app - good interface, stable, and feature-full. I have to agree with the other posters, however, that the pricing makes it a deal breaker for me. Compare with GitBox (currently $20), and SourceTree (currently FREE), and the $60 tag seems to be out-of-touch with the market.
[Version 1.2.7]


Teksestro reviewed on 11 Nov 2011
Finally, a font editor for the new millennium.

The feature-set is already wonderful, and considering that this is still in version 1, the future of the app looks promising. It will certainly have an impact among font designers.

However, the market of font foundries and people who make money out of designing type is very, very small. IMHO, either you have to make a VERY high-end tool, and charge thousands, or - if you are going to market for the masses, like this tool is supposed to be - then you have to make it affordable.

As several others have already mentioned: a $300 price tag is not affordable for the masses.

I also have to agree with a previous comment, that if English is not the developer's first language, then they should hire the services of an expert translator. At $300/pop they should be able to afford it.
[Version 1.1.6]

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